Fate Chapter 2

General Yuffie of Wutai

By Tifa Gainsborough

Three days and many bruises later I was sitting in some vehicle driving up the coast to Wutai. Landing at the tip of the island was the best way of not being noticed, or so they have told me.

“Just follow Trista’s orders and everything should be fine,” Reno said as he, Rude, and Elena flew out of sight.

That made me feel a whole lot better. Did you catch the sarcasm in that sentence? We were probably walking into a trap and Reno was saying everything was going to be ‘fine’. I feel better already.

“We should be there soon,” Mitsu said, turning in his seat.

Mitsu wasn’t very tall; he was shorter than Trista and hated it. His had dark skin and almond shaped eyes. His weapon of choice was daggers, which he threw with a deadly accuracy.

“Watch me jump for joy,” I muttered, sinking lower into my seat.

Through the rearview mirror I could see Trista glaring at me. “You didn’t have to come,” she snapped.

Great! Back to the ice woman again. “Oh don’t mind me. I’m just not that happy to die.”

“We aren’t going to die,” Diallo, a dark skinned man, reassured me.

“Right,” Shanna, a tiny red haired woman, said.

Shanna was a small girl actually. Only a year or two older than myself. Her weapon was a rifle almost as big as she was. How she was able to use it is beyond me. Giving the two a tight smile seemed to please them. Leaning against my seatbelt I was able to rest my arms on the back of Trista’s seat. It wasn’t comfortable, but it pissed her off.

“Go over everything with me one more time.”

Trista took a deep breath, most likely to stop herself from yelling. “Again?”

“Yes again,” my voice not too happy. “I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything.”

“First thing we do when we arrive in Wutai is to take out any or all monsters. Usually large amounts hang out around the city. We have to act fast as to not alert other monsters of our presence,” Trista explained, pushing the vehicle faster. “After that we hope that General Yuffie will appear and we fight her. Capture her, safe the prisoners, call Reno, and go home.”

“Simple,” Mitsu said.

“Yeah, real simple.”

“Don’t worry Conlan. You will do fine,” Diallo said.

Everybody fell silent, probably contemplating what they were about to face. How did I get myself into this? As the scenery flew by the window I could only wonder. With time to spare he let his mind wander.


(Ten Years Previous)


The cry echoed through the dying town. The sounds of screaming drown out the small boy’s cries for his mother. With tears in his eyes, the young boy searched the mass of crowds for his mother.


Pushing against the mass of people moving against him, he searched. Giant monsters tore into townspeople that tried to escape. The streets of Kalm were bathed blood and people met an untimely end. Many of the monsters leapt into the crowds, one coming dangerously close to the young boy.

“NO!” A teenage girl screamed before disappearing under a pile of monsters. The little boy watched with wide eyes as the girl was torn to shreds, her screams of anguish filling the sky.

A small girl was crying over the body of her dead father. The man’s shirt was stained a dark crimson, a monster with bloody fangs was slowly creeping up on the girl.

Mommy? Where are you mommy! I’m so scared!

A haunting laugh echoed over the sounds of death. Standing on a roof, overlooking the terror was a brown haired woman. What is she doing up there? She could fall. Her body covered by a dark cloak she continued to watch the destruction.


For a single moment everything was forgotten. All eyes were focused on the woman on the roof. An eerie hush fell across the town and people stared. Even the monsters froze, their beady eyes turned to the woman.

“That’s Tifa Lockhart,” a man’s voice traveled over the crowd.

“Help us!” A voice screamed.

Tifa smirked. “Kill them.”

The monster’s attacks resumed on the people. People could only stare as the hero they had once heard only praise about, ordered them dead. Fate was a wicked player in the game of life.

Ignoring the screams, the boy finally found his mother. Pushing through people he run to be by her side. His small legs gave out as he dropped to her side. Conlan wept over the body of his dead mother.



“We’re here,” Trista said, bringing the car to a stop.

The sound of Trista’s voice drove me from my past. What the hell made me think of that? I hadn’t thought of my mother in years. I must be nervous, yeah that’s it, I’m just nervous.

“Everybody ready?” Mitsu asked, unbuckling his seatbelt.

Four heads nodded in unison, one less enthusiastically than the others. If you guessed me you were right. I was ready to fight, not ready to die.

“Check you weapons and materia,” Trista said climbing out of the vehicle.

Following her out, we headed to the back to retrieve their weapons. With a quick glance at my materia slots, I was ready to go.

“I’m ready.”

A chorus of ‘ready’ followed mine and off we went. Falling into step with Trista gave me the opportunity to ask a few questions.

“Say again why we just don’t go in a use Knights of the Round?”

Trista frowned but continued her pace. From what I’d heard about the summon materia it was one of the best. How this group had come into contact with it, well they didn’t feel like sharing.

“Knights of the Round is to be used only as a last resort,” Trista explained, kicking up dirt as she walked.


“We could easily hurt civilians.”

Well that was that. Getting civilians involved was at the bottom of the list, they continued to remind me.

“We’ve got company,” Shanna yelled over the sudden sound of gunshots.

“About fucking time,” I said, spotting a monster out of the corner of my eye.

“Conlan,” Trista called, sprinting to join Shanna. “Don’t die!”

Glad to know she cares, I thought slashing through a monster. With a howl another monster attacked right after the first. With another swipe of my sword another monster fell. Followed closely by another. As sweat gathered in the crocks of my arms as I lost count of the kills. Ah damn, lost count at twenty.


That yell was followed closely by, “Cure!”

“Conlan get back here!” Mitsu yelled, his voice high and tense.

Jogging back in-between monsters, I was glad to see my comrades in relatively good shape. Diallo’s right sleeve was stained with blood; he must have been the one to yell ‘shit’.

Mitsu was crouched beside Trista, waiting for a monster to draw nearer. Springing forward, under the monsters massive claws, Mitsu drove his dagger into the demon’s heart.

“Everybody down!”

Without a second thought, I threw myself to the ground next to Shanna. I suppose the training will actually paying off.

“Lightning!” Trista screamed, clutching a glowing globe of materia.

Grunts and haggled screams filled the air as the monsters were turned into crispy critters. The ground shook as beasts toppled over, one landing across my legs.

“Fuck!” Swearing, I shoved the monster off my legs.

Jumping to her feet as Trista fell, Shanna sent a hail of bullets into the remaining monsters.

“All clear,” Shanna said, smiling.

So glad to see she was enjoying herself. Bloodthirsty monsters surround me. No, scratch that, bloodthirsty humans. Glad to see I was in good company. Climbing to my feet I could survey the damage more thoroughly. At least a hundred monsters crisscrossed the field.

“Let’s move,” Mitsu said, retrieving a few of his daggers.

Off we were again, not even bothering to dance over the bodies of our enemies. Some people just don’t know how to have any fun. Hours passed, well actually it was only twenty minutes but it seemed like hours, before Wutai finally came into view.

“Dark, creepy, nice,” I stated surveying the city.

“Fuck you,” Trista snapped.

Now what did I say? It was true; Wutai was not a happy place. Many of the building had been burned down. The one’s left standing had heat scars on their sides. The giant stature thingy that was once apart of the cliffs was gone.

“Trista,” Diallo whispered, placing a hand on Trista’s shoulder.

With a sneer, Trista shoved his hand aside. Okay, I’m officially confused now.

“What’s up,” I finally got the courage to ask Trista.

Stopping, Trista overlooked the city with a frown. “This was once my home.”

Got it.

“Sorry,” was the only thing that sounded appropriate right now.

“I haven’t been back in nine years. I was expecting it to change, but not like this,” Trista explained, her voice dropping.

She better not start crying. I just can’t stand crying woman, they make me mushy and if there’s one thing I hate most. It’s being a mushy wimp.

“She’s probably up in the temple,” Shanna said, pointing to a large tower thing near the back of town.

“Shall we?”

Heading into town was eerie. People peered out at us from behind closed doors. Others that were outside retreated back into their houses. Trista looked from house to house, trying to take everything in. Everybody tried to say something to comfort her but stopped. Walking farther into the city, across two bridges, and ascending a flight of stairs we reached an open area.

On either side of an open field were the gutted remains of two buildings. Somebody had been really fire happy. A figure appeared in the doorway of the only building and we all froze. The person wasn’t very tall as they crossed the field to face us. Dressed in dark blue shorts and a sleeveless black turtleneck General Yuffie Kisaragi stalked nearer.

“Hello,” General Yuffie said, giving us a mock bow. “Welcome to Wutai.”

Trista stepped forward and the two women from Wutai stared each other down.

“What have you done to Wutai,” Trista asked.

It seemed like a rather stupid question to me, but it must matter to Trista. She probably wouldn’t have asked it if it didn’t. General Yuffie merely smiled and so the battle began. I realized pretty quickly just how fast people from Wutai really are. Trista and Yuffie were locked weapon to weapon before I could say, well something long.

“This is Trista’s fight,” Diallo explained, grabbing my arm.

Did I really look that happy to attack and die? “Trista will die.”

“No,” Shanna explained, watching the two women circling each other, with interest.

The sound of metal striking metal filled our ears as the two fought. With a quick swipe of her spear, Trista opened a gash on General Yuffie’s arm. General Yuffie retaliated with an attack that left Trista with her left arm dangling uselessly. Trista stumbled backwards, gripping her spear tightly in her right hand.

“This ends now,” General Yuffie sneered.

With a scream Trista charged forward, taking the black haired woman by surprise. General Yuffie threw her conformer directly for Trista’s face. The weapon flew past Trista’s head, leaving her with a deep gash on her left cheek. Trista swung her spear forward and General Yuffie raised her arm’s to protect her chest. Unwilling to kill the woman, Trista pivoted at the last second and struck General Yuffie over the back of the head as she crashed to the ground.

Without a word, the supposedly great General Yuffie collapsed.


Yes, that would be me cheering for joy. I was happy to be alive and not having to fight was a big plus. With the rest of the group I went over to check on Trista and General Yuffie. Mitsu was already calling Reno for a ride.

Trista rose to her feet, stumbled once but quickly regained her footing. Walking pass the body sprawled on the ground and the group she headed into town.

“People of Wutai! My name is Trista, born and raised in Wutai. You are free from the wraith of General Yuffie.”

Doors slowly opened and people began to venture out. Hesitant at first they soon came to realize the danger was pass. By the time Reno arrived my arm was numb from so many handshakes.


Wandering through the giant airship, I encountered only a few people. Some had chosen to remain in Wutai while others picked to come back to with us, to Neo-Midgar. Passing a closed door, one could hear voices coming from the other side. Opening the door a crack I could see Trista talking in a hushed tone to a now conscious General Yuffie. The cut on her cheek had quite bleeding but blood caked her cheek and neck. Her arm still hung limply.

“Where are you Yuffie?”

With a sneer the woman turned away from Trista. “How many fucking times to I have to tell you! I’m right here.”

“No!” Trista snapped, waving her good hand. “You aren’t right in front of me. The woman standing in front of me is a puppet of Sephiroth.”

General Yuffie spun around, grapping the bars and screams. “Never mention his name! Ever! You aren’t worthy of speaking his name!”

“See what I mean,” Trista said turning to me. “Still a puppet.”

“You talking to me?”

Rolling her eyes was the only response I received. Yup, she was talking to me. Leaving General Yuffie to scream and swear at her back about how she wasn’t allowed to say Sephiroth’s name, Trista joined me at the door.

“Where’s Shanna,” she asked as we stepped into the hall.

“Up in the cockpit with Reno. Why?”

Trista motioned to her shoulder. “I need to get this healed, it hurts like a bitch.”

“I’ve got a cure materia with me.” Or at least I think I do. Digging through my pockets I found the glass orb. “Ta-da!”

With a nod, Trista finally allowed me to do something for her. Love already, I thought with a smirk.

“The cut next,” I asked, ready to call on the materia’s power again.


“Why ever not?”

“A warrior carries their scars into battle proudly.” With that she was moving away.

“At least wash the blood off your face,” I called to her retreating back.

She waved over her shoulder with her now healed arm. With a smile I saw her moved to the nearest bathroom. For once she was heeding my advice.

“Hey you,” a voice called.

Leaning across the doorframe I was able to peer in at General Yuffie. “Yeah?”

With wide eyes I noticed that General Yuffie was turning a pale shade of green. “Mind fetching me a glass of water. I’m not too good with planes.”

“Motion sickness?”

Clutching her stomach she nodded. This was too much; one of Sephiroth’s dark general’s got motion sick. If I live this will be a story to tell the grandkids. Hell, this is a story to tell the rest of the group once we got back. But first, grabbing a glass of water for the gagging general.


There was a great uproar in the Northern Cave as word fell upon Sephiroth’s ears that one of his general’s had been defeated. With a swing of his great sword Sephiroth decapitated the poor soul that delivered the message. The head, with a surprise look forever etched into the features, bounced across the floor. It came to a stop at the feet of a blonde haired man. With a look of disgust he kicked the head aside, swearing at the blood that stained his black boots.

“Cloud!” Sephiroth snapped at the blonde man.

“Yes sir,” Cloud Strife said, snapping to attention.

“Contact one of my general’s. Tell them to pick twenty civilians and slaughter them. Order then to send the heads to Neo-Midgar. Make sure they get into the hands of my enemy,” Sephiroth ordered throwing himself onto his great throne.

“Sir.” Cloud acknowledged the order and left in a billow of cape.

Cloud walked through the caves of Sephiroth’s stronghold. Instead of building a great palace, Sephiroth had simply hollowed out many tunnels and used caves as rooms. Reaching the communication room Cloud stepped inside.

“Who to contact,” he whispered to himself. “Tifa.”


Cloud’s head snapped up, searching for the voice. With a sneer he realized it was simply a voice in his head. A stupid echo of his past life, a life that simply wouldn’t leave him be.


Tifa Lockhart smiled at the sound of Cloud’s voice. The orders were simple enough, slaughter. Informing one of her lackeys to choose twenty civilians she headed for the town square. Grabbing a long sword on her way out Tifa headed for the center of Nibelhiem.

Please don’t do this. The voice was filled with sadness. Tifa ignored the voice as she always did. Shoving into the back of her mind she focused on her task at hand. Twenty people, men and woman of all ages, where gathered in the square. Frightened citizens peered out windows.

“One of our general’s was kidnapped earlier today,” Tifa explained stopping in front of the people. “Sephiroth has ordered that twenty people are to pay for the loss he has suffered.”

“I curse the name of your god,” a teenage boy spat at Tifa.

He was the first to die. Followed swiftly by the others. Tifa, covered in blood her sword slippery in her grip, stopped at the remaining civilian. A small child, no older than five, was cowering next to her dead brother. Her brother had just celebrated his thirteenth birthday.

“Brother,” she whispered as Tifa towered over her. “Brother is dead.”

Tifa knelt down and lifted the young girls face to see her. “Do you see me, little girl?”

The girl nodded, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Are you afraid of me,” Tifa asked softly.


“Why? Why do you fear me?”

The little girl tried to look down but was unable to with Tifa gripping her chin. “Because you kill. Killing is bad.”

Tifa released the small girls chin and stood up.

Thank you, the voice whispered. With a wicked grin Tifa struck the small girl dead. You’re welcome, Tifa told the small voice with a chuckle.

“You see what defiance results in,” Tifa told the people that watched. Raising her hand she showed the people the blood. “Let that be a lesson.”

Tifa turned to leave, wanting very much to take a bath. “Take their heads and send them to Neo-Midgar. Inform this resistance group that for each general lost, people shall die. The next loss will result in fifty deaths.”

People loyal to Tifa bowed and went to the job of removing heads.


“Trista and Conlan, please report to floor two, room five immediately.”

Trista, who was reading a book, arrived at the room a few minutes after the announcement. I was in the shower singing along with an invisible radio and missed the announcement. Somebody eventually finally came and got me.

“This better be important,” I muttered. My hair is dripping all over my clothes; it’s annoying I tell you.

“What’s that smell,” Trista asked, covering her nose.

Elena waved to twenty baskets sitting on a large table. “Take a look for yourselves.”

This better not be what I think it is. Pulling the lid off the first basket I was sad to find out it was.

“Shit,” Trista swore staring into the basket she opened.

“They came with a warning,” Shera said handing a card to Mitsu.

“Well, what does it say,” Shanna asked.

“It reads ‘For each general lost, people shall die. The next loss will result in fifty deaths.’” Mitsu read off a card.

“They killed kids,” Diallo muttered peering into a basket.

Shoving the lid onto the basket I couldn’t take it anymore. Shutting my eyes I could still see those green eyes staring up at me.

“What do we do?”

Reno pushed away from a wall, breaking off the conversation he was having with Rude.

“We have decided to continue with our plan.”

“Fuck this! People are dying because of us,” I snapped, waving to the baskets. “Woman and children, old men and young. I can’t accept that the actions I take are costing people their lives.”

Surprisingly enough it was Trista that came to my aid. “Conlan I know you are upset. We all are. Never in my life would I want this to happen to people. But you have to face facts. If we don’t stop them now, thousands more will die. And then it will really be our fault because we did nothing to try and stop it.”

Looking into her green eyes I could see the truth in her words. More people would die if we did nothing than if we continued with our plans.

“I just don’t want people to die.” Yeah, I’m getting a tad too mushy. But I’d watched so many people die.

“We don’t want people to die either,” Shera said simply, her eyes fixated on the baskets. “But unfortunately we can’t make that decision. People will die but once this is all over, hopefully everybody will start all over again.”

Everybody in the room seemed to be in agreement. I was the only one holding them back.

“You don’t have to come, if you don’t want to,” Diallo said, his voice calm if not strained.

“Don’t even think about trying to count me out. I’m with you guys till the end,” I stated.

The end is a long ways off. The path there will probably be painful and soaked with blood. But we would find it, traverse it, and conquer it. If I had only known what fate had in store for me, I would have changed my mind.


Note: Unfortunately this chapter was very bloody and sad. So is the way of life. Evil has many faces, some more innocent looking than others.

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