Words Unspoken

By ZealPropht

I watch you.
You, as always, are unaware of it, unaware of my eyes as they trace your face.
Acknowledge me, I want to scream.
I want to force you to look at me the same way I look at you.
I want to see your heart in your eyes.
I want to hear the love I hold so deep in my heart come from your lips, it's warmth directed at me.
You turn.
My heart races.
What will I see when I look into your face?
Will I at last see the unspoken words that are engraved in my soul?
You raise your head.
Your eyes meet mine and you smile.
Inside me, my breath catches.
You always captivate me with that look, so boyish and charming.
The corners of my lips start to lift in an answering smile.
I love you, I say with my eyes.
I love you...
You step towards me, holding your arms outstretched.
I see love in your face.
I see a deep passion.
I see longing.
My own arms raise out to you and I step forward, reaching to embrace you.
But our bodies never touch, our lips never meet as I have so often envisioned.
You step past me, through me, as if I were nothing but smoke.
I am invisible to you.
I turn to follow you but I realize the chase is hopeless.
I see you embrace her, take her into your arms.
I see your lips close on her lips and I feel tears sting my eyes.
No! I shout.
Why don't you love me?
I cry, I pummel you with my fists, I try to tear you away from her but it is no use.
You do not see me, you do not hear me.
I am a ghost to you, nothing more.
I am like the wind.
You sense my presence but you ignore it.
You never see me but you see the affect I have on things around you.
You never see my love.
I cannot tell you, you will not hear me.
I cannot show you, for your eyes see only her face.
You walk away from me, happy, laughing, holding her as I have so often wanted to be held by you.
It hurts.
The pain is unbearable.
These words unspoken must remain hidden for a while longer.
One day, perhaps, you'll see me.
Your eyes will glow with love.
Your arms will open wide for me.
You will know how much I care for you and you will feel the same.
And on that day, no words will need to be said.

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