Hero Undone Prologue


By ZombieFrank

1003 A.D.

It had been three years since Crono and his friends destroyed Lavos and saved the future. They had decided that they would all meet once a year at Lucca's house to celebrate and update each other about thier own lives. It was the third anniversary, and the only one they wouldn't eventually forget.

The sun was just beginning to set as they prepared a large picnic table behind Lucca's house, as they did every year. There were torches set on poles in the ground around the table, forming a circle of warmth and light. A few yards away an open Gate stood, where each of the heroes could come through. Frog had arrived a while ago. He looked exactly as he always did, the squat amphibian-man was ready for anything with the Masamune at his side. He had to be, as he was now Queen Leene's personal guard. Crono and the other two were waiting as he came throught, and he greeted Crono with a hearty handshake, and warm hugs for the ladies. Marle hadn't changed her looks at all, still a blond ponytail and huge green eyes, but she was one of the most beautiful people in the history of the world. Even so, she still carried the Valkerye with her, though she found she no longer needed to carry a quiver, as the Valkerye created it's own ammunition. Lucca, on the other had, looked very different. The years had been kind to her, as her figure had filled out slightly. She had also discarded her old glasses with their large, awkward frames for a smaller pair made in the future, from a metal called 'titanium'. She decided to let her hair grow out, and it was halfway down her back. Marle had told her on numerous occasions how jealous she was of her shimmering purple locks. Her helmet became a nusiance, and she stopped wearing it altogether. She had the same taste in clothes, and still wore the same outfit she had for several years, an orange tunic over a long-sleeved gray shirt with black shorts and brown leather boots, although the gray undershirt was a little tighter than it used to be. She always had the Wondershot and her toolbag at her hip, though the bag was on the ground next to her now. Crono went inside, and the three sat down at their customary places. Frog poured himself and Marle some tea. Lucca declined the offer, and began to set the table.

Marle spoke first. "Looks like Magus isn't going to show, again. I wish he would come." She was the only one who seemed to care whether or not Magus came. After Lavos was defeated, Magus said that he was going to look for Schala, and that was three years ago. They had heard from him only once since, and he hadn't attended the celebrations.

"He might, just give him time. It's not like he doesn't have something more important to do." Lucca said, setting another place at the table, bringing the total to seven.

"Aye. He looks for his lost kin, and I say it best to leave him be." Frog interjected, his voice croaking as he sipped his tea.

Robo stepped through the gate Lucca had opened in her back yard. "Hello everyone!" he beeped with joy. "I am so glad to be back among my friends!" After looking around a moment, he turned to Lucca. "I do not see Crono, is he asleep again?" "No, he's inside right now, but he'll be out here soon." Lucca answered, hugging the large robot. "He wouldn't miss this for the world."

"I hope not." Robo replied, throwing his arms around Marle and Frog in a massive hug.

With a loud creak, the back door opened, and Crono ran to his old metallic friend. "Robo! 'Bout time you got here!" he said, grabbing Robo's hand and shaking it vigorously and avoiding a metal bear hug. After looking around for a moment Crono asked "Has Ayla shown up yet? Or Magus?"

"Ayla should be here in a few minutes, but I wouldn't count on Magus showing up at all." Marle answered. As she finished her sentence, Ayla came through the Gate, and all eyes were on her very large, and very pregnant, belly. "Ayla, you're pregnant again?! What does that make, 2 kids now?" Marle asked excitedly.

"Yes. Kino want big family, so do Ayla. Little Krono walking now, running too! Me getting tired, having to chase him all the time!" Ayla said. "Little Krono grow up big and strong like big Crono!" Crono blushed from hearing Ayla's first son's name, and the group had a hearty laugh at it.

"I don't think it's that funny, guys. I just......." Crono trailed off, as he began to feel a breeze. It was different from the others. It seemed as cold as a grave. He looked around, but none of the leaves on the trees were moving. The Black Wind. He had felt it before, and Magus had told him about it, but he knew the others couldn't feel it.

"I guess Magus isn't going to be here this year. I was hoping to hear how his search is going." Crono said as the Gate closed. The others agreed with him, all looking a little disappointed.

"So, when Crono and Marle having babies?" Ayla asked Marle.

"I don't know about that, but we are going to get married in half a year." Marle announced, her face beaming.

"My congratulations, but were you ever planning on telling us, lass?" Frog questioned, his face bright with joy.

"Of course! We were going to announce it later tonight, but since Ayla asked, we might as well say it now." Marle replied, "Yes, we are getting married in six months, and yes, you are all invited. In fact, I want Lucca and Ayla to be my maids of honor."

"And nothing would make me happier than to have you two guys as my best men." Crono said, putting his hands on both Frog and Robo's shoulders."Besides, who else could I even think of asking?"

"I knew you were a bunch of sentimental fools." a new voice spoke, the owner's slender body seeming to melt out of the shadows.

"Magus!" Marle almost shouted as his invisibility spell faded away, revealing him leaning against a tree a few feet away from the others, a large smile across his face, making the others uneasy. His long blue hair shimmered in the torchlight. He stepped away from the tree, and walked over to the others.

"It's good to see you again." Crono said, shaking Magus hand."When did you get here?"

"A little while ago. I was testing out a new spell." Magus said.

"What kind of spell?" Crono asked.

"Watch." was Magus' only answer as he spread his arms wide and began to chant in his native Zealian, a lost tongue. His eyes rolled back in his head and he began to glow, brighter and brighter until a familiar tearing noise came from behind them, and another Gate opened.

"You did this? How?" Lucca asked, staring at the new gate. "And what are you smiling about?"

"It's not as complicated as you think." Magus began, dropping to one knee, breathing hard. "But it is more draining then you will ever know." He stood again, and faced the others. "As for the smile, I feel it justified, as I believe I have found Schala. I know where she is and how I shall find her. All that is left is to wait for the inevitable."

"Incredible! I did not think that anyone could open Gates with only magic, and you have found your sister as well! That is most admirable." Robo beeped.

"We were wondering if thou woud'st not make it here." Frog said, rising to his feet, his eyes staring into the wizard's. He then extended his gloved hand. "I am glad you hath decided to come." Magus' face softened for a moment as he shook Frog's hand once, then he regained his composure and his hardened gaze returned. "I didn't come here to visit. Something is happening in the other dimensions of this world. Something I cannot handle alone."

Everyone drew back for a moment. Magus saying he wasn't strong enough did not happen often. In fact, it had happened only once. When Magus joined them after the collapse of Zeal.

"Do you have any idea what it could possibly be?" Marle asked, her voice a nervous whisper.

"No. I just know it is something powerful. And it is getting closer to us." Magus turned to Crono "You have felt the Black Wind blowing again, have you not?" Crono nodded.


"What will become? What will we be when we can see our own eternity?"
-Fear Factory, "What Will Become?" from the "Digimortal" album.


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