Here is a list of all the Armor in Chrono Trigger, along with the price, its defense, which characters can equip it, and any special effects it may have on its wearer.

Armor Price Defense Who Can Use It Special Effects?
Hide Tunic Crono & Marle start with this 5 All None
Karate Gi 300; Lucca starts with this 10 All None
Bronze Mail Frog starts with this 16 Males None
Maiden Suit --- 18 Females None
Iron Suit 800 25 All None
Titan Vest 1200; Robo starts with this 32 All None
Taban Vest --- 33 Lucca Speed +2; Fire defense up
Gold Suit 1300 39 All None
Ruby Vest Fang & Feather; Ayla starts with this 45 All Cuts Fire damage by 50%
Dark Mail --- 45 Males Magic Defense +5
Black Vest --- 45 All Absorbs 50% of Shadow Attacks
Blue Vest --- 45 All Absorbs 50% of Water Attacks
Red Vest --- 45 All Absorbs 50% of Fire Attacks
White Vest --- 45 All Absorbs 50% of Lightning Attacks
Meso Mail --- 52 All None
Mist Robe --- 54 Females None
Lumin Robe 6500 63 Females Magic Defense +5
Flash Mail 8500 64 Males None
Black Mail --- 70 All Absorbs Shadow Attacks
Blue Mail --- 70 All Absorbs Water Attacks
Red Mail --- 70 All Absorbs Fire Attacks
White Mail --- 70 All Absorbs Lightning Attacks
Lode Vest 8500 71 All None
Aeon Suit --- 75 All None
Raven Armor Magus starts with this 76 Magus None
Ruby Armor 10(Feathers, Fangs, Horns, & Petals) 78 All Cuts Fire by 80%
Taban Suit --- 79 Lucca Speed +3, Fire defense up
Zodiac Cape --- 80 Females Magic Defense +10
Nova Armor --- 82 Males Protects Status
Gloom Cape --- 84 Magus None
Moon Armor --- 85 Males Magic Defense +10
Prism Dress --- 99 Females Cuts Magic damage by 1/3

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