No. 2

By WindWolf

"We're losing him sir."

"No! We can't! I won't lose this one! I don't care what you have to do! He must not die!"

Who are you talking about? Not me, I'm not dying. Where are you? I can't see you, it's all black, and there are only voices. I don't like this, let me go home. Why won't you let me go?

It's cold; someone should turn up the heat. Tell me what you're doing to me! Why does it have to be so cold? No, you wouldn't tell me; nobody talks to me anymore. Why not? What's wrong with me? I hear you talking, but you never talk to me, only about me. Why is that? Why won't you tell me what you're doing to me? I want to know! Please tell me...



"Sir, we saved him, but he's no longer capable of being a specimen."

"What do you mean?"

"The tests show that he's now mentally retarded."

"How is that possible? He wasn't when we started!"

"I don't know sir, but he is now."

"Too bad, we were so close too. Have you picked another one out?"

"Yes, there's a new prisoner, he seems rather strong. It just needs your approval."

"Have the papers on my desk by tomorrow morning."

"Yes sir. Um, what would you like us to do with this one?"

"I don't know, dump him somewhere."

"Yes sir."

It's not dark anymore. That's good, I don't like the dark. Why am I so sore? Can I go home now? What's that noise? The door maybe?

"It's too bad, you could've been great."

Who are you talking to? Not me, you never talk to me. You look tired, maybe you should get some sleep. Who are you? I know I've seen you before, you look sort of familiar. I know your voice, you're always there, telling the others what to do. Are you their boss? Can you tell them to stop? Please?

"Number Two. Humph. Another one bites the dust."

Who's Number Two? Why do you talk to yourself? You're not talking to me, my name's not Number Two. But it must be, mustn't it? I don't think you would talk to yourself, you talk to those other people. You're not one to talk to yourself, not like me. I'm the only person I can talk to. But wait, if I'm really Number Two, then you must be talking to me. I should say something, it'd be rude not to. Maybe I can get you to let me go home.


What was that? Why can't I speak anymore? What have you done to me? Why have you done it? Tell me why!

"Hmm? Are you trying to say something? Well spit it out."


"I thought not. You really are retarded, aren't you? Oh well, the new one's coming in today, so that means we'll finally get rid of you."

Does that mean I get to go home now? Thank you, you're nicer than the other people are. You know who I'm talking about, the other ones dressed like you, the ones you boss around. I don't like them, but you're okay. You're letting me go home.

"Sir? Number Three's arrived."

"Good. Take this one away, will you? I think we're done with it."

"Yes sir."

Number Three? Who's Number Three? I thought I was Number Two. You're getting me all confused. What's my number? Am I Number Two, or Number Three? Who's Number One? Do I know him? Is he nice? Did you let him go home to?

Hey, wait! Where are you taking me? This isn't the way home; my home's the other way. The sky's pretty isn't it? Hey, can you tell me my number? I don't really like you, but the other guy got me all confused, I don't know who I am anymore. What's my number? Please tell me, I want to know who I am!

Where are we going? Why are you taking me further and further away from my home? I thought that was where I was supposed to go now. I can't see the sky anymore. What's happened to it? Hey! Maybe you're taking me to see Number One! Are you? I'd like to meet him; maybe he knows which number I am.

"Where're we supposed to take this guy anyway?"

"I dunno, Hojo said to just dump him somewhere in the slums."

"Here good?"

"Yeah, I guess. Come on, let's go get a drink or something."

"Sure. Hey what was Hojo gonna do with that guy anyway?"

"Who knows what's going on through that guys' head! He's insane I tell ya. I don't even know how he got Gast's job. Doesn't deserve it if you ask me."

"You're telling me. Come on, there's a great little place in Wall Market, they make good food, and the booze ain't bad either!"

"Sounds good, lets go."

Wait! No! Don't just leave me here! You have to take me to go see Number One! You can't just leave me here! Take me with you! Please take me with you, I don't even know which number I am.

"Hmm? What are you doing out here? It's not good to be lying in the middle of the road like this. Are you okay?"


"I guess not. Come on, I'll take you somewhere where you can get better."

Are you going to take me go see Number One? I really think I need to go see him. I think he knows which number I am. I need to go see Number One! Where is he? Take me to him!

Is this where Number One is? But there's no one here. Oh, wait, I know, he's going to come here, isn't he? Thanks, I think I'll just wait here for him. Goodbye, I'll be okay. Number One will come soon, right? I hope so. I need to know which number I am.


I wrote this after going through Sector 5 and running into that Sephiroth clone in the pipe. I decided to write a fic explaining how he got there. This may not be the best explanation, but I wanted to convey his thoughts, and first person was the best way to do that. Please let me know what you think, any feedback is more than welcome!

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