Who Can Equip?

Where To Get

What It Does

Amulet Everyone Magus starts with it. If you fight Magus instead of having him join you, he will leave it in North Cape after you defeat him. Protects Status
Bandana Everyone Crono starts with it Speed +1
Berserker Everyone Lab 16 (2300 AD) or Mystic Mountains (65,000,000 BC) Auto Attack / Raises Hit And Defense
Black Rock Marle, Lucca, Magus Open books in Kajar (12,000 BC) in this order: Water, Lightning, Fire. Invokes Dark Eternal (Triple Tech)
Blue Rock Lucca, Robo, Magus A chest in Giant's Claw (600 AD) Invokes Omega Flare (Triple Tech)
Charm Top Ayla Bangor Dome (2300 AD) Raises Charm power
Dash Ring Everyone Heckran Cave (1000 AD) or Ozzie's Fort (600 AD) Speed +3
Defender Everyone Robo starts with it or Cathedral (600 AD) Vigor +2
Flea Vest Everyone Ozzie's Fort (600 AD) - Charm it from Flea Plus Magic Defense +12
Frenzy Band Everyone Giant's Claw (600 AD) 80% counter attack rate
Gold Earring Everyone Arris Dome (2300 AD) Max HP + 50%
Gold Rock Frog Denadoro Mts. (600 AD) - After powering up the Masamune by visiting Cyrus' grave, Frog must be in the front of your party and be hit by a rock thrown by one of the Free Lancers. Invokes Grand Dream (Triple Tech)
Gold Stud Everyone Trann Dome (2300 AD) Techniques require 75% fewer MP
Green Dream Everyone Near Fiona's Shrine (1000 AD) - You must go through the Sunken Desert and help replant the forest for Fiona. Next, go to Fiona's Shrine to get Robo back into your party. After an automatic "camp fire" scene, Robo will give the Green Dream to Lucca. Automatically brings character back to life (one time only)
Hero Medal Frog Tata's House (600 AD) after you have retrieved the Broken Sword from the Denadoro Mts. (600 AD) Raises critical hit rate of Masamune
Hit Ring Everyone Arris Dome (2300 AD) Strike +10
Magic Ring Everyone Death Peak (2300 AD) Magic +6
Magic Scarf Everyone Heckran Cave (1000 AD), Cursed Woods (600 AD), and Magus' Lair (600 AD) Magic +2
Magic Seal Everyone Black Omen Magic +5, Magic Defense +5
Muscle Ring Everyone Sunken Desert (600 AD) Vigor +6
Power Glove Everyone Truce Canyon (600 AD) Power +2
Power Ring Everyone Guardia Forest (1000 AD) Power +6
Power Scarf Everyone Ayla starts with it Power +4
Power Seal Everyone Black Omen Attack +13, Defense +10, Power +10, Stamina +10
Prism Specs Everyone Guardia Castle (1000 AD) after you've gotten the Rainbow Shell and the Sun Stone Raises Attack Power to maximum
Rage Band Everyone Sewer Access (2300 AD) 50% counter attack rate
Ribbon Everyone Marle starts with this Strike +2
Sight Scope Everyone Lucca starts with this Shows enemy's HP
Silver Earring Everyone Denadoro Mts. (600 AD) Raises Max HP by 25%
Silver Rock Frog, Robo, Ayla Laruba Ruins (65,000,000 BC) - After you destroy the Blackbird, return here and talk to Nu, the purple creature who changes your name. When you finish, he'll give you the Silver Rock. Invokes Spin Strike (Triple Tech)
Silver Stud Everyone Denadoro Mts. (600 AD) Techniques require 50% fewer MP
Speed Belt Everyone Cathedral (600 AD) or Magus' Lair (600 AD) Speed +2
Sun Shades Everyone Lucca's House (1000 AD) - You must have the Sun Stone Raises Attack Power
Third Eye Everyone Hunting Range (65,000,000 BC) - You must find and defeat Nu. He appears only when it rains, at a random location. Talk to him afterward to receive the Third Eye. You can also charm it from Nizbel when you face him. Doubles Evade
Wall Ring Everyone Heckran Cave (1000 AD) or Death Peak (2300 AD) Magic Defense +10
Wallet Everyone Bangor Dome (2300 AD) Turns experience into Gold
White Rock Marle, Lucca, and Ayla Black Omen Invokes Poyozo Dance (Triple Tech)

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