Marshal's Log

By The TechnoProphet

Manuscript found on a body in the Narshe Mines:

        Marshal Trevor Black
        March 29

         I don't know just why I'm writing this, but perhaps someone will benefit from reading it.  I am recording the events of the day in my log, as I normally do, but the events that took place today are unlike any others.

         It all started early this morning.  Those two Imperial soldiers broke into the city of Narshe with that woman.  That... "witch."  She seemed so... different.  Entranced, almost.  But it made little difference.  She and the other two made short work of our first line of defense.  My men were beaten and trampled by those machines they call Magitech Armor.  They easily made their way into the mines.  Inside was the Esper.  The Esper was what they were after.  It had been trouble from the start.

         Not even our Guardian Whelk could stop them from reaching it.

         No one knows just what happened when they did.  All that my men were able to gather was that that old man, Arvis, had run in and found the unconsious girl lying beside the Esper.  He took her to his home, and kept her safe there until we were able to find out where she had gone.  The two soldiers, however, were nowhere to be found.

        When my men and I realized what had happened, we immediately proceded to Arvis's home, and rapped on his door, demanding that he surrender the girl to us.  He refused to unlock it.  He must have instead instructed her to exit out from the back of his house and flee the city through the mines, because we next saw her running across the bridge behind his house.

        We followed her into the mines, and were able to corner her, but the stone floor under her crumbled, and she fell through a hole.  When we reached the lower level, we saw her lying on the ground, unconsious, but somehow, another man had gotten to her first.  "No matter," we thought, "We can take care of him."  But as we watched, hoardes of Moogles rushed out of the passage behind them.  Apparently, they wished to help the man protect that girl from us.  I can't pretend to understand it.  I sent out my forces, but they are now being decimated.  Not even our trained Lobos and Vomammoths are a match for them.  The Moogles are doing much more damage than even that human is.  I've never heard of Moogles attacking like this.  The cute, timid creatures that have lived in the mines behind my hometown for as long as I can remember--they're killing my men left and right.  It’s insane...  They're using weapons, too; spears, and flails.  How did they learn how to used those, and further, where did they get them, in the first place?  The answers evade me.  Most likely, it will for some time.  My men are dead.  Slaughtered by Moogles.  Who would have guessed...  I've never seen anything like it.  And at this rate, I never will again.  The Moogles are approaching, fast.  And that one that seems to be the leader--I don't know if these creatures even have names, but it's said to be named Mog.  It is ruthless.  It pierced men through the heart, and crushed them with huge boulders.  Is this my fate?  Am I meant to die here, too?  It seems so.  They draw near.  If I fall here, I hope someone is able to find this.  Tell my wife and daughter that I love them dearly.  I now go to battle.  My destiny awaits me...

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