War of the Mystics Chapter 2

A Disturbance in Time

By Tina Branford

By the time Glenn and Knight Captain Gawain had reached the Mystic settlement, the whole of the camp seemed to have been arroused. Commander Octavian of Ozzies mighty mystic army met them at the start of the shoddily set encampment. A huge semi-circle of tents opened up to the party, as they were commanded to leave their troops behind.

Glenn was uninterested in the selection of the few that could accompany them, if Ozzie wanted them dead- he would have them dead with forces like these. Hiding his amazement at the sheer numbers of the mystic army, this single settlement carried 5,000- not counting the other three behind Zenan bridge, he looked steadily on at the vile creature, as he led the way towards Ozzie's tent. Accompanied by 8 of Gawains knights, they entered the camp, where Mystics arroused from sleep shouted odd threats at them in a strange toungue. Glenn kept his webbed hand near his sword, though he knew if Ozzie was after his head he would have had it by now. He sensed Gawain's resolution, as well as the tense fear eminating from some of the knights. He grunted bitterly. One of the advantages of his hideous amphibian form, a sort of sixth sense.

"I wouldn't grunt like that if I were you froggie. Sir Ozzie isn't pleased with you humans."

Glenn's glowing yellow eyes rested unshiftingly on Octavian. With an uncomfortable shrug, the Commander continued walking, the prickling sense on his back confirming that the frog was still watching him.

Gawain looked on the camp with unhidden disgust and outrage. Being commanded by a Mystic to leave the companions of Guardia behind was outrageous! But being surrounded by a mystic army so large- he felt a creeping sense of fear he tried to ignore. He was a knight, and if he had to die fighting this night he would with honor and bravery. He met the mystics stare for stare as he strode on beside Glenn, who seemed to be somewhat quiet and absentminded, except for the way his eyes were focused on Octavians retreating figure, and the way his webbed hand was straying to his sword hilt.

They came to a abrupt halt in front of a tent set up in front of a large flag-pole, bearing the ever changing symbol of the Mystics, now a outline of their leader- Ozzie. Glenn reminisced when that symbol had once been Magus. He had no time for further thought, as Octavian returned the salute of the trio of guards at the tent flap entrance. A streching shadow named three others on the other side of the tent as well, as well as two more inside, not including the obese figure that must be Ozzie. Octavians shrill voice resounded through the night air.

"Sir Ozzie, lord of the Mystics, commander of magic, bearer of the golden pen-"

A gruff angry voice responded almost immediately. Glenn's eyes blazed in recognition.

"Bring the frog. Leave the others outside."

Gawain's immediately drew his broadsword, the knights echoing their captain. The mystics in reply also drew their weapons, a vareity of spears, axes, cutglasses, and scythes.

"We go wherever Sir Glenn goes mystic!"

Commander Octavian smiled wickedly, his hot breath blowing out on Gawains face. Only Glenn's strong gaze kept him from hacking the things to pieces.

"I'm afraid you're out numbered human. Remain outside or you all die."

Glenn spoke for the first time since entering the camp. The urgency in his voice stilled Gawain's anger.

"Sir Gawain, thou art the noblest of Knights, and it has been my honor travelling with thee. Do not let anger cloud thine judgement. I will speak with Ozzie. Stand thee by."

With some reluctance, the Knight captain sheathed his weapon. If anything was wrong, the knights would be at his side, no matter the situation. Signalling his squadron to withdraw, he touched his hand to his forehead, in salute. He strongly disagreed with Glenn's course of action, but his King had put himself and his squad under the leadership of the amphibian knight. He replied somewhat gruffly.

"So be it."

Glenn continued towards the tent flap, ignoring the mystics who demanded he leave his weapon. The masamune never left his side.

The tent was dimly lit, darkness framing the dubious figures before him. The largest of them was definitly Ozzie, the two other mystics were hooded and cloaked, their faces hidden from view by the darkness. Glenn stood before Ozzie, his large orbed eyes never blinking as he faced the large cretin on his throne. It wasn't long before Ozzie spoke.

"Ah, noble sir froggie of Guardia. What brings you here to my camp?"

Something in the pompous creatures voice had changed. A strange pitch to his gruff voice- something that made Glenn look twice at the concealed creature.

"Nay, large one. I beseech thee, what has brought thee to noble Guardia's borders?"

Glenn almost jumped at the strange creatures laughter. Mad, wild laughter. He sounded almost insane. He noted the uncomfortable shifting of the cloaked figures by his side, as if they too were measuring the sanity of their master. For a moment, Glenn stood perplexed- wondering if this mad man was indeed the Ozzie he had faced before, for when Ozzie threw back his head, the candle light caught his face. His once slimy green hide was a crusty jade, his eyes shaded with a mad light. His hand reached for the masamune, grasping the hilt for reassurance.

Ozzie noted the behavior of his guest, and composed himself. He pointed a fat finger at Glenn, a wicked smile playing on his lips.

"You are a clever one Sir Froggie. I often wonder if you are the only pathetic human that has any brains in your precious Guardia. Oh my!! You aren't human are you? I almost forgot that little romp in the woods with you buddy Cyrus.. HAHAHA.."

Glenn never even shifted from his position. He was angry, but not willing to let anger lead his course of actions. He wanted to shred this creature with the masamune. But his duty came first. Death is lighter than a feather. Duty heavier than a mountain. Ozzie stopped laughing when he realized Glenn's inactive response. Wiping the slobber off his mouth, he flicked his finger towards one of the cloaked figures. Without hesitation, the figure picked up a skin of wine, and poured into Ozzie's gold encrusted goblet. Glenn tried to catch the face of the cloaked one, but he was forced to turn back to Ozzie as the mystic emperor began to speak.

"You probably know by now, that my force could crush your Guardia with a single devistating blow, you're a clever lad, eh froggie? My soldiers are magic trained- they can stomp on you prevcious King and Queen and those pathetic boys playing soldier out there, burn your Guardia to the ground we can! Hehhehhehe.. "

Glenn didn't restrain himself this time. The mere threats the foul creature was hurling at Guardia, at the people. Fear for Guardia was seeping into his once composed mind. Ozzie was right- if a war was waged, Guardia would surely fall.

"What do you seek foul one?? What has possesed thee?"

The strange mad light burned fiercly in the hideous creatures eyes. But in place of his humor and contemp, was a fearful sort of dreaminess, and greed. His grubby hands instinctively reached out towards something hidden under his royal robes- he stroked it lovingly, Glenn's presense forgotten. But only for a moment. He turned those mad eyes towards Glenn, his mouth quivvering with delight.

"Never fear Frog. I will not harm your Guardia- if you return something to me."

Glenn quirked an eye at the man, thrown off completely from his former suspiscions.

"And what might that be..?"

"A mystic girl. Certainly not a pathetic human, and nothing of your concern. She is a devious little creature! A traitor of our cause. She recently escaped from her entourage. Find her. Bring her back to us at once, and we will leave Zenan bridge faster than we arrived."

All this.. for a girl?? It didn't make any sense. And if Ozzie wasn't speaking the whole truth, he wasn't speaking any truth. There was something this girl had that Ozzie wanted badly. And that was trouble in itself. Ozzie had returned to glowering and muttering at something non-existant. Clearly, he would not allow himself to be prodded for answers. He replied shortly, wanting to report this strange situation in full detail to his King and the council. He inclined his head briefly, half speaking his thoughts as his mind churned.

"I will relay this message to my liege Ozzie of the mystics. But know this, Guardia her eye on thee."

Ozzie began his wild mad laughter again, gasping out a reply in bettween. Glenn shuddered inwardly, as he left the security of the tent into the bitter cold.

"HahHAHahA...I.. heheeh.. certainly hope so froggie! Know this- if the girl isn't returned in 3 weeks, Guardia burns!"

Glenn wavved away the questioniny glance Gawain gave him, as he marched full speed back towards Guardia castle.

"I will explain everything at the Castle. Full speed march towards Guardia captain."

Gawain nodded, signalling the squadron as they reached the soldiers of Guardia encamped near the bridge. He was about to mention the severity of the weather they were heading into, but Glenn's expression seemed stormy enough. Without remorse, he marched forward, his fears of the ferocious weather completely forgotten.


603 AD

"A disturbance in time."

Lucca arched an eyebrow at Magus' direction. A feeling of dread overcame her as she heard the answer to her former question. She sat herself heavily on the plush couch in her room, sighing intensely.

"I was afraid you'd say that."

Marle looked up from bathing the brusied brow of Crono, straightening from her crouched position near the chair Crono had collapsed in.

"A disturbance? What kind of disturbance..?"

Magus kept his deep blue eyes, and tense expression focused on Lucca though he answered her question. His voice was quiet, the superior tone in his voice almost non-existant. Marle felt the fear in his voice, fear that she had never heard him express.

"Someone.. or something has blocked the time gate leading to the middle ages. Something with incredible power."

Crono stood up abruptly, wincing as the sizeable lump on his head began to ache. Nevertheless, he grasped Magus' shoulders urgently, shaking him as if trying to awaken him from a trance. Lucca noted Magus' fear, and that he was not telling the whole of the situation.

"How much power? What is it? Magus.. snap out of it!"

Crono was rewarded with a snarl worthy of the former Prince of Zeal. He stood up completely, shoving Crono off of him.

"I've wasted too much time already! We must hurry.. There must be another way to the middle ages.."

Lucca looked up, the resolution dawning on her. She didn't meet Magus' burning eyes, but instead asked quietly.

"Has someone found Schala's pendant..?"

The surprise dawned on Magus' face which he hurridely masked. Their eyes were locked in silent communacation, both ignoring Crono's confused barrage of questions. His silence answered her question. Marle gasped in realazation, piecing together the information she had weaseled out of Lucca previous hours before.

"What are you guys talking about? Schala's pendant? What has that got to do with anything??"

Lucca ignored the Crono, wanting to waste no time. Finally she replied hesitantly.

"There is.. the epoch.."

Marle blinked uncertainly, folding her arms around her chest. "Didn't you say you destroyed the epoch Lucca?"

Magus' eyes burned with a new light of hope, some of his arrogance returning to him.

"What do you mean the epoch?"

Lucca smiled deviously, tapping the rim of her glasses superiorly.

"Decapitated.. Destroyed.. Same difference!"

Magus smiled openly at Lucca, his stance straightening.

"Good, go repair it and lets get going!"

Lucca shook her head gravely, stopping Marle in mid-cheer, and Crono who was about to throw out another question.

"I'm afraid it takes time to repair a vehicle of superior technology. Even decapitating it slightly will take weeks to repair Magus.. I was hoping that we have time..?"

Magus growled, and slumped on the bed, the fear returning to him, reluctant to admitt his ignorance of the situation.

"I don't know how much time we have.."

The silence and the depression of the group stopped further discussion. Until Marle the optomistic took charge once more.

"Well, we never know do we? Now get going Lucca, repair the epoch! There's hope!"

Lucca caught on immediately, nudging Magus urgently.

"Common, we need to stop and visit robo, he can be of help in repairing.... We'll also need some pieces from the future, as well as the wings I stored there."

Strength returning to the group, Magus reached for the time key, hanging around his neck on a leather cord. Lucca blinked, as he raised the key up high.

"What are you doing with that.. There isn't a gate here..."

Magus smiled.

"Now there is."

She gasped as a green gate opened up before her.

"How in the..?"

Before she was completely drawn into the foreign portal, she yelled out urgently to Marle.

"You better explain things to Crono Marle! And tell my father we need the epo-"

With a flash the portal closed, though Marle understood the message compeltely. She grasped a gaping Crono's hand, dragging him towards Taban's laboratory.

"Common Crono, I'll explain things on the way!"

Crono groaned, completely confused. Well, atleast he knew something about the events of today. A storm was starting.

And indeed, it was.

To be Continued..


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