Like a Rainbow

By The Storyteller

Like a rainbow;
The seven colors of destiny.
As warriors of time
This is their finest hour.

The boy;
With spiky jets of red,
He draws his mighty rainbow blade
And leads the seven as their head.

Behind him;
A healing girl of gold.
She sports her mighty bow and ice,
Like a Valkerye in the snow.

Lady fire;
Like a purple staff of power,
She aims a simple Wondershot,
Casting flares of red behind her.

Ready to prove himself;
His heart is like his golden shell,
It never will run cold.

He is ready to avenge.
The Masamune holds his destiny.
His green stands for his power.

She holds it in each hand.
With mighty kicks and punches hard,
She is a sandwich, her enemy is the meat.

His aura black with sorrow.
The darkness of his magic and scythe
He seems like he’s the reaper.

Together they are ready,
For all that is to come,
As warriors like a rainbow,
Their greatest hour has come.

The Storyteller's Fanfiction