Adversary Chapter 4

By Triad

Guardia Castle, 1004 A.D.

The torrential rains mercilessly chilled his bare skin to the bone as they hit him in watery sheets, propelled by the gales. His arms had been scraped bloody from their tight hold on the stone spire, but it was all he could do to keep from plummeting to his death in the midst of this horrific storm. Perhaps fighting a platoon of royal guards to the death would have been more enjoyable than freezing to death on top of the castle like a stupid cat stuck in a tree. In fact, he could still hear the periodic shouts of the guards below, having been ordered to guard the window should Crono attempt to re-enter through it, and to ensure that he stay trapped up on the spire.

He cursed himself for stopping to rest once he'd broke from the King's chambers. If only he'd kept going, he would have been able to safely escape the castle before the rains picked up. Now, in the middle of a small hurricane, he would surely die if he were to try to climb down the castle walls or something similar. He thought of Lucca, and hoped that she'd made it home okay, and he thought of his mother, and wondered how worried she must be that her son hasn't returned home. He thought of as many things he could to try and block the storm out of his mind, but could never shake the feeling that made him want to emerce himself in flames, the damned rain that incessantly drenched him, soaking his tense flesh.

For some reason or another, the guards at the windows below began to shout in panic, and a great clamour rose from within the castle.

Why the hell should I care what's wrong with them? It's not like I'd ever stick my neck out for anyone in this world again, seeing the kind of appreciation it gets me...

But, however reluctant he was, he eventually did try to see what they were shouting about, and what he saw both terrified and amazed him at the same time.

The area about one mile from the castle, just past the forest...was glowing. Worse, it seemed to be moving closer by the second. A bright gold-and-white light encroached upon the castle grounds, devouring that which stood in its way. What was it going to do? What did it want? Where did it come from? Such childish questions ran through his head as he helplessly waited for it to consume him. Now mere feet from his body, the light emitted its pulsating warmth, and actally seemed to pause for a moment before washing over Crono and the spire. The light was warm, terribly bright, and it overpowered all of his senses until, at last, he remembered nothing more.


The house was relatively quiet as they waited for the next horrifying wave of the storm to hit. The predominant sounds were that of the rain rapping against the windows, and Cloud's whispering to his frightened child.

"It's alright, guy. It's gonna be okay. It's just a little rain, you like rain, remember?" Truss was silent, sitting wide eyed and alert, waiting for the next scary noise from outside. It was at that moment, as she watched Cloud, Tifa, and their son huddled together in the middle of the floor, that she wished someone was there for her. Maybe even if Cid were there, he'd have something funny to whisper to her about Cloud's hair, and make her laugh and feel safe again, but there was no one besides her sitting on the empty couch, hugging her knees. Suddenly, a blast of thunder shook the house, making Truss yelp and hide within his father's shirt. Yuffie gulped, trying to control her fears.

"Yeah...see? I told ya there was something weird about the storm. I wouldn't be surprised if the windows gave..." She blurted.

"No! Dad, tell her she's lying!" Truss was now squeezing the life out of Cloud's hand in sheer panic. His eyes narrowed, and he stood up, handing his shaking son over to Tifa, and turning back to Yuffie.

"Listen, its just a storm, we are all going to be fine, you understand me? We've been through a lot more than just a stupid thunderstorm." She glared at him, resentfully.

"Look, I'm not your kid alright? I'm not the little teenage girl among the 'big people' anymore, so stop telling me what to do, like I'm a nuisance that you have to 'deal with'!" She shot back. His teeth ground together.

"This isn't about you, it's about trying to stay calm!" He hissed at her, motioning to his son. Yuffie grumbled, and lay down, facing the back of the couch, so as not to have to look at them.

Yeah, you're so tough in front of your wife...psh...I could take you, shorty...

Her thoughts made her giggle, and she snickered evilly, spinning around again, with a wide smile. Her wide smile was met with three distraught faces, however.

"What?" Cloud asked her, getting irritated. She burst out laughing once again, as she was known to do almost all the time. She wiped away the tears of hysteria that began to fill her eyes.

"You! You're just so funny to look at when you get mad and start 'giving orders' like that." His face twisted in barely restrained anger, and the veins in his neck swelled.

"Teef," He said through his gritted teeth, "let's go sit in Truss' room. It's getting a little crowded in here. Come on." She looked up at him, confused.

"Why? This is the safest room in the house." Tifa protested. Cloud's face reddened more so.

"Tifa...nothing is going to happen. We are perfectly safe anywhere in this house, ya get me?"

"No, I don't get you. Sit down Cloud, and will you both just act like civilized people instead of constantly going for each other's throats? We're friends, remember?"

"No." Cloud grumbled sarcastically as he sat down on the carpeted floor. Yuffie's mouth hung open slightly as she looked upon him in disgust.

"Fine then. I don't want to intrude on your 'happy family.' I'll see my way to the door." She briskly walked to the exit and reached for the knob. Tifa tried to get up and stop her, but Yuffie had too much of a head start. She flung the door open, stepped through, and slammed it closed, meeting the inhumane downpour outside. It felt as if the ocean had been placed above the world, and was let fall down to the ground. Instantly she believed she was submerged in water, and panicked, flailing this way and that, and ultimately falling face down on the sidewalk outside the house, her mouth and nose in about two inches of water.

"Yuffie! Oh my god! Yuffie! Are you alright?" Tifa shouted as she knelt down beside the fallen girl on the pavement. A swirled cloud of red rose in the water around Yuffie's face, and it ran down the walk in a weak stream. Water was pouring down on them, blowing into them, and running in small waves under them. The storm was a true nightmare, and its first victim was Yuffie Kisaragi. Tifa swept her body up, and bolted through the still-open door to the house, trying to find a safe place to let the girl down. She found one in Truss' bedroom, and she lay Yuffie's body down on the soft bed that stood parallel to the left wall.

Yuffie had already swallowed and inhaled a large quantity of floodwater, and blood was gushing from her lips and nose. Still conscious, however, the girl had been scared half to death, and she trembled and shivered like the wind. She began to sob, and she developed a new kind of fear for the storm, for it had almost cost her life. She stopped shaking as much when Tifa began to tend to her injuries, and Cloud's strong hand braced her shoulder for support.

"I'm sorry, Yuffie. This is all my fault...I was just trying to keep everything under control, and we kinda crossed swords a little bit. I apologize." He mumbled, looking at the floor. She smiled with her swollen lips as best she could.

"It's okay. It takes two to act like a coupla dumbasses." Cloud chuckled at her remark, but he wondered if maybe he really was to blame. Was he too commanding and pushy? Did he still treat Yuffie like a little kid? He didn't exactly mean to treat her like a kid, but hed just gotten so accustomed to her being the "youngblood" of the group, that sometimes he wouldn't stop to think about who he was talking to, and what she was really like now. She wasn't the goofy, skinny, little sixteen-year-old that was constantly getting herself into trouble anymore, and she definitely had grown up quite a bit. She was quite tall, almost as tall as he was, and she actually filled out her clothing, too. However mature she was now, though, she still had an equally large immature side, and she was a total kid at heart. But however mischevious she could be, Cloud and his friends still felt a great sense of caring towards Yuffie, and were just trying to look out for her, even if they could get a little agitated at times. Cloud smiled. However loud the storm howled, the bond between the people in the house could never be shaken.

But the glowing lights outside begged to differ...


"Dude." The voice said

"Hmm? Wha...?" Crono answered, weakly

"Dude! Wake up!" It said again, louder this time.

"Mmph! What?" He sat up, groggy eyed, pain radiating through his whole body.

"Man, what happened to you? I came out to see what was up after the lights faded, and I found you just lying facedown in the grass. Where'd you come from anyway, dude...hey, thats a kickass 'do" The person babbled.

" hair? just sorta...does that on its own. Where did I come from? Truce Guardia Kingdom. Listen, I haven't been having a great I think I'm gonna go home, and I'll talk to you later if I see your around, but thanks for checking if I was okay." He tried to lift his miserably tattered body up from the ground, but collapsed after his first attempt. The pain from whatever injuries he'd sustained were far too great.

"Here, lemme help you with that." The young man lifted Crono up, and set him on his sore feet. Crono could now look him in the eye. He was tall, not quite as tall as Crono, and around the same age, with short, strangely colored brown-and-blonde hair that was parted at the top of his head, and had strands sweeping down to the length of his temples all around his skull. Below his hairline were a pair of blue lensed goggles, resting on his forehead. He wore a white t-shirt, with some kind of logo in the middle, and blue pants that widened as they went down, to the point were only the tips of his shoes were visible. His disposition was friendly enough...something Crono hadn't seen in a long time, and the only other thing odd about him were his hands. They seemed to be wrapped in metal bands that disappeared into his skin at the wrists. Yet however thick the bands were, he was able to move his hands freely, just as Crono or anyone else was. The young man spoke.

"Hey, I haven't seen you around anywhere...and I think I woulda recognized you. Guardia you say you come from? Well, I never heard of it...but something really weird's been going on, man. First there's this really huge storm, right? Then there are these big lights that just start swallowing things...and now...its like, I leave the city over there, and I see you, and this FREAKIN' CASTLE sitting right here." Crono was dumbfounded. He looked over his shoulder, and saw Guardia castle, sitting about a mile away, just as it should be. He whipped his head the other way, and saw that at the bottom of the hill...was a road. And that road...led to a city, only, not a city like Truce or Porre. It was like a city from the future of his race, from the era that he'd visited many times before...only this one wasn't decaying like the future's. Crono began to panic.

"Listen, what's your name?"

"My name? Its Leon, Leon Alazane."

"Okay, Hi Leon Leon Alazane, my name is Crono, and..." He was cut off.

"No, it's just 'Leon', and my last name is 'Alazane.' Speaking of which, Crono dude, what's you're last name?" Crono raised and eyebrow.

"" Leon nodded, but then stopped.

"Oh, I get it, you guys don't have last names. Oh, it's all so clear to me now...woah...a race without last do you get your mail?" Crono slapped himself on the forehead.

"What are you talking about?! Male? Yes I am...and what does this have to do with the name I had last?" It was Leon's turn to slap himself on the forehead.

"Woah, about're really not from around here, are you?" Crono's head sunk a few inches.

"But I am from around here! I live just a few miles away!"

"Well, so do I, and I've been around a lot, and I've never seen that kickass hair, or that...that castle that looks like something from a fairy tale, anywhere I've been."

"Well I've never noticed your city at the bottom of this hill, and I've lived here all my life!" Crono practically shouted.

"Calm down, dude. Ya don't wanna work that blood pressure any more than ya gotta." Crono raised an open hand, and looked away.

"I don't wanna know. I just don't wanna know..." He muttered to himself, but he turned back to Leon, concerned.

"Look, what is that city over there, the one you came from?" He asked.

"Uh, that's Midgar. It looks a lot better nowadays, now that ShinRa's gone, and theres no more Sephiroth..."

"Alright! That's all I wanted to know...just the name." He paused to think a while. The castle was not that far away, and the guards were probably still looking for him. And, not to mention, they would probably come to his house, and try to arrest him, and while they were at it, try to arrest Lucca as well. "Midgar, you say, eh? A nice place, hmm? Could a guy hang there for a little while and have some fun?" Leon's eyes brightened.

"Sure man, it's really great in Midgar. Lots of fun there, if ya know what I mean." He winked at Crono. Of course Crono had no idea what he meant, but decided to play along, nevertheless. Crono stopped to think again. What did he really have going for him in Truce? He had a few friends, and his mother, but he also now had a castle full of enemies, and a princess and king who wanted nothing more than his head on a stick. Whatever this new world was that came in the beams of light, it had to be better than the one he was in now, for whatever reason it was here.

"Well, alright. I think you'll have to show me around a bit, but I wanna go back there with you." Leon's eyes almost popped out.

"Woah, you serious? Cool, man! Hey, by the way, can you board?"

"Can I what?"

"Oh, yeah, duh, never mind, I'll show you when we get there. Do you, uh, need to bring some stuff with you?" He asked Crono. Crono pondered it for a minute, there was nothing he could think of that he really needed...besides: He snapped his fingers.

"My katana! I need that...hold on, I'll get it." And he ran off, his legs hurtling his body across the land, and into the woods that lay before the great castle. Meanwhile, Leon sat down against the tree, and popped open a can of soda. By the time he had swallowed half of the can, Crono came running back, his sword at his waist. "Alright, I'll talk to Lucca later, it's a little dangerous for me to do right now. But anyway, lets go, man!" Both young men began their descent down the hill, to the vast cityscape below.


The city was incredible. From the seemingly mile-high, sleek, metal and glass structures, to the things called "cars" that sped through the streets, to the huge helicopters that chopped and whirred overhead. Absolutely everything was astonishing to Crono, and it made him wonder what he'd been doing in a backwards place like Truce all twenty-one years of his life.

The first thing they did was head back to Leon's apartment, and get Crono some new clothes.

"I'm sorry dude, but you stick out like a sore freakin' thumb. You need some 'street' clothes, not that Ninja garb you're rockin'. Here, take these." He threw Crono a pair of blue "jeans" as they were called, and a black sleeveless shirt to go with them. Crono also donned a thick chain bracelet on each wrist, convinced that it would make him look "wicked awesome."

"Anyway dude, I dunno about you, but I'm starved. What say we go get something to eat?" Crono ever-too-happily agreed, as he hadn't eaten since he'd left Lucca's house, God only knows how long ago.

"Sounds great."

* * *

The place Leon chose to have lunch was definitely interesting to Crono, much different than he'd ever seen before. You went into the building, told the "waitress" what you wanted to eat, you left the building, sat down at a table outside, and she brought you your food. Leon marvled at Crono's seemingly endless appetite, as he ravaged another slice of pizza, having already put away an entire pie.

"Dude, you weren't kidding when you said you were hungry."

"I know, dude, but this shit is just so crazy! I'm lovin' the pizza." Crono replied. Leon's dialect was already starting to rub off on him, and it hadn't even been an entire day since they'd met. In between monstrous bites of the food, Crono looked up and saw Leon gazing over Crono's shoulder, and grinning from ear to ear. It wasn't long before a young girl with short brown hair and large looped earrings came bouncing over to their table.

"Hiii Leeeon!" She said, letting her voice ring out musically. He bobbed his head up and down slightly, and relaxed his eyelids.

"Hey there, Mel. What's with you today?" He said, trying to sound disinterested. She stared at him with huge eyes, and a eurphoric smile, as she breathed deeply and relaxed.

"Oh, nothing, just getting some pizza." She sighed. "You going to call me tonight? It's been a while, ya know." He lifted her chin up to look him in the face.

"Hey, c'mon Mel. I still love ya the same, I've just been busy, that's all. You know how everyone's gone crazy about the wierd storm and the lights." She smiled again, a new look of hope in her jewled eyes.

"Okay then...byyye Leeeon" She sang again, but then. "Oh, hello."

"Mmmph." Crono said to her with a wave. He didn't feel like giving up his pizza for small talk with someone he didn't know. She giggled, nevertheless, and was on her out the door. Crono noticed Leon following her with his eyes. When he looked back at his feasting companion, he noticed Crono looking at him awkwardly with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

"What?" Leon asked him, guitily. Crono finished eating before answering.

"And what was that all about?" He grilled him with pretend suspicion.

"Nothing much, just a female friend. I got a few." He said cooly, yet proudly. Crono laughed softly.

"Ohh, I get it. You mean your wife." They both laughed, but Leon quickly assured him.

"Nah, not my wife. Stable relationships give me the creeps. It's like tying a plastic bag around your neck and inhaling deeply." They laughed again, when Leon continued, "Hey, speaking of which, you got yourself a chick? I should think you would." Crono looked down, through the table, through the grass, and out the other side of the planet he was standing on, deep into space. He watched the stars and astral bodies until someone summoned him back to reality.

"Yo...Crono...I asked you a you have a girlfriend?" His eyes snapped back up.

"Um, yes. I mean, no actually...well...we just kinda broke up yesterday." He babbled, trying not to reveal any information.

"Ohh, I see. Lemme guess: She thinks she's a little princess, and you want your space, she confronts you about it, it gets pretty harsh, and you leave. Right?" Crono couldn't help but laugh, sadly.

"You couldn't be more right if you were in the room." He stated, shaking his head. Leon slapped his palm down on the ceramic table.

"That's it then, dude! We'll go to Seventh Heaven tonight!" Crono eyed him, confused.

"Seventh what?"

"The Seventh Heaven Bar, man! That Lockheart girl runs it. Woah, is she something...anyway, it's great if your single, especially on a Friday like today. All these chicks come down on Friday night, and gets crazy. You gotta go there with me tonight, and I'll find someone good for you there. I know all the chicks in this town, man, you're gonna have a great time, trust me!" He seemed so sure about what he was saying, that Crono decided to play along.

What could one night in a silly bar do to me?


"Okay, so you and Marlene are okay? No injuries, no real damage to your house? Hey, that's great. Okay, later Barret." Cloud turned back to his wife and friend as he hung up the phone. "Well, I think that's everyone. They're all okay. Whatever that storm was, at least it didn't hurt anyone." Yuffie looked at him very bitingly. "Er, too many people." He corrected. Tifa stood up, clapping her hands together.

"Okay then. Well, since its Friday, I gotta get to the bar. Tonight's the big night for customers. Yuffie, you wanna help me set up? We could use the extra help, I'm sure we're not going to have a full staff tonight."

"Hey, sure. I'd love to." Yuffie agreed. Cloud spoke up.

"Alright, I'll drive you guys there and then come back and spend some time with my boy. Call me when you need a ride back." Tifa nodded.

"Okay, we'll just need a minute to get ready. Get the car out of whatever mess it's in." He left the room, and the front door was heard opening and closing seconds later. Tifa turned back to her friend. "Hey, listen. I know you've been cooped up in here with us the past very many hours, so I'll make it up to you. I don't really need too much help setting up, so you can just have fun like everyone else once the place opens, free of charge...under one condition." She let her tone hang, suspensefully.

"What might that be?"

"No drinking. You got yourself into a big mess last time, just stay off the alcohol, okay? The rest of the place is yours." Yuffie smiled.

"Hey, no problem. I wanna actually see these guys, not look at blurry images and have to guess what they look like." Tifa laughed. She could always find a positive in any situation if she tried.


The city lights dimly lit the streetcorners as they walked down the sidewalk. Crono's heart raced in the anticipation of what the night's events may bring him. He forced a question through his lips.

"So, you say this place is crawling with girls, huh?" He asked, while breaking his walking rhythm to kick an aluminum can into the street. Leon nodded.

"Yeah man, it sure is. Good looking ones at that and...hey, we're here." He motioned to the black glass doors. Crono paused, looking at them skeptically.

"It doesn't look like it's crawling with anything." He remarked. Leon smirked and threw open one of the doors, revealing the bar, full of people, with bright flashing lights and loud, loud music. Crono took a deep breath, and with a weak smile on his face, he stepped in.

"Hi, there! Welcome to Seventh Heaven Bar and Club. Will you be staying tonight?" The woman at the counter greeted them. Crono panicked, not sure what to say. This whole environment was a complete shock to his senses. Lucky for him, Leon had already spoken up.

"Hey there, Teef. Yeah, two people checkin' in." She made some small talk with him, and then asked.

"Hey, you. Yeah, I've never seen you around here before. What's your name?"

"Hi, I'm Crono. I'm new in town." She smiled back.

" in town and here's where you show up, thanks to Leon here. Corrupting him already, eh Leon?" He laughed his odd laugh, and leaned in closer at her not-so-subtle signal. "He won't have any trouble finding someone here." Leon looked back at her slyly, but she turned to Crono again. "So," she said, motioning to his hair, "are those real?" He nodded, and then he and Leon walked past the coat-check area, and into the club.

"I was just about to ask her the same thing." Crono remarked, holding back a grin. Leon laughed hysterically, trying to muffle it sharply with his hand.

"Oh man, you are too cruel! Too cruel! There's like a line of guys from here to Cosmo that would kill each other for her! Only she's like...taken." Crono shrugged.

"Let 'em kill each other then." He apparently wasn't interested in non-single women, and was scanning the room for the pheonomenal women Leon had promised him. After a few moments, Leon returned with two drinks, one of which he handed to Crono.

"So, you see anything you like yet?" Crono nodded.

"Yeah, these people aren't bad. Although most of them are dancing with some guys or whatever." He stated with a frown. Leon chuckled.

"Oh please, man. You look like you could take any loser in this club and turn his ass upside-down. Just go in there and take someone!" He hesitated, still not sure what in fact he should do, but was interrupted when Leon punched him in the shoulder.

"Dude! You see that one over there? The really hot one? Yeah man! She's looking at you! She's looking right at you!" Crono whipped his head around, looking frantically for the woman of which Leon spoke, but couldn't exactly make a distinct figure out, until his friend grabbed the base of his skull, turned his head in the correct direction, and pointed to the girl across the room.

She was standing in the middle of the floor, in a vast sea of partygoers, her left hand at her side, bearing some kind of drink, and her other arm hung down to her legs. She wore an outfit completely composed of purple leather that clung to her body, which traveled from her neck, down to mid-forearm, and stopping just below her chest. Wrapped around her waist was a thin, silver chain that jingled at her side, seductively. Akin to the top half of her, the bottom half was enveloped in the similar purple leather, extending down to her black shoes. Her skin was pale, her features were sharp, and her chin-length, jet black hair fell over her face as she tilted her head to one side, leaving only one visible brown eye gazing straight into his.

The shattering sound of his glass hitting the floor snapped him out of his trance, and back to the place where he was standing. Leon frowned, but assured him,

"Don't worry about it, I got it. Just go over there, man! She's waiting for you!" And with that, he shoved Crono forward, as he went to get a towel.

Crono's legs carried him slowly, cautiously forward, as he approached her. He though he heard Leon shout, 'she isn't gonna bite you, man!' from behind him, but he tried not to let it become a distraction. The girl's dark red lips formed a slight smile as he came closer, close enough for her to bring an open hand to his bare arm. An indescribable feeling swept through him as she moved her warm, smooth hands down his arms, lightly scraping her nails against his skin with each motion. He tried his absolute hardest to stifle the excited trembling his body was experiencing, and tensed all of his muscles up, trying to remain composed. She gripped his hardedned muscles tightly, almost making him wince from the subtle pains. Her little ritual made his mind rise to the point where it could no longer control itself, and he quickly slipped his arms under hers, his fingers lightly carressing the skin on her back.

"Hi." He said with a smile of mild disbelief. There still was a considerable distance between them, which she quickly diminished, arching her upper body outward, so that she pressed into him, making him want to explode through the roof of the building, even more so than before. He swallowed hard, sweat starting to form on his forehead.

"Hey there." She responded with her tiny smile. "See anything you like? Or are you not done shopping...?" He froze under her question. What was she getting at? Was she here for the same reason he was?

"Well, whatever I've got here certainly looks promising..." He grinned, yet deep down he was terribly confused, and stricken with nervousness. What was he supposed to do next? Would he maybe take things too far? What the hell was he even doing here? In all of his stalling to think, the girl apparently was sick of waiting for him, and set her glass down on the bartop, still not breaking contact with Crono. She turned back to him, and further closed the gap between them, slowly raising her face toward his. Before the last few inches were gone, he pulled back just enough for him to state.

" don't even know who I am..." She looked at him, questioningly, as if she wasn't sure why that was important.

"I don't really care who you long as you stay right here." She retorted, continuing her advance. Crono sighed. He might as well go along with it, knowing she had no visible qualms about it. Besides, he didn't really feel like restraining himself anymore. He remained still, as she crashed into him ever so slowly, and shivered from head to toe as her tounge darted back and forth in his mouth. Before long, he felt a fist lightly bump his shoulder.

"Way to go dude!" Leon's voice hissed, as he passed by, trying not to interrupt his friend's progress. Sure enough, she pulled her face away.

"Heh, what was that about?" She inquired. He rolled his eyes.

"Oh, just some moral support." He said with a small laugh. She scanned the room with her eyes before looking back into his.

"Hey, let's go back there. It's a little crowded out here." She motioned to an unlit, unpopulated corner of the room where only a wall and a chairless table stood. He nodded, and she led him by the hand over to that section of the bar. Instead of turning around to face him directly, she maintained hold of his wrist, and spun around, with her back to the wall. Before she had a chance to pull him close, he stepped forward. His hands took hold of her shoulders and pushed them back against the wooden paneling on the wall. His head turned sideways to the right, and he locked his mouth against hers, absorbing her...every inch of her.

Her touch was so captivating, that he was aware of nothing else in the universe besides it. So much so, that he felt the distinct feeling of being woken up from a dream when he heard his friend's voice come from over his shoulder once again.

"Hey dude, sorry to break things up, but we gotta go. The place closed like five minutes ago." Crono frowned, as he and the girl looked at each other, in a worn-out daze. Leon began to grow impatient, as neither of them moved from their position. "Hey, you can spare each other the goodnight've already had a few hundred, alright? We gotta go, man. Now." And with that, he separated them, and pulled Crono towards the door.

"Bye..." Crono mouthed the word to her, feebly. He didn't even know where he was going, or why he was going there...he only was aware of the fact that he was no longer with her. He had to laugh at himself as he wondered just once more:

What could one night in a silly bar do to me?


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