Time Warps: The Appearances Epilogue

By The Man

The following day, we had a great festival to celebrate our victory. I had a great reunion with Shala. I was so glad to be with her again. The festival went on for days. We had a great time. There were games and shows of all sorts. These were happy times. And yet, through it all, I wasn’t happy. It just wasn’t my personality. Later I found myself looking out at the ocean on my usual ledge. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t happy. Everything was fine. We had beaten the bad guy. Shala was with me now. But I wasn’t happy.

Just then, Flea appeared beside me.

"Another glorious night." She said.

"Yeah, and no meteors to worry about." I said. I turned to face her. She looked wonderful tonight. The moon shone on her face. She practically glowed. "It’s even better with you here."

She smirked and said; "That’s my line." I held her hands. They were warm.

"Magus, I always want to be with you. I love you." She said softly.

I embraced her and we kissed a long, sweet kiss. It felt great. I knew that the happiness I didn’t feel was simply a state of mind. I was happy. My life was great now. I didn’t need to worry anymore. I would always find love somewhere. Distances couldn’t stop the love. Nor death. Finally, the kiss ended.

"Call me Janus." I said.


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