Shattered Dreams & Sleeping Pills Chapter 9


By WindWolf

"What the hell was that about?!"

The gunman had fled the bar, dropping his pistol as he left. Biggs walked over, holding his head where he had bumped it on the table , and gingerly picked up the gun. He looked at it for a moment, then handed it to Tifa.

"You should probably keep this. There seem to be more an' more fights in this bar, and the number's probably just gonna keep goin' up. "

Tifa nodded and took the gun. She walked over behind the counter and placed it carefully in a small drawer.

It was only after Tifa had rejoined them that the rest of the group noticed Marlene hadn't yet gotten out from underneath the table. Barret was crouched down in front of her, speaking quietly. Marlene, who was holding her left shoulder and sniffling, allowed Barret to remove her hand. He looked at the shoulder for a second and took the time to swear before turning around.

"Get me a potion," he growled.

"Marlene was hit?" Jess asked, moving towards him.

Barret pushed her away. "Get me a potion, NOW!"

Tifa ran behind the counter, and hurriedly withdrew the small supply of healing potions the Boss kept for emergencies. Fumbling with them, she walked quickly back over to Barret, who had lifted Marlene up onto the table.

"H-here," she said, shoving the potions into his hand.

Without acknowledging her, Barret slipped part of the bloodstained dress off Marlene's shoulder. Cursing, he carefully opened the first vial and dabbed some onto his finger, and then onto the bullet wound.

Marlene winced as the potion started to take effect. "That stings," she said in a small voice.

"Good." Barret grunted. After applying both the potions Tifa had given him, Barret turned to the others, who were standing just behind him, craning their necks to see how bad Marlene's wound was.

All six jumped as the doors swung open and Tifa's boss walked in. Tifa checked the clock above the bar, before turning to the large man that stood in the doorway.

He was tall, and wore black jeans with a black tank. His shoulder length blond hair hung in thick, greasy clumps.

He walked in past Barret and Marlene to the temporarily stunned Tifa.

"What happened here?" he asked, his smooth voice hiding whether he was angry or not.

"There was a man, um, a new customer, he just turned around and shot at them. Um, the little girl was hit before they managed to get her under the table. Then the, um, the big man there, Barret, he got up and chased the guy out by shooting with his gunarm. Yeah, so I gave him a couple potions for his daughter, if you don't mind."

Black nodded and turned to Barret and Marlene. "Is she alright? " he asked.

"She'll be okay. I'm gonna take her home now though."

"Probably a good idea. What did the man look like Tifa?" he asked, turning back to face her.

"He was tall, and bald, and was wearing his sunglasses, so I couldn't see his eyes. Yeah, he looked better off than most people around here, like he had just gotten a lot of money or something."

"Did you recognize him?"

"No. I've never seen him before."

"If he comes in here again, I want you to call me immediately. I don't need people like that in my bar."

"Yes sir."

Barret picked up Marlene and headed towards the doors. Tifa ran around her friends and Black towards him.

"Barret? Do you know why that guy was shooting at you?"

"I dunno. Must be sumthin' 'bout Corel."

"What about Corel?"


"Kay. Marlene, you get better, okay?"

She nodded weakly before burying her face in her father's shoulder. "Thanks fer thu potions," he said before walking out of the bar.

Jess, Biggs, and Wedge looked at each other for a moment, then put the chairs back upright and sat down at the table.

Black stuck around to help Tifa out as the bar got busier, and didn't talk about the incident with the gunman for the rest of the night. Tifa didn't go over to see Jess, Biggs, and Wedge for the rest of the night, instead opting to remain working behind the bar.

Working with her boss proved to be less interesting than making plans for rebellion, so Tifa started taking particular interest in Black's actions. She noticed that his eyes darted about the room quickly, despite the calm and composed manner in which he held himself. It was obvious that he was anxious for the mysterious bald man to return to the bar. Though Tifa was not looking forward nearly as much to his return, she did catch herself often looking over towards the old , rotting doors of the Black Hole, continuously asking herself the same question, what did that man want with Barret and Marlene?


Been awhile, hasn't it? Well, that's what you get when you have too many things going at once. I've started another fic, this one after- game, so that's been taking up some time as well. I also got addicted to minesweeper for some reason, but now that I've won on Expert, that shouldn't get in the way anymore. Chapter 10 is finished as well, I got bored with editing this one, so I started a new one. My dad's gone over them though, so I can finally send the two of them in. Geez, if I keep writing, this is gonna be as long as the chapter!


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