Fade To Black Epilogue

By Xyris

The revival of the World of Balance was a long and tiresome task. Some towns could be salvaged from the devestation. Most could not. Understandably, the Kefka's Tower, as well as that of the Fanatics, were torn down after the nerve-shattering millennium, with its fundamental elements used for the rebuilding of the towns that were still hopeful.

Unfortunately for Terra Branford, the damage was done. She knew the world was saved but only for now. The man - the dark man - would come again some day to try and finish where he left off. The esper girl was almost happy that she'd never live to see it happen. Nor would she ever see Locke. His gentle, jovial, time-worn yet carefree face. It took much convincing before she accepted the fact that he was gone. Just as all of them were.

Moving on with her life, she labored many years before settling down at last with a kindhearted chocobo rancher. A man named Shane. He was so affectionate towards her fragile needs. But the memories of yesteryear remained. She passed the time tending to the chocobos in his stable, the rosary beads still around her neck. Being reminded of the ones she was for to abandon just outside of Thamasa, Shane called out to her from the entrance of the barn as she stroked their manes.

"Terra, darling. Are you coming to dinner?"

A somber breath escaped her lips. "In a little while."

-The End-

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