War of the Mystics Prelude

By Tina Branford

603 BC

It was a beautiful morning, the sun just dipped above the horizon, and the birds twittered nosily from the fragrant trees ripe with the blossoms of spring. Abruptly in the middle of the scenic nature, stood a imposing stone structure, shading the greater portion of the arboreal verdant of Guardia forest. Secluded on higher mound of earth, it stood as a symbol; where the monarchy of Guardia watched, and protected the people from harm, the home of the famed Knights of the Square table. The highest tower challenged the height of the skies, and a midnight blue banner flew above it, depicting a fearsome white dragon lying lazily in the breeze. Beside it fluttered a twin scarlet banner, similar in length with a symbol of a double crossed sword.

Guardia was at war.


"What is it exactly that they want from us?"

Leene leaned forward from her seat, her hands gripping the arms of her throne in agitation. King Guardia patted his wife’s hand until she loosened her grip, and spoke steadily though his brow was furrowed with worry, a well worn path in his aged face. He sighed as he faced his Chancellor and his Knight Captain, his large hands firmly holding his young wife’s.

"What more could they want my dear, than Guardia itself.. We are a symbol of challenge to them, they will not rest until we have been brought down.."

"You highness, at your command we will confront Ozzie at Zenan bridge, a parley if you will. With forces so large, it is strange indeed that they only stopped to conquer the lower lands, forgive me sire- we are in a dangerous situation.. if it can be commended, perhaps we could come to some sort of an agreement-"

The Chancellors familiar scowl enlightened his face as the young knight captain interrupted abruptly. His voice was full of arrogance, face knitted in disgust.

"That you should suggest such a thing, Chancellor is astounding. The Knights of the Square table will come to no such agreement with that scoundrel Ozzie and his minions. Our mighty fist will crush them with a single blow- we chase them to their own borderlands!"

The Chancellor puffed up his chest, as if doing so would make his short stubby body tower over the tall lean Knight Captain’s armored muscular figure.

"You are either a brave idiot, or a arrogant fool! We must stop Ozzie from continuing past Zenan bridge, if his forces pull through Guardia will be surrounded. We must do anything to stop him from crossing that bridge or all will be lost! My best retainers will go to negotiate, and we will come to an agreement and bribe Ozzie’s forces back to his own lands, then can our brave knight captain take action, away from Guardia."

Leene looked up at her husband, her eyes looking into the weathered and tired face. He was tired, too old to settle the countless skirmishes in his land, too weak to lead his men into battle once more. And for the first time in her life, Leene felt afraid for her Guardia. The silence did not stretch long, if there was ever a chance for one. The Knight Captain and the Chancellor bickered angrily at each other, faces pushed so close that their noses were touching. Only the Knights steel grip on his emotions, and the respect for his code stopped him from drawing his sword at the pompous Chancellors snide remarks.

Just when everything seemed hopeless, a loud bang on the door interrupted the chaos in the throne room. All fell silent, as a odd looking figure entered through the double doors.

Only Leene’s joyful voice rang out into the silence.


He was a hideous figure, his moist smooth skin shining a opaque jade green, his overly large orb eyes a glowing yellow. Though the figure was clearly repulsive, something about his stride caught the respect of the people around him, and his voice a softly accented with the old Guardian language, a dialect only used by the old blood. But as for Leene, his hideous amphibian form did not stop her from rushing out to meet him. He was, in her memory, still the soft spoken and dreamy young man she had always been fond of.

Glenn awkwardly returned the embrace, his poise slightly crumpled as he was caught by surprise. Kneeling to the Queen who stood beside him, and the King who nodded his head in inclination, he rested a webbed hand onto his sword hilt. Even the Chancellor and the Knight Captain stopped their ceaseless bickering, to stop and listen to the heroes words.

"My liege, my lady, as you have called, so have I returned."

And as the amphibian knight listened to the dilemma the kingdom of his liege now faced, the whole court of Guardia listened to his wisdom without argument. For it was written that the Hero would return in times of the kingdoms greatest needs, and Glenn was indeed the honorable retainer of Guardia, who would save his kingdom countless times in history.


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