The Beginning Of A Dynasty

By The Storyteller

Everyone knows the story of Ayla and Kino, and their cave person love story back in the years of the dinosaurs, and their awesome quest against Lavos with their own descendants. In the end, every body thinks that Kino and Ayla went back to 65 million BC to raise a family and rule a village, eventually to become a large and beautiful kingdom known as Guardia. Unfortunately, our original thoughts are wrong. I am the storyteller, and you will now learn the real story of Kino and Ayla’s arrival back in Ioka Village.


Tears were shared as Kino and Ayla stepped into the gate, perhaps never to see her futuristic friends again. She befriended these people, admiring their advanced ways and strengths. She liked Crono’s strength, which almost matched her own, and Marle’s happily cheerful expressions as she healed her comrades in battle. She giggled as she remembered when she tried to eat Frog, and sighed thinking about Magus’s constantly sad tone, wishing something could be done to help him. Mostly, however, she loved Lucca and Robo. They were always together, and both were a whole lot smarter than Ayla herself. They helped Ayla learn about “Rawboots” and “Cawmpeauters” and other smart things. Suddenly the gate closed, and Ayla could no longer see her closest and most powerful friends that she could ever know.

She landed back on Mystic Mountain, falling to the sand below, but landing without a scratch.

“Kino, we call meeting. Tell everyone, fix Ioka and Laruba, get more sweet water!”

“We go tell village.”

* * *

Everyone gathered in the center meeting place of Ioka Village, now a refuge to the burned out Larubans. The crowd was a purple and yellow haired mass, all awaiting the news that Ayla would bring to them.

“Ioka! Laruba! All hear. Fire gone. Lavos gone. We work now, hard! Build village! Make new Laruba! Make more sweet water! New hunting ground! All work now!”

The crowd cheered and stomped in praise.

“All Laruba, man or woman, build hut, find food. Make new life. Yeah!”

Ayla raised her fists and the crowd cheered again.

The residents separated into groups and went off into the woods. Ayla gave a band of four young women some food and supplies, and sent them to find new hunting grounds.

* * *

Later on, groups of men and women came back with piles of lumber and twigs. They twisted twine and bent the lumber in arcs, and tied large pieces together. The re-enforced each piece of wood and covered it up with old skins. On the skins, they painted family crests. Hours later, several of these huts were made and painted, and families moved in. Ioka was a little crowded now, but with more people left homeless, more work was to be done. Now there were more hands to work.

Ayla was with a small Laruban family of three. She and two other men tied the splints together, while the man tended to his pregnant wife and child. Kino was working along with a group of young men and women. He started to speak to a pretty young Laruban woman.

“Me Kino. You?”

“Me Lenika. You help?”

“Yes, me help you.”

Ayla spotted Kino talking to the young woman. She wasn’t really pleased, in truth she was a little bit jealous. However, it didn’t take long, after the day was done the two had learned everything about each other (they’re cave people…. They don’t have much uniqueness.) Ayla herself was still a bit lonely, but she befriended the new girl anyway.

After a long nights rest, the whole band of people awoke and started work again. More splints were found, more twine was made, and the houses were covered with more skins and were painted. By that evening, each family had their own hut and everyone was happy. The band of scouts who set out for new hunting ground found a nice area to the south. It was loaded with animals to hunt, and since it was near the coast, one could both hunt and fish at once. They brought back a feast of mussels and crustaceans and wild boar and small animals for the whole village. Naturally, Ayla called a party to order.

That night, the whole town of people met at the center to celebrate. The animals were skinned and spitted over a fire, and roasted, while the skins were previously stretched and dried to make clothing back at the town. The sea life was put in a large pot of steaming water over a large fire in the middle of the meeting place. The primitive chefs at the time tended to the spits and the boiling pot, while some also peeled and cleaned vegetables to make poi with. Soft red clay was made into serving bowls with symbols and designs representing festivity and unity. Ayla made sure of this. Musicians from both tribes played their native music with each other. They banged on new drums made of hollow trunks and stretched skins tied with twine. The symbols on each drum were fanciful and playful, with streams of gold and purple running about, and stick figures of people dancing and enjoying themselves as the streams of soft color spread around them, unifying them to a single space. Ayla set up mats of large leaves and bark for her and her associates to sit in to watch over the party.

As the people flooded in, Ayla gleamed with delight. She was waiting for the perfect time for her surprise to the whole crowd of naturally party loving people. Before anyone went to eat, the children hung on to their mothers and everyone gathered before Ayla.

“People! I give you party tonight. Town better, Laruba have home now. Me have news, but not now. Party first. Later, me tell you surprise! Now, we eat!”

The crowd cheered, and then spread out over the plain. Hungry men and women grabbed their own home made bowls and helped themselves to dinosaur and mammal meat over the spits, and the delicious poi, the home made soup invented by the Iokan tribe. Children ran and played with each other, banging on hollow trunks and their own little drums and other objects making their own little music. Iokan families shared stories with Laruban families, each sharing their own stories. Dancers dressed in bark skirts and traditional dress, with masks and body paint of purple and gold, and hair dyed purple and gold, half and half. Everyone was just fine.

Ayla herself was starved. She grabbed a huge leg of lamb from the spits near her and bit into it. Some of her old friends came by, and she exchanged handshakes and high fives (that is where they come from, you know) and ate together on the mats Ayla made out for everyone. Well, Larubans are not boring people, as a gift to the Iokas for their help, they brought their own soup, only it wasn’t really soup, it was a drink. Juri Juice, they called it, a fiery water which warmed the body. It was very close to the regular Sweet Water, which the Iokans conjured up from a secret source under the waterfalls and the underpasses of the oceans nearby on the coast. Only a few of the elders knew this source, and they swore their children to secrecy. Unfortunately, the Sweet Water disappeared when Lavos landed. The impact crushed the source and the sweet water disappeared. Only the Elders and their children knew of this consequence.

Ayla finished the leg of lamb… or should I say the fourth leg of lamb. She licked the bone and belched as she threw it over to the side. It was getting late, and the younger of the children were dozing off in the corner alongside their half full bowls of poi and their half eaten dinosaur legs. The lobsters and crabs and crawfish were being served as desserts for the adults and teenagers of the tribe. It was then that Ayla stood on a large trunk in the center of the square, which was warm from the pot of boiling water which held the poi and the pot of steaming crustaceans beside it. The heat was rising and warming the already red-nosed Ayla, who drank a whole barrel of Juri Juice. She called out to the people.

“Women! Wake your children! Me have surprise!”

The children are always listening for that word, even in their subconscious. They awoke immediately and scrambled for their parents.

“Men! Women! Children! Purple hair! Gold hair! Make Gurple hair… ha ha ha!”

The crowd laughed and held close.

“Now we together! Laruba no hide now. Ioka bigger now, but not Ioka. Ioka now Lebuka! Drink to Lebuka, new town! New Ioka, Laruba!”

The crowd was waiting for this. They cheered until their throats hurt, and hugged each other, and gulped more Juri Juice. The children as well as adults were wide awake now, still ready to party. The pot was moved over to the side, and more water was put into the pot to boil. A huge bonfire was lit in the center, and the traditional dancers as well as the children and adults danced to the now even faster music. More Juri Juice was boiled and set out in mugs the size of barrels.

Kino himself was incredibly happy. Already halfway to plastered, he decided to finish the trip; he grabbed a large mug and chugged it down , then another, then another. He walked around talking to people with Juri Juice all over himself and inside two mugs which were in each hand. He walked between two drunk men, and accidentily bumped into one. Then he slipped away into the crowd. The man, however, was quite drunk, and turned around minutes after Kino passed to see who bumped into him.

Ayla could see the fight brewing in the distance, but she was smart. She knew those men and how much sweet water they used to drink, and figured they would pass out any second. She was right. The first man swung at the second man, completely missing him and knocking over a few half empty mugs of juice. After that, both men fell to the ground, completely out. She giggled.

The party grew late, and the men and women were anxious to go home, drunken and fatigued. They slowly made their way out of the meeting place and into the town. Some of the unfortunate ones passed out right at the party, but their unworrying family members let them rest, they would just come home in the morning. Kino himself didn’t even make it back to his hut, he fell comatose halfway there.

* * *

Kino awoke in a tent. The smell of the wood was new, but he couldn’t see much, only the shadows outside indicating it was light. He fell back asleep.

* * *

He woke again, and it was still light out. Now, he was ready to get up. He sat up and felt his forehead and messed with his hair.

“Hello Kino.”

Kino jumped.


“Me find you asleep. Me take you home. Feel better?”

“Last night, me no remember.”

“Last night? You asleep. Party three days ago.”

“Three days? Me sleep long time…”

Neither Kino nor Lenika remembered that sleeping wasn’t all they did. We won’t get into that.

After the party experience, The two of them grew very close. Months later, they were married, and well on their way to having a child.

Ayla, however felt something weird in between those months. She felt something was wrong, out of place. She left her job as chief to Kino and his at that time girlfriend, Lenika. She traveled through the forest jungle maze into the lair of the reptites. She knew what she felt was right, and after she descended into the depths of the lair she found what she was looking for. Some of the reptites had survived. Their eggs were scattered all over the lower levels. Some were even hatching. Her eyes were bulged and distressed. She picked up rocks and threw them at the eggs, trying to crush them. She threw the eggs, stomped them, and even tried to set fire to them. By the end of her rage, she saw what she had done. The whole nest of reptite eggs were reduced to quivering goo. The shells were everywhere, and bits and pieces of embryo were scattered upon them. It was horrible.

The reptites were completely unaware of this happening. They were in the back, sleeping, after laying all of those eggs. They were not smart creatures, but they were intelligent enough to know that strength was in numbers. Their children would be in size enough to destroy all of Ioka. When they heard a sudden ruckus in the back, they rushed to see what was the matter.

Ayla was in tears after figuring out what the reptites were planning to do. It wasn't hard to figure out, Ayla may have been primitive, but she was smart. She turned around suddenly after hearing the squishy footsteps of her mortal enemies. There were only five of them, and using a quick Tail Spin she took care of all of them. Unfortunately, there were a lot of caves in the Reptite Lair, and hundreds of the hyper green creatures came running and shaking out of the caves. Their numbers were too much, and despite her efforts, she could not escape. She used a Triple Kick on the ceiling of the cave, and it crumbled upon all of them. Both the reptites and Ayla herself were killed.

* * *

Kino was distressed when Ayla did not come back. He sent a scout after her to see what was the matter. The scout came back a few days later with a sour expression.

"What? Where Ayla?"

The scout frowned, and held his head in shame. He handed Kino a piece of ragged cloth, which resembled a cat's tail, one of Ayla's trademarks.

"Me find under rocks in reptite lair. Nobody there."

Kino was angry now. He wasn't ready to lose Ayla, because he wasn't ready to be chief. He went into the ruins of Laruba to think.

* * *

After a few hours of mourning the loss of his best friend, he called a town meeting. The man and women of Lebuka ran to the center of the square to see what was the problem. They had heard rumors, but none were certain.

"People! Ayla was chief. But Ayla went to Reptite Lair, find more reptites. She fight them, kill them all, but they kill her too."

The crowd was surprised. Some were in tears.

"Me chief now! Me rule as Ayla did. In her honor!"

The crowd yelled with an obedient tone.

* * *

So it was after this meeting that Kino began rule of Lebuka. He held parties in her honor every 10 days, just like she would like to do. The strongest of the tribe went off to the reptite lair and sealed it shut with piles of rock. Later on, in the next few months, Lenika's child was born, and that daughter was made queen of Lebuka village, and so on. The village of Lebuka soon became Irinia, then Jeyria, Zeal, Misia, Inglinia, Yodania, Var, and finally Guardia, as we all know today.

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