Shattered Dreams & Sleeping Pills Chapter 16


By WindWolf

"I can't believe you made me do that! Biggs, you're gonna pay for this." Jess said. She was seated on the ground outside the Pharmacy in Wall Market. Her, Biggs and Wedge had just escaped from the clutches of Barret, who had forced Jess to run every search possible on her computer for over an hour.

"It was past Marlene's bedtime."

She snorted, "I somehow find it hard to believe that you put me through all that just cuz it was past the little girl's bed time."

"Yeah Biggs, what's the real reason?"

He reached into his pocket and took out a small, crumpled piece of paper. Waving it in their faces, Biggs made sure to keep it just out of reach. Wedge ran around Jess and snatched it away.

He looked down at it and examined the contents. "Who's number?"

"None of your business," he said, grabbing it back. "I'll tell ya one thing though, it was well worth spending an hour with Barret."

"I don't get it, when did ya meet her?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out." He looked over at Jess, who was inspecting a scrap piece of metal she had found lying on the ground. "Hey, what do you think's up with Tifa?"

"What d'you mean?" Wedge asked, looking back over at Biggs.

"Well, she didn't say anything all night, 'cept to Marlene. It's like she only joined so she could hang out with a little brat."

"I dunno, it's kinda weird though."

"She didn't want to join us; Barret probably just talked her into it. We don't even know her," he continued.

"We don't know Barret either," Jess said quietly.

"You stickin' up for her Jess?"

"No, not really."

Wedge snorted loudly, obviously not believing her.

Jess looked over at him angrily, "Hey, you got a problem or sumthin'?"

"No, I just think it's kinda funny."

"What is?"

"You're lying skills."

"I wasn't lying!"

It was Biggs' turn to snort in disbelief. "You were so lying," he said, leaning against the entrance to the Pharmacy.

"I was not. I was only saying that-"

"Y'know Jess, sometimes I think you side with the people nobody likes, just so you have an excuse to argue."

"What?! Now where the hell do you get that from?"

"I dunno. That's just the vibe I'm getting. It's either that, or you have a crush on Tifa."

"Biggs, that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! Why do you have a problem with Tifa anyway? She doesn't seem that bad."

"You're defending her again," Wedge pointed out.

"And why shouldn't I?"

"Ah, now you're defending yourself."

"Shut up Biggs. Geez, you guys are so stupid."

"Typical. Now you're resorting to a weak retaliation in order to draw the attention away from yourself."


"Hey, is that Tifa over there?" Wedge asked, craning his neck to see better.

"Who's she with?" Dropping the piece of metal she had been playing with, Jess stood up on her tiptoes trying to see.

"I dunno, it looks kinda like that guy who shot Marlene."

"Biggs, you're just trying to-"

"No, I think it might be. Look, he's bald."

"There are lots of bald people in the slums. He's probably her neighbor or something."

"Mebbe, but I'm a hundred percent sure that's the guy I sold the gun to." Wedge nodded. "It's definitely him. Wonder what he's doing with Tifa."

"Wonder what Tifa's doing with him." Biggs muttered. Turning to Jess he added, "Care to defend her now?"

Jess glanced over at him and muttered something unintelligible before turning to watch Tifa disappear with the mysterious bald shooter in the crowds.


Well, that was something different, wasn't it? It's been lying around for awhile, and only needed some changes. And by awhile I mean around when I was writing Chapter 11. Things are starting to change, aren't they? Read chapter 17, I go completely insane there. No I'm not going to tell you, you have to read it for yourself. And tell me what you think about it so far, eh? Yuck. I'm getting sick.


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