Forgotten Causes

By The Palagoon

"Where are you know, oh great Planet? You summon me endlessly for years, and when I finally come, you abandon me. I have come many miles by myself to save you, but you act as if you do not want to be saved.

I am not like the Cetra before me. I do not favor the lifestyle of my ancestors. I am only here because I want to help out my friends. I alone can save you, and so I kneel here, knowing my life is in great danger, all for you. And how do you repay me? You rebuke my presence here. Do you not want to be saved? Do you want to die? The Cetra are no longer here to save you. I am the last, and if you do not come and embrace my power, you will die at the hands of Meteor. So Planet, I beseech you, send me your power! Join with mine, the last Cetra, and unleash the power of Holy!"

First, nothing....

Then, like a warm breeze, the planet surged around me. I was one with the planet. The rest of the world didn't matter. Just a little longer, and I might save this planet. Then, I might actually be with him... forever. Cloud and I, together at last. The world wll be peaceful, and we could raise a family. Oh, how nice it would be.... and will be....

The peacefulness of the moment was broken, when I came across a dark presence in the Lifestream. I wasn't the only one with the planet! Sephiroth.... he must know that I am here! Surely, it would be risking an almost certain death to remain here, but, as much as I fight it, this is my duty as a Cetra. I am alone, and alone I must face the darkness of the night.

The power of the planet, though large, was being vastly tapped by Sephiroth. He was doing it so quietly and discreetly, that if I had never come here, I would never have known. It may take longer, but I cannot run now! I must awaken Holy!

Please planet... let me be strong... for Cloud... for You... for every creature on your surface, let me face the evil bravely, with my head held high, so that no other person will ever have to suffer through this again.

I knelt on that cold marble floor so long, that my knees began to bleed. Sephiroth was getting closer every moment, but so was Cloud. Maybe he can stop Sephiroth long enough to allow me time to finish this horrible task. I grew closer to that vast energy source every moment I remained, praying with all my heart, but every time I would get close, the vast shadow of evil would descend upon me, making me retreat.

Planet! I need more strength! If I can get to that big source of power for just a moment, I can recite that incantation, and be done with it. I know you are straining at your max to give me this power, I know how much you must suffer, but please, I emplore you to endure it as I have, and be strong. Be strong planet! Know that you are vital to every creature that has ever walked upon your beautiful plains, and your majestic mountains. Every creature that has ever swam in your clear blue oceans, and you somber forests. You are so very important! Please! Try with all your might!

The planet tried as hard as it could. I could feel the planet strain and moan with agony. I felt horrible because it was enduring this pain because of my never ending pleas, and cries. But I consoled myself by reasoning that it had to be done, for everything to live, sacrafices had to be made.

I felt the shadow of evil clear for just a moment, but during that instant, I managed to tap into the center of the planet, where the Spirit Energy was stored. The energy was life a caged bird, begging to be free. When I entered into its cage, it began to embrace my power. With the Spirit Energy, the Planet Energy, and my own feeble energy, I finally awakened the planet saving power of Holy. The great evil went berserk when it realized this. It regained the entire planet, tore it from my hold. Now, I was defenseless, unable to stop the evil from consuming me.

I was sad, of course. I would never see Cloud again, never have any babies, or truly understand love, but I had achieved my goal as a Cetra, and so I was also proud. Cloud could one day join me in the Lifestream now that it had been saved from a total and dominant evil. I had assured the planet life in the midst of all the chaos.

All of a sudden, the trance was gone. I realized where I was, and what I was doing. Sephiroth was close. Coming to kill me for what I had done. He knew that no matter how hard he tried, I had awakened Holy. Sure, he could do damage to the planet, but he could not kill it. Would the people thank me? Would they praise me? Or would they never know of my sacrafice? It didn't matter. I looked up, to face my death like a true Cetra.

But what I saw was not the face of death, but on the contrary, I saw the face of my beautiful beloved. He smiled, and I smiled back into his warm, glowing face. Suddenly, his face was no longer on mine, and his smile was gone. He looked up, towards the dark evil coming to consume me. His face begged Sephiroth not to kill me, but I accepted my fate, and Sephiroth would not stop, anyway.

Cloud looked away as the curved metal sword pierced my back. I felt a deep pain roll through my body, and saw the blade cut through my stomach. Half of me wanted to burst into tears, but the other half wouldn't let it. Cloud would understand. He would know that I did this because I love him. He would also know that to live meant to die in the end.

The next hour or so was most definitely the longest I would ever endure. The sword was removed, and I collapsed to the marble floor, unable to move. Cloud hoisted me up into his arms despite the blood pouring from my back. He raged at Sephiroth, but I heard none of it. I was fading fast. Cloud gently placed my head on the floor as Sephiroth dropped Jenova- LIFE down for Cloud to slaughter, which he did.

By the time Cloud picked me up again, My clothes were matted to my body with so much blood. Everything had become a blur, but I still clung to that last threat of life.

Cloud took me outside, and placed me in the center of the Ancient Pool. His haunting blue eyes on the verge of tears. As the water enveloped my body, I gave up, and let the Lifestream take me to my Promised Land, where I would await the Coming of Cloud.

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