Fade To Black Prologue

By Xyris

Many a time has the elusive art, known only as the Shadow, been discouraged of its usage in the Land of the Summoned Monsters. Legendary only by myth and the skeptic inhabitants of the land, one who dared to challenge the disposition of the realm's High Council was also its most disciplined apprentice.

Since his own conception, Rivalin was the most respected pupil in all the Land. His magic was unparalleled. His summon spells revered. His swordsmanship unmatched. His knowledge second to no scholar, regardless of their disposition or origin. Thus, this native took it upon himself to engage in the Dark Arts, gaining forbidden knowhow from the transient society of mystics.

In doing so, Rivalin had broken sacred codes of honor and well-being as a result and was eventually brought before the High Council themselves. Fully aware of the consequences of such actions, his fate seemed seemed sealed until one lawyer of the cabinet stepped forward and solicited an acute case of insanity on his part. What none of his other acquaintances knew was that this one man was of the derelicts who gave on to Rivalin the knowledge of the Shadow.

The High Council's decision had been overturned, with its ramifications resulting in unconditional banishment from the Land of the Summoned Monsters. This pronouncement created a ruckus on the part of both the spectators and of Rivalin himself. But it would not be vetoed a second time, and Rivalin was ultimately exiled from the Land altogether.

The name of the man who had saved his life was Gestahl, a deed which had been done in time during his first of services to the now-dead Imperial forces of above. Condemned to remain a free-roaming sorcerer for the rest of his drawn-out days, he yearns to discover the identity of the man who had averted his death so that he may find a sense of inner peace.

His new home was now made the World of Balance. . .


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