Time Warps: The Appearances Chapter 2

By The Man

For a while I forgot about the meteors. I talked with Flea about my many adventures, and she listened attentively. She had definitely changed. No longer a cold-hearted killer, Flea seemed serene, kind, and caring. I had just begun to tell her about reviving Crono, when Flea pointed to the sky and asked: " What are those?" I looked in the direction she was pointing and practically had a heart attack. The meteors were clearly visible, and this was the daytime. "We have to get back to Gaurdia." I said. "Why? What are those? Do you live in Gaurdia now?" Flea flung questions left and right. I responded: "One. Because I need to talk to Crono and the others. Two. Those are meteors that will surely wipe out all life on this planet upon impact. Three. Yes."

"But how are we going to get to them in time Flea asked anxiously. "The only way is to swim."

"We might not want to do that." I said as I noticed a spot in the water that had begun to bubble. Then, an object rose out of the water. It was metal, and had three fins, one on top and one two on the sides. It also had a dome on top. It was Epoch. I was astounded. Epoch was alive! There was no mistaking it now: Epoch was much more than a machine; it was a living body with a mind and heart of it’s own "Hey, isn’t that your time machine?" asked Flea.

"Indeed." I said. "Now, come, we must go."

We boarded Epoch and climbed high into the air. Then, I glanced at the meteors. They were so close. It looked like I could just reach out and touch them. "They’re so big." Said Flea. Indeed they were. At this distance, they could’ve posed as miniature continents. I just wished that whatever plan Crono had brewed up was really good, or else we were doomed.

We arrived at the front step of the castle. It was the decided spot to talk between the gang and I. As we approached the throne room, two guards saluted me, but didn’t know who Flea was. But as we entered the throne room, Crono and the others sure did.

"Magus," Glenn said. "found us a prisoner, eh?"

"As a matter of strict fact, no." This took them all aback. Crono walked up to me and said; "Are you nuts? Is this a joke?"

"You of all people should know that I joke about as often as the moon crashes into the sun." I responded. "And as for being nuts, well, even if I was, I have more than enough reason to be so."

I then turned to Flea and said; "Why don’t you give them a run-down of what you’ve been doing lately?" And she did. After about a minute of negotiating, Crono and the others agreed to let Flea stay and help. Before long, Crono told us of his plan.

"Robo and Atropos have found a force field-like device in the future." He said, motioning towards a machine in a corner. " With it we’ll be able to stop the smaller ones and maybe the big ones."

"It won’t work." I said. The smaller of the two big ones is twice as big as the island the Sun Keep is on. It will have no trouble penetrating the force field and destroying Gaurdia castle and everything around it."

"Robo!" yelled Crono. At once Robo appeared beside him and said; "Yes?"

"Upgrade the force field to its maximum limit." Crono said.

"We’ll get right on it." Responded Robo.

Then Crono turned back to me. "How big is the biggest meteor?" asked Crono.

I hesitated before answering. "It is half the size of the South Continent." I said.

There was a loud gasp from around the table. They had never thought it might be that big. Lucca hung her head. "Then all hope is lost." Whispered Marle.

"NO!" I yelled, taking everyone by surprise. "I have another plan. With the force field more powerful, it will slow the meteor down and make it much smaller. I’ll then make a Black Hole and that should swallow up the meteor. It might not work, and I’ll need every ounce of strength to make the hole wide enough. I’ll also need power to perform the Omegaflare to make the meteor even smaller. This can work, but we have to make it happen."

I finished my speech and sat down. For a while, no one said anything. They were all thinking about this new plan. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Flea. She knelt beside me and said; "Do you really think that will work?"

"I don’t know Flea." I whispered. "I just don’t know."

I stood out on my usual ledge that night. I looked at the meteors. They looked like forbidding balls of death. The meteor shower would commence in two days. I would be ready. I hoped. Then, a hand touched my shoulder. I quickly whirled around to see who it was. It was Flea. She looked taken aback.

"Sorry she said. "I didn’t mean to scare you."

"You didn’t." I said.

I turned back to the ocean, and she followed my gaze. "Isn’t it a glorious night?" she gushed.

"Yes," I answered. "Except for those." I said pointing to the meteors.

"Don’t worry, we’ll stop them. I have faith in you." She said.

I hesitated before answering. "No one has ever put that kind of faith in me before." I said.

"Well maybe it’s time some one did." She said and reached over and lightly kissed me on the cheek. No one had ever done that to me either. Except for Shala. I missed her. Flea reminded me so much of Shala. By her kindness, her beauty, but mostly by her love towards me. I knew I would find her someday. I could feel it in my heart.

End of Chapter 2

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