The Gift of Song Part 1

By The Storyteller

"What's with you, Spekkio?"
"I love my name, Gaspar. I can't help but say it. SPEKKIOOOOOOEOOOOOOOOEOOOOOO!"
"Shut up! You're annoying!"
"Oh come on, Gas, you can't hear me, you know your hearing is bad."
"Just because I'm old doesn't mean my hearing is bad."
"Oh really? Well then why don't you gogogophernickel?" Spekkio ended his sentence with a mumble.
"See! You can't hear!"
"That's it, Spekkio, out! Out!"

Gaspar took Spekkio's red Nu paw and pushed him into a gate.

"Leave. Go somewhere where somebody cares that you like your name!"
"Wait! Gas! These gates are unstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...."

Spekkio yelled as he fell into the gate. As he was saying, the gates were unstable, and their destination a mystery...

Until he landed in 600 AD on top of a large sign. The air was bright and shiny with afternoon sun.

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaable.... where am I?"

Spekkio looked around him. He was atop a relatively large castle, a white castle made of shiny white marble with black streaks.

"Jeez.... this person must awfully like white... and Poyozos..."

Spekkio changed his from back to his favorite form, the handy Underling form. He was glad that he could do such, since there were no people around to influence his body shape. He slowly used his frog limbs with their slimy suction to climb down the walls of the castle, until he reached the ground. Unfortunately, due to his small size in comparison with the size of the castle, he made it to the ground in the middle of the night.

"Wow! This castle glows even at night! I'm surprised I haven't seen this before."

Hopping slowly, he made his way to the front of the castle, where he saw a bright sign, with flashing lights. It read 'Poyozo Palace.' On each side was a glowing Poyozo. As he approached, a motion sensor sensed his miniature presence and started to play music.

"Hmmm... The Star Wars Main Title theme... the original John Williams piece... performed by the London Symphony Orchestra? Beautiful piece, but not in this dimension."

Spekkio sniffled.

"Brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it though... AHA! It's from the Phantom Menace! The Arrival at Naboo! The owner of this castle has been around!"

Spekkio shuffled over to the front doors of the castle, seeking entrance at the front door. He switched his shape to that of a Flunkie and opened the heavy wooden doors. The inside of the castle was just as white as the outside, and it was also illuminated by lamps and decorated with flowers. He walked forward, after shutting the door and changing his shape back to that of an Underling. He hopped inside slowly, listening for any hint of a person, but there was none. Until he heard a voice. It was singing.

"Now who on earth..."

From down the hall he saw a man slide across the floor wearing socks and underwear, and playing an air guitar.


Spekkio thought to himself. "Time Warp? This one has seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show?"

The sound of the original song followed the man down the hallway towards Spekkio's location.

"It's just a jump to the left..."
"Put your hands on your hips..."

Spekkio watched as the figure moved forward, dancing in tune with the Rocky Horror music. Spekkio could see where the music was coming from. He thought, "A Dimensional Media Crystal? The castle owner must be a magician!"


"Oh my goodness... this cannot be who I think it is..." Spekkio thought, as the figure approached. Spekkio's underling eyes could see better now. The Man's long hair swayed to and fro as he jumped, playing his air guitar. Spekkio watched and tried to hold his giggles as he watched the man dance. Suddenly, the music stopped.

"I am letting you live here because I am nice. Stop playing with my Media Crystal!"
"Aww come on, Magus! I'm just getting the hang of this human body..."
"Do you want to be a frog again? Hmm?"
"No... I sounded funny when I was a frog. I talked like a weird person with that "thou and thee" junk..."
"That's it! We battle now!"
"Aww, Magus??? Come on... lets go have some Tequila. You're favorite!"
"No! We fight!"
"Tequila... Tequila..."
"Te... No!"
"Ah... oh... all right..."
"Good then."
"But put some pants on. You don't walk around my castle with nothing on."
"Fine then."

The Blue, darker figure took the floating crystal and walked back down the hallway, while the shorter, lesser-clothed figure made his way behind him.

"Well well well... I never knew this would be possible by any means..."

Spekkio sat, reminiscing about the darker figure.

"He I know... but who was the other one? Was that the punk haired kid? Where's Blondie?"

Spekkio hopped after the other two figures. He made his way into what was apparently a kitchen. He knew he was a large Underling, one that was relatively noticeable against white, but then again, who wouldn't be? Spekkio hopped swiftly to a sufficient hiding place, behind a large refrigerator. He watched in awe as Magus searched in and out through cupboards both high and low.

"Damn it! Who changed my castle anyway???"
"You did, stupid."
"I did not!"
"You did too, when you were gay!"
"Gay? What? You have got to be kidding me."
"You were gay, and you served me tea! And you called yourself Ja--"
"Say it and die, toad!"
"Well there was tea!"
"Whatever you say. Where's the damn tequila?"
"Where do you usually keep your stash?"
"In here. But it's gone! All I see is some French bubbly stuff. Ch-Cham Pag Nee."
"Sham-pain," said the other figure, sounding the word out correctly. "Its pronounced Sham-Pain."
"Don't correct me! Stupid French crap..."
"Try some, that has alcohol in it."
"Ohh... I'm not in the mood. That's it."
"Oh fine, just give up."
"Shut it, slime ball."

The figure gave him a raspberry.

"What is with you? You were much more reserved and polite as a frog!"

Spekkio thought. "A FROG? THAT WAS FROG? DAMN! He isn't bad looking! I'll bet the girls would fall for him."

"I am polite. Just not around you."
"Oh... arrrr.............. hm. I'm going to watch the Media Crystal. I think Sex and the City is on."
"It's this show. Borderline pornography, but its funny."
"Ooh! Naked girls!"
"Oh grow up..."

Magus grabbed the crystal which rested on the table and made his way down the hall opposite of the kitchen, into another large hallway, which turned again at the end. Spekkio followed from a distance, jumping in and out doorways to block himself from sight as Magus and the newly discovered Glenn walked. They turned into a dark room where Magus flicked the crystal into gear, and it started glowing.

"Whoa what?"
"That girl has big thingies... huh... huh-huh..."
"Oh shut up. Don't start with that kid talk. And don't even think about whipping it out!"
"Well... Men have needs! Do you know how long it's been since I've had a girl?"
"I don't know and I don't care to know. Take it to another castle if that's what you plan on doing here!"

Magus flicked another switch on the bottom of the floating crystal. He flicked it a couple of times, until he reached a channel with some familiar characters.

"Oh! That's Rocky Horror again! Ooh! Ooh!"
"Shut up, man. I'm not interested in seeing Tim Curry in leather!"

Magus angrily flicked the switch again.

"Ah... much better..."
"What is this, Magus?"
"Something worth watching. Its called Dragonball Z."
"Wow, that spiky haired dude looks familiar..."
"I know, the similarity between us and these cartoons is absolutely frightening."
"Change it. I don't feel like watching cartoons."

Magus hesitated, then pushed the switch again.

"The Man Show."
"Sound's good."
"You know, I always keep some beers in the fridge. Go grab a couple."
"Why me? I never saw the show before."
"Get the beers or go to bed."

Meanwhile, Spekkio watched from behind a dresser. "They're acting like frat boys..." He watched as Glenn returned with two small brown bottles and a bottle opener. Glenn handed Magus an open bottle and sat down next to him.

"Juggy Dancers."
"Now that is something to look at!"
"Like I said before, don't even---"
"Think about it, I know."

Spekkio sighed. "I can take no more of this. I cannot help but laugh! I'm out of here..."

Spekkio jumped from his location and scurried toward the light of the doorway.

"What was that?"
"Juggy Dancers... yummy..."

Magus stood and pushed aside the drooling Glenn as he followed the scurrying figure across the floor. He watched as the unsuspecting figure scampered across the ground, snuck up on it, and grabbed it.

"Gotcha! It's a frog! How fitting!"
"I'm an Underling, Magus. I'm surprised you don't remember me."
"You talk? Well. I'll just have to smash your little smart froggy brain anyhow..."

Glenn emerged from the dark room, beer in hand.

"What's that? An Underling? Oh dear... Are you who I think you are?"
Spekkio retorted. "Are you who I think you are?"
"Spekkio! What are you doing in this era?"
"Spekkio?" Asked Magus. "Oh, you... the 'God of War'..."

Magus dropped Spekkio to the ground as his form changed due to the two men in his vicinity. His body expanded and grew, as he ballooned into a red Nu.

"Aren't you supposed to be in the End of Time?" asked Glenn.
"Yeah, Gaspar kicked me out."
"Because I liked my name."
"Your name sucks, Spekkio." said Magus.
"Oh hush."
"So now you're looking to get back?"
"Hey, I could stay here."
"Not on your life!" said Magus.
"That's okay, I live forever." retorted Spekkio, smiling. "This form is making me tired though... Nus do sleep a lot...."

Spekkio dozed off, while Magus sneered.

"First you, then him. Who else? Lucca and Marle?"
"Hey, bring the girls, have a party!"
"Quit thinking with your pants!"
"Sorry! Sorry! I'm going to bed! Jeez... hey, what's upstairs?"
"Don't go near the locked room!"
"What room?"

Glenn turned and left. Magus looked forlornly at the sleeping Spekkio Nu. He poked it several times and slapped it once, to no avail. Angered, he left Spekkio there, to retire to his own bedroom.

* * *

"This bed is so... lumpy!"

Glenn rolled around on his bed, trying to get to sleep. Across from his room was Magus's. He could hear Magus snoring loudly, and it wasn't helping him sleep any. He decided to take a look around the castle, see the rooms he never saw before. Maybe even that locked room Magus never told him to enter...

Glenn stood and threw on some socks and pants to help him stay quiet. He snuck quietly up a set of stairs, to a hallway. The walls were glowing, and Glenn's eyes adjusted to the night vision quickly.


He turned into the first room on his left. There was a bed in the center of the room, with windows on the far wall. Glenn looked out the window. It showed the courtyard below.

"Courtyard? Magus has a courtyard? With a gazebo? He's gay, all right..."

Glenn left the room and approached another. It looked exactly the same as the first. Glenn decided to give up the search through all the rooms and make his way to that locked one...

He made his way down the hall to the room that was at the very end. Of all the rooms in the castle, this one was the only one that remained with a black wall and old wooden door. It was dark and creepy. Glenn approached slowly, taking the doorknob in his hand carefully. He turned it slowly and heard it click. It was locked. He turned it in the other direction to make sure. That was when it made a different click. The lock had been already broken, and the door creaked open. There was a sight that was so bright... Glenn's eyes widened as he beheld the only object he could never imagine Magus using...

A guitar.

It was a very shiny guitar, surrounded by carefully placed lights. It looked futuristic... it was a more advanced guitar, something Glenn had never seen before. It was red, a dark, sexy red, the color of a woman's lipstick. It was sparkling, too. Around the sides were some stickers, some of them dark faces, others pictures that looked like tattoos. The length of the guitar extended smoothly, the strings long and unworn, all the way up to the top, where there were small prongs for tuning. Glenn hadn't known the names of any of the pieces, because he never studied guitars. He only knew what they were. But this one wasn't like any of the guitars he had ever seen before. The ones of his era were simple and brown. This one was wild.

Glenn approached the glimmering instrument, eyeing its smoothness... its shining surface... he touched it carefully as if it were the most fragile thing in the world... he lifted it slowly, holding it to himself, as he tried to imitate how he had seen others hold regular guitars. He held it to his stomach. It was awkward, but surprisingly light. He stroked the strings carefully, playing with it... he had no idea how to hold it but he tried... until a hand suddenly grabbed the end of the guitar and pulled it from Glenn's grasp.

"I... uh... well... he he he.."
"OOH! Mmmm...."

Magus's figure could be seen with the lights coming from the stand that held the guitar originally. He held it in front of him carefully, inspecting the instrument for any marks or strains on its figure.

"You are so lucky that this guitar is safe or I might just kill you..."
"Since when did you play the guitar?"
"Not for a long time, Glenn... not for a long time..."

Magus found a strap on the back of the guitar and loosened it. Glenn hadn't seen the strap before. He watched as Magus put the strap over his shoulder.

"How do you hold it?'
"Well... you put on hand on this part over here... and the base of it goes lower than you had it, against your crotch, like so."

Magus positioned the guitar carefully. Glenn could see him glowing, his eyes emotional as he held the guitar. It was as if Magus became a different person behind his instrument...

"Were you an good?"
"Any good? I was the best! Well, second best..."
"Then why haven't I heard of you?"
"Because I was outlawed. That was one of the reasons the war started..."
"The wars started over music? What are you talking about? The wars started when your little trashy civilization got greedy and felt like taking us over!"
"Sure. You're a clueless bastard, you know that? This was what happened. See, we were a band, Ozzie, Flea, Slash and me... we were real good, too... all the mystics loved us, concerts were always sold out... then we started to play for the humans. Even though your kind forced my people into hiding well before I ever landed in this time..."
"I've not a clue what you're talking about..."
"Anyway, we took Choras by storm... the girls... ohhh the girls... and I was only seventeen... and it was girls, girls, and more girls... and the parents didn't like us any, so the mayor refused to let us play anymore. Word got out to the king, and the use of our equipment was outlawed. This item is revolutionary... before its time... but they wouldn't allow it to be used anymore... ohh... but the sound she makes..."

Magus reminisced, his eyes becoming foggy. He brushed his fingers across the strings, making a smooth sound.

"That sounds like any old guitar."
"She's not any old guitar! Just wait till I hook her up... but I can't... I won't... she's still illegal, as well as the amplifiers and speakers that go with her... that was how the war started... the mystics demanded that they get the world back, and they made me the leader, and thus... a war."
"If that's so true then what was my reason for joining the war effort?"
"Licking Cyrus's boots like the swine you are."
"Don't tempt me, you moron... I may not have my accent, but I still have what it takes to beat you..."
"Would you like to fight?"
"Maybe after a round of tequila, alright? Later."

Magus sighed, and took the guitar off him, laying it back on its glowing stand. He wiped his forehead and ushered Glenn out the door.

"You tell anyone about this, and I'll murder you. Understand?"
"Yah! Yah! Okay!"
"Get your ass to your room and sleep!"

Glenn made his way to his room, listening carefully as Magus sighed and started to hum a slight tune from his room.

"Hmm.... I sense a reunion tour..."


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