Chrono Wars

By The Storyteller

    It was late that evening, when Robo decided to take off on his own. It was that stupid message, the one with the girl talking about some planet named "Medinia," sporting as set of pastries on each ear like they were accessories instead of dessert items. I never knew a droid could be so self-righteous, after all, they are programmed to obey their masters. But something was wrong, it was as if I wasn't its master, and this "Obi Frog Kenobi" was. And that's how the whole thing started.
   One day, I was working on the farm as usual, and decided to check on my Aunt Mom and Uncle Gaspar to see if lunch was ready yet. I wasn't trying to eavesdrop, but I overheard the craziest conversation in the world, one that made me very happy, yet very angry.

Aunt Mom: "Gaspar, do you know what day it is?"
Uncle Gaspar: "I know, it's our anniversary."
Aunt Mom: "It's been a while since we've been alone, you know, since your brother left Crono here."
Uncle Gaspar: "Then why don't we leave for a while?"
Aunt Mom: "What??? What about the farm? And Crono? Can we leave him here alone?"
Uncle Gaspar: "He's nineteen years old, I think he can handle himself."
Aunt Mom: "Really? But where could we go?"
Uncle Gaspar: "Why not go to that new casino, you know, that one, I forgot the name."
Aunt Mom: "Azala's Place? I heard it was lovely. But with all of the new couples and honeymooners, how will we be able to find a storage closet, never mind a suite?"
Uncle Gaspar: "I have a surprise for you... I booked reservations four months ago. We have the honeymoon suite all to ourselves. Free Sweet Water, too. How long has it been since we've gotten drunk?"
Aunt Mom: "I'll write Crono a note. We're going now."
Uncle Gaspar: "What's the rush?"
Aunt Mom: "WE'RE GOING."

I heard this and ran for cover. After 5 minutes, I saw my aunt and uncle sneak off, trying not to let me see them as they sped off in their Mini Blackbird. I ran inside to read the note.

  Dear Crono,
    I know this may surprise you, but we're leaving the farm in the hands of you and the droids. We'll be gone for three weeks. Your uncle reserved a room in the Azala's Place Casino & Resort for us. He's paying a hefty sum of money for everything, so don't expect a call. We'll be too busy in the room having fun to speak to you.

Honesty can sometimes really set off someone's brain, or cause him or her nausea. Now I feel both.

So, we'll see you. We trust you not to party or bring over a hundred girls or have any big bashes or anything, and if we see any of our liquor missing we'll know who to blame. Goodbye, see you in a week!

Na Na and Poo Poo

I read the letter over a couple of times, and one word seemed to stick with me. Party. So maybe they say I shouldn't but they are gone, gone for a short time, but gone. They know a party is inevitable. I liked the part with the girls, too.

So it was three nights later, I had called people I knew from all over this lonely, dusty planet. I literally had half of the entire planet (and their friends) of Trucooeine coming, that was about 80 people altogether. As for the liquor, I had a friend in the business, he usually gets me whatever I want. I also told some of my closer buddies to bring a few kegs apiece, to make sure everyone got ultra drunk. I told them to bring the Toschi Station special.. a liquor that would make anyone woozy after just a single shot.
The plans were coming out perfectly. The people were arriving fast, and they wanted music. I had one of my droids play a bunch of songs, about hours worth, while I tried to fix my own personal robot ROBO-D266Y up to play songs for the other room of people. That's when I stumbled upon another message, this one stranger than the one my aunt and uncle left.

     Help me Obi Frog Kenobi, you're my only hope.
     Help me Obi Frog Kenobi, you're my only hope.
     Help me Obi Frog Kenobi, you're my only hope.
     Help me Obi Frog Kenobi, you're my only hope.
     Help me Obi Frog Kenobi, you're my only hope.
     Help me Obi Frog Kenobi, you're my only hope.

The message kept repeating over and over again from the belly of my Robo, showing the same beautiful girl, with the weird hair, but the gorgeous green eyes. That's when a few old friends of mine were on leave from their squadron in the Alliance. They were old buddies I haven't seen for a while, Fox, Slippy, Peppy, Falco, Bill and Katt. They were telling me how they beat the turds out of some guy named Andross, in a whole 'nother sector of the galaxy, farther away than anyone has ever been. It was interesting. I sat there for about a half an hour, when I told them I needed to get back to work on the droid, and when I did, he was gone.
What could I do other than leave the party and search for him? Aunt Mom and Uncle Gaspar spent loads of money on him, as my birthday present. If I lost him, they'd probably skin me. I grabbed my night vision binocs and a knife and stole away in a landspeeder. Two minutes later, I found him fallen on his side over the first hill of sand thats nearest to my home. A bunch of Impwas were picking at him, perhaps to sell him, but I scared them away. Then someone surprised me. It was the old desert hermit, Glenn Kenobi. He was a short creature, resembling a frog, but larger, and more agile, and definitely smarter. I remembered the message that the beautiful girl left, and so I greeted this strange fellow and asked for his help.

"Glenn! Nobody's seen you for years!"
"Yes, well, mine residence hath been in the desert, fending for me self since me social security money failed to arrive..."
"Yeah, well, I guess you've noticed that I can talk now."
"Yes, me rememberes way back when thou was fifteen, thou wouldnst speaketh a word to none! Not even thine own parents."
"Well, I've found my voice since then. The problem was that I forgot how to talk."
"Yes, um, methinks me should be going now.."
"Wait! Glenn, before, I was working on Robo, and he started playing a message with this gorgeous girl, who said she needed the help of an Obi Frog Kenobi."
"Obi Frog Kenobi, eh? Come hither."

    He took me back to his home and I showed him the message. However, Robo changed somehow, and he played not only the portion of the message that I saw, but the whole thing. The girl appeared again, and said this:
    Obi Frog Kenobi, I request in place of my father, Bail Guardia, to receive your assistance at once. My home planet of Medinia is under attack by the imperial forces operating under Grand Moff Ozzie, and his assistant, Dalton Vader. Without your help, we couldn't possibly defend ourselves. Admiral Snackbar is trying to make it here with his fleet, but I fear he will not make it in time. I, myself, regretfully have to leave my home planet to meet with the imperial senate. I fear my secret has been exposed however, that I am one with the alliance, but I hope and pray that such will not be the case. They're coming for me now. I have placed information vital for our survival inside this very droid. Deliver it to Mon Fiona as soon as you can. The Alliance depends on your haste. Help me Obi Frog Kenobi, you're my only hope.

"Glenn, this is pretty weird. Who is this girl?"
"This girl is a member of the imperial senate. Tis the youngest member, actually."
"She's Princess Nadileia?"
"Tis her."
"But how do you know her?"
Glenn paused.
"Dost thou remember thy father?"
"Barely, why?"
"Thy father twas a brave warrior."
"Yes, really. Twas a member of the Alliance, the bunch who are fighting the rule of the Imperials."
"This is a bit hard to swallow. How did he die?"
"Well, a man named Darth Magus, twas a pupil of mine at one time, betrayed and murdered thy father."
"Quit trying to BS me old man, what really happened?"
"Just that."
"If they were your students, what were you teaching? The art of Origami?"
"I was teaching them the power of the Force. It connects all people and all things."
"Yes, really. Tis almost like a form of magic. If thou dost becomest a Jedi, thou canst use the elements to thy will."

Glenn walked over to a small drawer and pulled out a little metal bar with switches and knobs on it. He handed it to me and told me to turn it on. I flicked one of the little knobs, and a big green ray of light jumped out, curving like a katana blade. I swung it around a few times. I wanted to touch the green part, but I already knew that it would hurt really badly. He told me that this was what my father used in battle, and that it was called a lightsabre. He also told me that my father was something they called a Jedi Knight. I decided that I wanted to be a Jedi like my father was. Glenn asked me to leave on a ship with him to find the princess, but I knew I had to go and leave a note for my uncle and aunt first. We left for home the next morning.
We were cruising in the landspeeder (Blackbird GTS Premium, mind you, it was a beaut) and I noticed some smoke up ahead. It was my house. We landed there and took a look inside. The place was burnt to the ground. There were bodies all over the place, not dead, but passed out. All of them were from the party.
"Jeez, this is a mess!"
"Dost thou want to have to face thy parents for all of this?"
"I don't think so. Let's jet, Uncle Gaspar and Aunt Mom can clean this mess up.. after all they were the ones that left me in the first place..."
"Then we go."

    Glenn explained to me that to find the princess, we had to travel to her home planet of Medinia to speak to her father. To do so, we needed a good pilot with a good ship, and where else to find a good pilot than in the Mos Choras Cafe? The place was filled with good pilots, mostly because their ships were fast enough to outrun the cops, and had good enough weapons to blow up almost anything in their way. So we took off for the Cafe.

When we got there, old Glenn found a pilot right away. He just looked at this guy from a distance, and could tell that he was fast, but to me he looked tough to work with. We went over to him. He sat there smiling, with his tousled blond hair covering half his face, and a big hairy Wookie leaning on his shoulder.

"Thou art a pilot, are you not?" asked Glenn.
"Yeah, you looking for a ride old man?" said the man.
"To Medinia."
"What's the cargo?"
"Two people, one droid, no questions asked."
The creature growled.
"Relax, Ayla, it's just an old man and his buddies." He turned back to Glenn. "10 million gold."
I was angry. It was humanly impossible to carry more than 9,999,999 gold pieces at once. He was trying to play with us. The man sensed my anger and spoke.
"You don't like the cost? Why don't you flap your arms and fly to Medinia yourself?"
I was ready to snap, but Glenn spoke.
"We'll give you five million now, and another twelve when we get there."
"17 million? It's a deal. Docking bay 16. 20 minutes."
And so we set off for Medinia that very day. The ship was a hunk of junk (A Chorasian cargo ship, since our pilot was from Chorasia) named the Millennium Epoch, a sleek, flat cruiser with prongs out of the front. It looked old, covered with battle scars and several new additions and contraptions provided by Kino Solo and his hairy girlfriend, Ayla. While they piloted, Glenn and I went to the rear, where he started teaching me the ways of the Force.
"Crono, dost thou really want to learn the ways of the Force?"
"Yes, I do."
"All Force users must be sworn in by another Jedi. Thou art sure about this... our kind is hunted, you know."
"I want to be like my dad."
"Tis very easy to turn to the dark side of this Force, thou knowest.."
"Give me the deal, Glenn! I'm getting anxious."
"Fine then..."
    He stood up and raised his hands in the air. His eyes and hands started glowing blue, and lightning spurted from his fingertips. Suddenly his hands dropped, he stopped glowing, and in a loud, stern voice he spoke:

"Ipso Facto Meenie Moe, I Know a Jedi Named Crono!!"

I suddenly felt something really weird in my chest, like heartburn. I felt my shirt.
"What's wrong, Crono?"
"I feel something weird in my chest. Does this mean I'm in? This burning?"
"No, methinks that means thou needest Tums."

Suddenly a beeping was coming from the cockpit. I thought maybe Robo had done something stupid, so I went in to check and Glenn came with me.

"What is it?" I asked.
"There's a fighter coming in from the aft. Oh my gosh, I think he's coming right up next to the cockpit!"
Ayla growled and moaned.
"There's an incoming transmission." He clicked a little red button that blinked. The fighter sent us a message.
"Pardon me, Chorasian ship, but do you have any Grey Poupon?"
At that moment the fighter pulled up right next to our windshield and started laughing at us. He was a weird looking longhaired freak, wearing an odd cap. He spoke to his friend next to him, a dirty blonde haired geek.
They jumped into hyperspace, leaving a trail of Surge cans and Nutter Butter wrappers.
"Prognosis, Glenn?" I asked.
"Drunk, or high. Can't tell which."
"Ok, boys, we're coming up on Medinia. Are you prepared to pay up?"
"If were coming up on it, where is it?" I asked.
"Its right there, that big gray thing."
"Medinia is not gray," said Glenn, "Tis blue and green."
"Then what is that?" I asked.
"THAT is pulling us in!" said Kino.
Ayla moaned.
Robo beeped.

    Within minutes, we were inside of a huge space station, about to be greeted by several well-armored guards.
"Flunkies! We're doomed!" I spoke.
"Not on your life, kid. Ayla, show them the secret room."
The big hairy Wookie walked us all the way to the back of the ship, and stuffed us into a little compartment planted inside the base of the ship. From inside, we could hear Ayla and Kino scurry into their own compartment in the front of ours, just seconds before a herd of Flunkies and Groupies rushed inside to survey the ship. For 20 minutes they searched, and I feared we would never get out alive. But soon after the footsteps stopped, and we heard a soft pound on the metal barrier separating Ayla and Kino from the rest of us. It was the all-clear sign.

    We stepped out of the compartments, gasping for air, when is suddenly occurred to me…
"If they've got a tracking beam on us, how are we going to escape?
"Leave that to me, Crono," said Glenn, "You must go and rescue the princess!"
"By myself?"
"No, Crono, Kino will go with you."
Kino suddenly bugged out.
"What? Are you out of your mind? How much are you willing to pay, old man?"
"Go with Crono if you wish to get paid at all!"
Kino sighed, and we prepared to leave.

* * *

   About 10 minutes later, we all were hiding behind the doorway leading out of the Epoch. There were Flunkies posted all around the outside. Swiftly, Ayla grabbed one by the helmet and dragged it inside. The Flunkies were too stupid to notice. After Ayla knocked it out, I removed its uniform and put it on myself. Ayla grabbed another for her mate, and after easily slipping it on, he left the ship. Robo went with him then Ayla, and then Glenn. I had a snag in my tunic though, it was latching onto my helmet and I had no way of getting it off. After almost ripping my tunic to shreds, I finally put the darn thing on my head, and stepped outside of the ship. I started hearing noises, a voice asking me a question.

"TK-421 where are you? Get back to your post!"

I was thoroughly confused, and looked around. I saw a groupie in the window above, and became very scared, since I didn't know where my post was. Suddenly, I felt one of my red hairs poke through the top of my helmet! The darn thing had a hole in it for the Flunkie's ears and my hair was showing! I started battering my head, trying to get the hair down inside so nobody would see it. I suddenly heard more talking.

"SEN 5451, this is THX 1138. Do you copy? TK-421 is experiencing communication difficulties."
"I copy THX 1138, CA-R54 will take his post."

I looked around, and one of the Flunkies next to me took me by the hand and led me into a corridor. He removed his helmet. It was Kino. I took off my own helmet and sighed. Robo had found a computer port in the hallway, and quickly stuck his arm inside to reason with the computer about the Princess's whereabouts.

"Cell block E, Left wing, Cell 18. Basement Level. Let's get going, Crono." Kino put on his helmet again and moved forward. Ayla followed. I went also. Robo went a different direction.

"Robo, find the main terminal. See if you can help Glenn out." I said.

After climbing through vents and different tubes, We came upon the cellblock and made our way in. After watching Ayla mutilate the guards there (and almost losing my lunch) we snuck inside. With Ayla and Kino watching my back, I tried to open the door, but it was locked!

"No key! We need a gate key!"
"Don't worry about it Crono, I'll get one."

Kino snuck away, and came back about 5 minutes later. He had stolen a gate key from a sleeping guard. He slid it into a small box along the side of the doorway, unlocking the door. He then jumped to my side and urged me forward.

"I'll cover your back." He said. Real nice of him, to let me get creamed first.

   I slid my hand down to the handle, which held the door shut, and lifted it. The door slid open revealing a small room, with a little bench, where sat a weird looking blonde girl, decked out it full princess gear. She turned her head toward me and sighed.

"Aren't you a little tall to be a Flunkie?

Realizing that I was still wearing my uniform, I removed my helmet and showed her my face.

"Ok red head, is this another valiant attempt to rescue me?"
"Well, uh.."
"Come on! Lets get moving!"

   She jumped up and moved towards the open door, grabbing my Wondershot on the way out.

"Hey! Gimme back my gun!"
"No way red boy, I've got work to do. Flunkies will be here any minute! Opening that door set off a silent alarm. Give it about two minutes and we'll be toast!"
"Are you sure?"
"Do you really want to know just how many failed rescue attempts there were for me? And how all of them failed because of the silent alarm?"

Ayla pulled out a club from behind her back and smashed open a nearby vent. After jumping in herself, she urged the rest of us to continue in. First went Kino, then the princess, and after, me. We slid down a long tube, landing in a small room. Possible exit portals were in all four directions of the room, but something wasn't right. The knowledgeable princess gave a small explanation as to what was around us.

"I've heard about these rooms… they set them up for possible escapees in case they decide to run. One of these four teleports is real, the rest are likely to attack us…"
"That's just plain stupid," said Kino, "Why would they even give a chance of escape?"
"Nobody really knows, but nobody ever really escaped either…"

   Suddenly, without warning, I started hearing odd voices in my head. I felt a pounding, like something was trying to take over my brain. I shouted and fell to the ground, where I heard a sudden call to me.

"Glenn?" I asked.
"Crono! I was able to turn off the tractor beam! Head back to the ship!"
"We can't, Glenn! We're stuck in a room with these traps! There's only one way to get out but we don't know which teleport to use!"
"Use the Force, Crono. Twill show you which one is real!"
"How do I use the Force?"
"Clear your head, and focus! The magic Force I gave you twas Lightning, so focus on that element!"
"Ok… It feels pretty weird… like its controlling me…"

   I blacked out. I felt myself black out, and I felt myself being woken up…
"Crono! Crono! Answer me! Its Kino! How did you do it? You opened up the real portal!"
"You just let loose a few bolts of lightning, and blew up those fake portals!"
"Congratulations, dimwit, you just saved our lives!"

   Ayla growled with impatience, waiting for us to move. I stood, and Kino ushered me towards the portal. We entered one by one, and we landed in a hallway. Across the hall we saw the control room, with Robo inside. I ran to him, and saw that he had blocked off most of the doors leading to our current location. We walked forward towards the docking bay where our ship was held and saw a bunch of Flunkies waiting for us.

"How are we going to get in?" I asked.
"Shoot them!" The princess didn't hesitate to start shooting, but failed to aim well…

   Right then the princess noticed Ayla's assortment of weapons on her back. They included a club, a few guns, a couple of shooting stars, and a crossbow with arrows.

"Wookie! Give me your crossbow."

   Ayla gave her the crossbow. I took back my gun, and watched in awe as she swiftly loaded the bow and shot it with ease. She landed a Flunky right in its face. The rest of us started shooting, landing hits on the Flunkies' arms and legs, while the princess finished them off with arrows. I was amazed at her accuracy with the bow.

   We walked quickly into the docking bay, and saw Glenn coming from another hallway on the left. As Robo, Ayla, and Kino piled onto the ship, I waited behind to make sure Glenn was on before we left. He suddenly stopped running toward the ship, and turned around slowly… and there he saw it… and I saw it… a 7 foot tall menacing creature… with a black helmet and cape and really tight pants… he walked toward Glenn slowly, and pulled out a large metal tube from inside his cape. It was his own lightsabre! He switched it on, and it went straight up and curved at the end, like a scythe.

   Glenn took out his own, shorter lightsabre, and lit it. It went straight outward and expanded at the sides, like a broad blue sword.

"At last we meet, Obi Frog-Kenobi…"
"Now you will feel the power of the dark side of the Force!"

   They began a battle of both might and magic. The dark man slashed and slashed, and Glenn had blocked several times. The battle raged on, with neither scoring nor taking hits. The hooded creature jumped back and let go a salvo of dark bombs which exploded near Glenn. Glenn retaliated with his own mist of water and bubbles. The stream forced the helmet off of the dark man. Slowly, he rose from the ground and showed his pale, thin face, and his flowing blue hair. Screaming in anger, he sent forth a dark mist, which sent Glenn backward, toward the floor. While the mist was clearing, I grabbed Glenn and took him inside, and told Kino to take off. As we were leaving I saw the man stand behind us, and I somehow knew that we would see each other again… and certainly not under the best of terms.

"Glenn! Glenn! Are you ok?"
"Yes, child…"
"Glenn, don't talk with the medieval accent, it'll strain you."
"Oh fine…"

   Glenn stood up and brushed himself off, He walked to the back of the ship and sat down at a table. I followed him to the back.

"Glenn, who was that?"
"Well, he was Darth Magus."
"No kidding. What was his problem? Why did he attack you? Tell me the story."
"He was once a student of mine, as you know. He was discovered on a small planet, once called Zeal. My master, Cyrus-Gon Barghest, found him… he was just a small boy back then, about eight years of age. See, his mother had been enslaved by something terribly evil, and he and his sister, who was a very powerful Force user, were scared to death of what would happen if their mother were able gain power… See that was Magus' first mistake... he had fear. Fear leads to the dark side."
"Go on."
"Anyway, back then, he was called Janus, of Zeal, and he was a member of the royal family. And during this crisis concerning his family, my master and I happened to be down on that planet. I, as a young Padawan learner, or apprentice, had been on a diplomatic mission which led us there. My master went to inspect, and found the boy and his pet cat, Alfador. My master sensed his strength in the force, and brought him before the Jedi Guru Council to request that he be trained. A sudden disturbance in this plane of existence caused by the Force led to the disappearance of the Gurus. The dark Jedi who caused the disturbance, managed to fight and kill my master…"
"No way! Who was he?"
"That itself is another story for another day."
"Fine then, go on. About the guy who killed your master."
"Indeed he did, and right in front of my eyes too. He was very powerful alright, but he was older than I was, and I was very young and agile back then…"
"So you offed him?"
"I guess you could say that."
"What next?"
"Well, I rushed over to my master, who laid dying on the ground. With his last breath he told me to train the boy, to make him stronger."

I watched the old man as he slowly took off his hood. I had never seen his entire head, only his frog-like frontal features, big eyes, green skin, warts (probably from age), little antennae like structures on his face. But now I could see his entire head, all green and shiny from frog slime. He was like a shining can of Mountain Dew with his face on it, covered in snot.

"Ohh, I did the best I could training him, teaching him the ways of the Force as my master taught me. He learned the power of Fire, and became quite strong after many years. But he failed to keep in mind the power that he was holding. Peace, knowledge, serenity, the strengths which the Force are based on… oh yes he tried, but he could not contain his feelings of hatred and aggression and most of all fear, which he felt for his family. Those bring a Jedi to the dark side… feelings of anger, fear, and aggression."
"What happened next?"
"By that time, he was a teenager, about 17. He looked normal for a teen I suppose, he had grown quite well, lean, muscular, handsome for a boy his age, but incredibly pale. One day, he rushed into my sleeping quarters, waking from a nightmare, one where his mother and his sister had fell into a deep blue sea, and drowned.. and he dreamed he was along with them, in the water, unable to breathe, with the shadow of the slave driver that enslaved his family looming above… he was nervous and sweating, and he told me that he wanted to go back home to free his family."
"Sounds determined."
"Indeed. He persisted to ask me over and over again and I refused, until finally one day he snapped… his fear overwhelmed him, and he went on a rampage. He let go his feelings through the use of the force, and proceeded to burn everything around him, tearing at the walls and his own shirt with anger because of me. I turned then and faced me, and I saw him bleeding through what he had left of a tunic. He had torn his own skin. And at that point, he just let go a final burst of magic, which petrified me for hours inside a small cocoon. I could see him walk away from the shreds he had left of a flaming hovel we once called a home."
"How did you get out?"
"Hours went by. After he left the cocoon degenerated slowly, and after some time it just collapsed. But I felt weird after that… I walked over to a fragment of a shattered mirror, expecting to see my usual face, a handsome face with an identifying chin cleft, a face with green hair on top, and a cute braid off the side… but instead I saw what you see now."
"He turned you into a frog?"
"A frog. But that's the least of my worries, Crono. Janus had let go of all of that anger on a quest to destroy… his magic turned black… into the fourth and darkest element of Force magic… Shadow. It's a dangerous and powerful magic, a mix of the other three elements, lightning, fire, and water. With his power of shadow he can now use any element he chooses, making him more powerful, and much more dangerous.
"But if he was still training under you then he would not be a Jedi, right?"
"Oh, he was not a Jedi, but he became one. He found new, evil masters, who trained him to be a dark Jedi. In a short while he had become even more powerful then his current masters. In return for their lives they promised to serve Janus. It was then that he gave himself a new name, a name that told the world just what he really was. A mage. He renamed himself Magus. And his title, Darth, came much later, but that is another story to tell, for another day."
"Wow… that's some story…"
"Well, that's the way it goes… bad things happen I suppose but this is too much for an old man to handle… that's why I'm training you."

I sat back and wondered what I would do against Darth Magus. He looked very powerful, and certainly very angry. I drifted off into a deep sleep.

* * *

"Yo! Red boy! Wake up!"

   I opened my eyes slowly and saw the princess before me.

"We're almost to Mon Fiona's secret base! Come on, get ready, we've got work to do."

"Mon Fiona?"
"Mon Fiona. She's got an army hidden on a small moon. We're sending the plans to her."

   I hesitated, but then stood and walked over to the ship's bathroom and did my normal routine.

   We landed on a small moon, in a docking bay. The base was extremely small, and I doubted it could hold a whole force of rebels and enough navigation equipment to keep tabs on an entire army. But we proceeded inward, and found Mon Fiona to give her the information which Robo hid. Later on, she called a meeting and I heard some news that I had never expected to hear.

"Members of the Rebel army," says Mon Fiona, "I've come before you today to explain to you a new mission. The latest creation of the Empire, the Death Omen, a large spherical space station, happens to be heading in our direction. According to the plans provided by an R6 unit, they plan to construct a military base on this very moon. If life is found on it, they will destroy this moon and move on to try another moon in this system."

   I thought we were screwed, considering that the space station is almost as large as this moon itself.

"Plans for this station have also been provided by the R6 unit. In its center, there is a large nuclear reactor, which they call "The Mammon." It's a very advanced piece of hardware, but it has one flaw: a thermal exhaust port on the station's outer shell. A laser beam right down the crack should make it blow up."

   And I wonder whose piloting the ship with the laser beam. I am the main character of this story, right?

"A force of T-16 X-Bikes will penetrate their defenses and deliver the beams, thereby blowing up the station. Admiral Snackbar will now show dictate your positions in battle.

   A large, brown thing walked up to the front. He was wearing a white shirt with white pants, and was holding a piece of paper.

"Ok everyone, according to our new ally, Glenn Kenobi, we have a Force user in our midst. Crono Skywalker will be piloting the X-Bike with the laser attached, and everyone else is going to make sure he doesn't blow up. We only have one ship with the laser attached and we can't afford another one. There will be one fleet. Red Squadron will be led by Lucca Antilles. And your call numbers will be as follows…"

   I didn't bother listening after that… I was just thinking about the battle. You think I sound fine, right? I was scared to death. I rested my head in my hands and sighed. Suddenly, a voice whispered from next to me. I turned to see a purple haired girl, with really really thick glasses.

"Hey, Crono right? I'm Lucca, commander of Red Squadron. What's the matter?"
"Nothing, other than the fact that I'm this close to dying…"
"Relax silly! We're going to make sure you're safe. These are the best pilots of the entire Rebel army.
"How do you know?"
"They're not dead yet."

   Yah, real reassuring.

"Don't worry, we got ya covered. Just take your time and learn to use the X-Jets. They work like Jetbikes. No trouble at all."
"Alright Lucca, whatever you say."

   At the end of the conference I walked into the docking bay, and I watched as Robo was slid into the large machine which I assumed was an X-Jet. I could tell… mine had a large box attached to the front. I heard footsteps behind me, and turned to see Lucca, walking in.

"See the big red one?"
"Red droid?"
"Yeah, his name is Gato. I built him myself."
"Its cute…"
"It's actually a warbot, meant to fight on land, but it also has the ability to act as an R6 unit. Pretty cool, eh?"
"Yeah, I suppose it is."

   Lucca walked with me to my jet and showed me the works. I found it very easy.

"See that button over there? That controls your computer."
"The red one turns it off… I get it, I think I have one of these at home."
"Good then. Lesson adjourned…"

* * *

   It had been three days. Princess Nadileia had been busy discussing battle tactics with the other heads of command. She was very smart, for someone almost my age. I really had no idea how she did her job. Glenn had told me she was elected into the senate at 12, to represent her father while he sorted out troubles on a once battle-crazy Medinia. She grew up very fast indeed, and grew up well from what I saw. I thought she was rather pretty, with those large pastries on her head like they were earmuffs. I became infatuated with her, watching her moves, sometimes even talking to her. She had the prettiest green eyes, and her hair was as gold as the sun… yeah, I know what I sound like. I guess I kinda had a crush on her. But what can you expect? I haven't seen a good looking gal in weeks! And this one was special too. As I sat once, dreaming about her, I was startled by a sudden call over the loudspeaker, and sudden flashes of red light.

"All hands to battle stations! The Death Omen is coming within firing range! I repeat! All hands to battle station!"

   I jumped up and started running toward the docking bay. I ran into Kino and Ayla on the way. No, really, I ran into them, and almost broke Kino's ankle. Ayla, therefore, almost tackled me.

"Hey Kino, are you going or what?"
"Not a chance, kid. I'm just going to steal a few towels, take my cash reward for rescuing the girl, and then I'm heading out."
"Well, why didn't you leave already?"
"I don't know…"
"You know, that's pretty weak, taking off when you know damn well that we need your help."
"Its not my problem, I'm just a simple mercenary for hire and I have no business working here."
"You are so wrong."
"So sue me. Oh wait, you can't-no judicial system on a remote moon. Sorry!"

   I stormed off toward the docking bay in a rage, and met up with Nadileia.

"Crono! You're late! We've got work to do!"
"I know Princess…"
"Relax Crono, you can call me by my nickname, Marle. Now get in your jet and good luck!"

   And then she kissed me on the cheek. My face turned as red as my hair, and I felt like I was floating as I, well, floated over to my bike. Lucca was waiting for me, and helped me in.

"Do you remember what to do?"
"She kissed ya didn't she."
"Ya know, she doesn't kiss many people, Crono. You should be pretty happy.."

   Laughing, she closed the hatch, tapped the metal siding, and gave me a thumbs up. In a few minutes, we launched, to face the danger of the Death Omen.

* * *

The ships were flying in a V formation, heading towards the large sphere in the sky. From my position behind Lucca's center ship, I saw a large dent in the sphere. It looked like a rotted fruit, or almost like a logo for a phone company. Suddenly, over the radio, I heard a message from the home base, and all of the pilots stating their status.

"This is Nadileia, all fighters state your status!"
"Red 7 standing by."
"Red 16 standing by."
"Red 147 standing by."
"Red Pi standing by."
"Red 9.7 standing by."
"Red 2,001 standing by."
"Red 8,675,309 standing by."
"Red Z standing by."
"Red leader standing by."
That was Lucca. I then stated my position after her.
"Red 5 is confused!"
"Uhh, Red 5 standing by!"

   Several murmurs and groans came from the radio. I was just trying to be sociable! Anyway, we then approached quickly to the station, and Lucca gave more commands. Suddenly, that giant dent in the rotten peach opened up, and let loose an array of Proto 2 fighters, who came at us like wildfire!

"Its time to rock and roll, soldiers! We'll be attacking in the Knight of the Square Table formation! We will begin on my mark…"

I got revved. I had nothing else to do, since this didn't quite concern me..

"Wings! Nirvana Strike! Take out those Protos! I count 13 of them."

I saw the last two fighters on each side of the V break off and start attacking.

"Crono! Its time to go into the trench! Turn on your computer and get ready. I'll cover your back."

I dipped down through the arrays of fire and into the trench I went. It was scary! I almost lost my wings as soon as I went in. I gained balance quickly, and then started speeding through the small corridor.

"I'm hiiiiiiiiit!"
"We lost one, Lucca! Crono, be careful!"

I heard the scream over the radio, and saw a fiery hunk of metal crash into the side of the space station. I then spoke.

"Lucca! How many more Protos are there!"
"7! No, 6! Concentrate on your own course Crono!"
"Red Leader, there's one on your tail!"
"Oh great!"

   I could see from my ship how Lucca swiftly flipped over and landed behind the Proto, shooting it down.

"Oh yeah! OK, Red 8,675,309! Guard Crono's rear!"

   Then from above another 13 Proto 2s came out, followed by another three fighters, A Proto 4 in the middle with 2 Proto 3s on the sides. Immediately the three dropped behind me and started to attack my back guard.

"Red Leader! There's no way we can take these ships on our own! There's too many---AAAAAAGH!"

   The fighter then exploded. It was the one behind me. I started feeling small bumps on my rear shields.

"Lucca, they're attacking me!"

   From behind me, I then heard one of the Proto 3's explode. Over the radio, I heard a familiar laugh.

"Ha HAAAA! Those Protos blow up REAL NICE!"
"Relax kid, I got your tail! Now go in for the kill!"
"Who put you up to this?"
"The Princess did!"

   I heard the princess speak.

"I knew you needed help, Red man!"

   I giggled. She called me man. I love her! I turned on my computer, and watched as the target started to close in. From behind me I heard another ship explode.

"Only one more left----that annoying Proto 4… damn its got a good defense! It must be a guardian!"

   The target started to close in real close, and I put my left hand on the fire button…

"Come on, Crono!" said Lucca.
"Let's go Crono!" said Marle.

   Its annoying having two girls yelling at you at once, you know, and its kind of easy to get confused. I just happened to press the wrong button. They're kind of smart, those technicians you know… putting the "Detach Laser" button right next to the "Fire" button… And the laser resumed to fall into the trench. All together, each and every one of our fighters gasped in horror, until the impact of the laser box with the station caused it to fire, right at the Proto 4 behind me… I saw the beam tap the wing, sending the entire ship into a spin.

"Crono! What are we going to do now! They're going to blow up the moon!"

   I then heard a voice. It didn't sound like it came from the radio..

"Use the Force, Crono.."

   I floated into a trance.. It was as if I wasn't in my own body. I saw myself lift my arm-it was like a dream…I then felt myself lifting my arm… I felt a surge through my bones and felt a stream of lightning leave my body and I gasped breathlessly and then I woke… suddenly… and I heard yells coming at me from over the radio.

"Crono! Retreat!"
"Get out of there!"

   I looked around and saw that all of the fighters had left! I turned upside down and flew backwards, kicked it into overdrive, and headed back towards the station. I looked behind me at the station and saw it-silently floating, when it suddenly exploded into an array of fiery debris prettier than I had ever seen before… it was like an amazingly large firework display. I heard calls over the radio of cheers and whistles and the explosions of the Death Omen. Relieved, I slowed down and coasted towards the moon base.

* * *

   The celebration was awesome! Marle, Lucca, Kino, Ayla, and my fellow jet fliers were there to greet me as soon as I landed. Marle took my hand and kissed me on the cheek again as the bunch of us went to the eatery inside the base, where we all partied and drank till the earliest morning hours. There was plenty of food there too, more stuff than I could ever imagine, and all of it was for me! But, also, waiting for me was Glenn, in the back corner, by a large window showing a dazzling array of stars and planets.

"Hey Glenn."
"I'm very proud of you son, you thought to use the Force and you did it with skill, too."
"Yeah, well I never would have thought of it if you hadn't told me to use it.
"I never told you to use it!"
"Over the radio, remember? You told me to use the Force."
"I told you to use force, not the Force. You have proton torpedoes you know, the laser didn't nullify your cannons. You could have shot off a few of those to cover your ass!"
"But I heard.."
"You heard your own mind, Crono… it was your own heart telling you to what to do."

   I was amazed at myself, and pretty proud too. I never thought I would lead up to something this huge. People are going to be telling stories after me now, naming recipes after me even. I could imagine people sitting down to a nice meal-"Crono Surprise!" But then something occurred to me.

"Darth Magus was on the Death Star, right? Would he be dead now?"
"Oh no, he's not dead."
"Oh no no no… nobody is immortal."
"Where is he?"
"Remember that Proto 4 that didn't quite get destroyed?"
"That was him?"

   Suddenly from out of the corner of my eye, I saw the very Proto 4 that didn't get toasted. It was Darth Magus inside, all right, without a helmet either. I looked at him and smiled wryly. He gave me the finger.

"Man, he's pissed."
"I know."

   Darth Magus then sped off into the distance, with the tip of his Proto still smoking from the laser…

And so here I am now, relaxed on the base. I got my girl, my powers, and most importantly, my food. I'm very pleased. I'm just wondering what's up back home with my Aunt and Uncle. I could just hear them walking in the door…

Till next time, may the Force be with you!

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