Square Wars: Leaving a New Hope Chapter 5

World Crisis

By WarChild

It seemed like smooth flying. But the radar on the Highwind's control panel proved wrong.
"@#$%@# Drat's we got bunch of @#%@# ISFs on us. Better charge up the guns." Cid muttered. Umaro complied. Cid then rushed and grabbed Cecil. "Cecil, snap out of it! We got to play the shooting mini game!"
Cecil, still silent, complied. Cid then lead him to the ladders were the guns were located. Cecil went to the left guns, while Cid took the right guns. Cait Sith and Robo look at this occuring, when explosions rocked the ship. Cait Sith didn't care.
"When it's gonna be my turn?!" he demanded.
"You'll have to wait you fat cat. Okay, let them eat lasers!" Cid replied, and started shooting. In four minutes, they only managed to shoot four ships down, while fifteen more followed. Aeris wasn't pleased.
"There's no time for that! The story must go on! Fury Brand!" Aeris shouted. Blue lightning hit all the other characters in the ship, and it was followed by yellow circular lights.
"Why did max out our limit breaks for? Some of the others have no limit breaks!" Cid complained.
"I wanted to max out your limit break, so you don't need to shoot them down with the guns, and move on with this story quicker. The author's getting bored quickly." she explained.
"Why didn't you say so? All right you Shinra scum, feel the wraith of the Highwind!" Yellow light shone from Cid, as he unleashed his most powerful limit break. Within seconds, explosions surrounded the ship, but nothing hit the ship.

Cecil and the others were wondering what was with the blue lightning and the circular lights. Then they viewed the outside. After explosion and explosion an ISF disappeared from the vastest of space.
"Hey! I wanted to do the Shooting mini game, and they won't let me!" Cait Sith moaned.
Aeris replied, "Sorry, the author says otherwise." Then she faced Cecil as he climbed out.
"I'm sorry Cecil, for what happened back there. But there was nothing you have done about it. It was going to happen anyway." Cecil looked up to her.
"He gave up his life, to save all of us." Cecil muttered.
"No, he didn't. The story called for that! Yo, princess, your rebel friends owe me 30,000 gil" Cid yelled as he climbed down.
"It that all you think about? Money? Look, get us to the base, we have plans to analyze."
"I really don't care for this whole war thingy. I got dreams you know, and get involved in rebelling is crazy in my opinion. How can I fulfill my dreams if I die?"

With haste, the Highwind finally reached the base on Baron. Aeris explained what happened to her and Nibelheim. The personnel there rushed Robo to the main computer systems. There they took out the N64 cartridge from his sockets, and plugged it in to the computer.
What booted up was FF7.
"Let me guess, they fit the entire FF7 game in the cartridge, right?"
"Wrong. I only fit the demo version in there." Robo, thinking he has the password, tries to work it in to the game but couldn't.
"How do you get the plans out?" tossing the controller
"Like this." Aeris picks up the controller and enters a battle. As soon as she does she runs away from the battle. The game instantly stopped. And the plans for Meteor showed up.
"That was the oddest password I ever seen in my life." remarked Cait Sith.

Meanwhile the Meteor of Doom is edging closer to the planet of Baron. Inside Kefka receives a message through the intercom.
"Kefka, we have approached the Baron system. We are going to orbit the planet soon." the intercom crackled
"Soon. SOON! Heidegger, I don't settle for soon. I settle for NOW!" was Kefka's reply.
Back at the rebel base all the pilots are gathered at the briefing of the lifetime. The alliance found a way to destroy Meteor. Biggs and Wedge is in the group. So are heroes of Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy IV and VI. Cid, Cecil, Cait Sith, Robo, Red XIII, Umaro, and Aeris were there to. Banon is presiding over the meeting. A projection screen is used to display the Meteor plans.
"The Meteor of Doom is the Shinra's most powerful weapon. It has the ability to destroy a planet. But we have a plan to destroy it. To do this only starfighters will be sent."
A skeptical pilot raises his hand. "But sir, would the battle station have defenses against starfighters?"
Banon continues, "Not really. The defenses are for a capital ship attack, not a starfighter one. So starfighters would get through its turbolaser defense." He points to the projection of the battle station. "As you can see here, we found a trench that would lead us to the exhaust port. It leads directly to the main reactor, which is powered by Mana energy. We aim to drop a bomb through the port that would cause a Holy Explosion and use the Mana energy against the station. The apparent result is Holy would be summoned within the station and destroy it inside out." Everybody is now murmuring in the room. "Get to your fighter squadrons, and may the Lifestream guard us all."

Cecil changed into a pilot's outfit, and headed to talk to Cid.
"Cid, why don't you stay? The rebellion would like to have you aboard?" pleaded Cecil.
"Look, man. All I wanted was money, and I just got it. Now I'm in big trouble with the Shinra already." responded Cid.
"Interesting, considering you were the most liable to attack them in our group." Cecil reminded.
"Big deal. If they kill me, how am I gonna use the money? The whole mission is suicidal." Cid walked away. Aeris came up to Cecil.
"It's best to let him go. Everyone has his own destiny." comforted Aeris. Biggs joined in the conversation.
"Unbelievable man. How you get here?" Biggs asked, looking surprised.
"I found the droids with the plans. I actually bought them. Then the Shinra came. How about you?" Cecil told his story.
"Me, Kain, and the others found a ship and jumped pilot school. Man, can't believe it, both of us are part of the rebellion, fighting the Shinra." was Biggs responsed. They departed and went to their respective starfighters.

There were two types of starfighters. One was designed to look like the Epoch in flight, and it required a R-series droid. The other looked like a jet from the upcoming FF8. Cecil climbed in his Epoch, having Robo as his R-Series companion. Cait Sith looked up as Robo got in the Epoch.
"Take care Robo. Come back unhurt!" Cait Sith waved goodbye, as all the starfighter craft started their engines and blasted of into space.

In space the starfighters didn't seem to threaten the Meteor of Doom. Nevertheless the pilots kept their hopes up. Cecil has his, especially when he heard Bugenhagen's voice in his head saying, "May the Lifestream guard you." The small fleet of craft approached the giant space station. The turbolasers started firing, but the lasers missed their mark. The starfighters dispersed, responding with their own volley of lasers.

Within the station everybody was scurrying around. Shinra pilots rushed to the hangers and jumped in their ISFs, hoping to keep out the rebel starfighters. The Dark Knight even joined them, jumping in his prototype ISF. The important commanders, except Kefka, all seemed nervous, especially after Rufus found out how the alliance aimed to destroy the station.
"Kefka, you're crazy! There's a slight chance that a starfighter might destroy the station with one bomb. I suggest we leave." Rufus pleaded. Kefka was still confident. "The rebellion will be destroyed! They must feel my Light of Judgement! The Dark Knight will prevail over those starfighters. If you people are a bunch of crybabies why you don't leave now?"
Rufus stamped his foot. "Fine Mister Kill Everybody. Let's go guys. Leave the executioner to his execution." The rest of the bad guys departed.

But it would seem for a while that Kefka was right. While the many ISF craft kept other rebel fighters busy, the Dark Knight and two escorts would chase the starfighters that attempted to drop the bomb in the exhaust pipe. The rebel fighters would either miss the target, or get shot down by the dark warrior. Then came Cecil's turn. So he had Wedge and Biggs escort him. The Dark Knight fired a volley of shots on the three. Wedge's FF8 jet was hit, but it escaped unharmed. By then Bigss and Cecil's confidence began to crack.
"I don't know Cecil, I don't know how long I can hold off these guys." Biggs croaked through the radio.
"Neither do I, but we must make it. Robo, try to make the ship faster." Cecil replied. Robo, directly connected to the ship, tried his best to make it run faster. It wouldn't matter, because the Dark Knight shot down Biggs. "Biggs!" he yelled as the damaged craft fell to the surface. Now the Shinra has really hurt him. His brother, aunt, uncle, and now Biggs. With renewed vigor, he returned to the task at hand, keeping an eye on the targeting computer.

Back at the rebel base Aeris kept an eye on the ships via the control room. It also kept track on Meteor's progress. It seemed though that the Shinra might win, as the planet destroyer crept towards firing range.

In the space station Kefka felt vindicated as the craft reached firing range. "Ha ha ha. Judgement day for the rebels is here! Hojo, fire the Sister Ray!" he laughed.
"We can't. The ray hasn't finshed powering up!" Hojo replied.

Cecil still kept his eye on the targeting computer, hoping this nightmare would soon be over. Then he heard Bugenhagen's voice again. "Cecil, don't use your eyes. Use your mind." The Dark Knight warrior also felt Bugenhagen's presence. "You have the protection of the lifestream. But not for long!" He fired at the craft. The blast only damaged the ship slightly, yet Robo was deactivated. Apparently something casted Mbarrier on the craft. As Cecil looked back to check on Robo, he saw a familiar ship coming and shooting down his pursuers, except the Dark Knight, whose ship instantly maneuvered out of the Highwind's way and jumped into hyperspace.
"Hey, Cecil. Just blow the thing up and get outta here!" Cid's voice crackled on the radio. With full concentration Cecil launched his Holy bombs, and they went through the port. In seconds they would reach the main reactor. Soon the rebel starfighters and the Highwind turned around and head back to the rebel base. In a brilliant light display the giant space station was engulfed in white light and exploded with a huge shockwave.

As Cecil got out of the base he was instantly greeted by all the pilots who wanted to congratulate him. He really only want to see Aeris and Cid. As she came to him, he hugged her.
"Unbelievable, you did it!" she congratulated.
"We did it!" he cheered. Cid came up to him.
"Man, what a shot, you were going against all the odds." Cid said with glee.
"Cid, I hoped you joined us." Cecil remarked. Then a machine takes Robo down to the ground. Damage was noticeable everywhere. Cait Sith looked at Robo, then placed his hands on his face.
"Oh no. Robo. What have they done to him?" Cait Sith asked. Two men came up to Robo.
"Don't worry. We'll take him to Lucca. She fix him just in time." one of the repair men replied.
"In time for what?" Cecil asked.
"The medal awarding ceremony." was the answer.

The next day, it was total celebration on the planet Baron. The ceremony was held outside the base. A stage was set up for the high officials of the alliance. Banon and Aeris were at the center of the stage. In the audience were the elite soldiers and pilots of the rebellion. They were in uniform. The high officials were in formal wear. They stand erect as Cecil, Cid, bith in suits, Umaro, and Red XIII walked through the center. Robo and Cait Sith were following behind, both having been polished and looking new. When they reached the stage, Cid, Cecil, Umaro, and Red XIII lined up before Banon and Aeris, while the two droids stood to the side. "To you four, the alliance has rewarded you the greatest honor, the Hero's honor." Aeris announced. Banon placed the medals on, but Red XIII was reluctant.
"I can't accept this. I hardly did anything." Aeris came up to him.
"Don't be silly. You helped us, abit in a small way." She rubbed his head, and personally placed the medal on him. On the side Robo was wiping his eyes.
"Unbelievable. Oil is blocking my eyes." The four new heroes of the alliance turned towards the great crowd. Umaro roared. Then instantly everybody clapped, cheered, and did a victory dance.

Fanfic completed on August 13, 1998.

Revised March 9, 1999


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