Chrono Trigger Game Genie Codes

Note: I have not tested these and can't ensure that they work.
B621-7765 "WEIRD STUFF HAPPENS IN BATTLE"- Yours and the enemy's damage points are screwed up, sometimes they take 0 and sometimes they just kill them.
9DB1-7765 "MESSED UP SCREEN"-   Leave GG off until you go into battle, then turn it on.
9DB3-7765 "BATTLE GOES HAYWIRE"- Go into a battle and put your controller down. The game goes haywire they do things without you telling it. If   you want to take back control turn the GG off.
9DB5-7765 "MORE WEIRD BATTLES"- In battle it looks like it crashes but just press A. When you use an attack, it looks like you glide and when you do a Tech you don't move your arms. Your characters don't do the victory dance. Game may freeze sometimes.
0023-77A5 "REPEATING DAMAGE"- Makes damage repeat. Turn GG off after 3 times or the game might black-out.
3EBF-5767 "TRANSPORTER"- Go into a town or someplace and leave. You will be transported to a different part of the map. Only problem is sometimes it puts you some where you are not supposed to go and you can not move.
366E-7765 "GET LEVEL UPS AND ITEMS AFTER A BATTLE"- Use a Tech, you win the battle, and you get lots of level   ups, lots of items, and other weird stuff!
7838-7765 "INVINCIBLE"- A great invincible code - any enemy dies with one blow, even when they attack and your party gets healed after the battle.
24A0-5700 "INVINCIBLE TO MOST ATTACKS AND MAGICS"- Strong enemies may kill your some of your party members but not the leader of the group.
F5A0-54A1 "9999 DAMAGE"- 9999 damage to everybody (physical or magic). Use with the invincible code 24A0-5700. When characters raise levels when both codes are active the character will be at the highest level and attributes and go down in attribute after next raise. When the code is not active the next level raised will be normal.
3365-5D00 "KILL ONE ENEMY TO WIN THE BATTLE"- For some enemies there is no need to fight. One disadvantage is that you only get the exp. for the enemy you killed.
F2B0-54A6 "HEAL PARTY TO A CERTAIN OR ABOVE NORMAL HP"- Use this code at the menu screen.
5E2A-5F01 "RANDOM BATTLE EFFECT"- You may get a weapon from an enemy that gives an item, have your HP raised to 999 at level 1 or learn most or all techs after a battle. The effect depends on the time period and location. When using this code, let the game freeze before choosing an attack command, then turn the GG off and back on. Before the game freezes again kill all of the enemies.
336A-ED09 "STRANGE"- After you start a new game, go to Guardia Forest with Crono only. Then go to the bird with the bell and fight the 2 beetles. Do not touch the other creatures. When in battle, the game will freeze. Turn the GG off and back on. After killing one beetle, run away from battle. When the screen messes up turn the GG off again, then turn it back on when you hear the running away sound. The normal screen will also be messed up so go to the menu screen and exit. If the trick worked, Crono's stats will have changed and there will be 6 cats at Crono's house. If you go upstairs at his house Crono's mom will wake him up again.
3BC4-7765 "FLEEING ENEMIES"- This will make most moving monsters in battle try to run away from you in battle! This will not work on stationary monsters and Bosses! Some monsters will start to fight you if you attack while they are trying to run away...Some monsters will glitch the game like Winged monkeys. Although this is not a perfect code it can be very helpful.
DCF3-7765 "INVISIBLE"- You and your enemies become invisible in battle! The battle continues but you just can't see yourself and the enemy...
568F-7765 "WEIRD ITEMS"- It's hard to explain, but if you go into battle and try to use a Tech. against the monsters a message will appear saying..."You have obtained (either) x1 "Lightning" or "Rovoke" Then, all the monsters instantly get destroyed (can freeze game, rarely) and you are stuck in eternal battle...You can "run away". If you are in a place where you can't, you'll just have to reset the game. I believe this is a good start for an "item" code... After careful experimenting, I have concluded that you are actually getting Techs..."rovoke" = "Provoke"
B323-7765 "INVINCIBILITY"- This will make you and the enemies invincible in battles! It works for both your party and the enemies, so turn the GG off when you attack and turn it on when the enemies attack you.
B623-7765 "9999 DAMAGE"- Anything that hits will do 9999 Damage, whether it is an attack or tech. This code works for both your party and the monsters. If you equip Crono with the haste cap he can attack with Confuse 4 X 9999 damage!
B625-7765 "EVADE INCREASES"- This code makes it really hard to attack monsters and vice-versa. The chances are 1 to 10 of getting hit! This does not work with Techs though.
812C-7765 "INSTANT VICTORY"- The moment you try to do anything in battle, you start doing your victory dance...However, doing this will result in a "blackout".
0738-7765 "DEATH"- This is the coolest code that needs work so far... It instantly destroys all enemies (even some bosses)! when you try to do anything..."tech" and "attack"... Problem is it always glitches...You are stuck in an "eternal battle".
EEDF-7767 "PLAY ALONE"- Here is a code that needs working on...This code will allow you to play alone! It's cool only to see Magus in the screen! Problem is it freezes during combat...
B323-74A5 "0 HP"-  Every attack on enemy or companion, hurts Crono by "0" HP.
B323-7465 "NUMBER OF ATTACKS = AMOUNT OF DAMAGE"- Regular attacks = 1HP, Double attacks/Double TECHs = 2HP, Triple TECHs = 2HP
B323-7405 "9999 DAMAGE"- Every attack on enemy or companion = 9999 HP. This code hits 9999 every time.
39B0-EFD4 "LET ME THROUGH"- You cannot walk some places.
AA34-7DD5 "WIERD"- Enemies disappear instead of die, which results in Eternal Battle. Crono takes ALL the HP adds<cure>, and subtracts <attacks> for companions.
AA34-7D05 "WIERD2"- Eternal Battle, 3rd person invincible, 1 hit kills 1st person, REVIVE revives 1st person to full HP, 1st person dies when enemy misses, 3rd person gets hurt when certain enemies are attacked, 2nd person dies when revived or cured, CURE doesn't effect 3rd person.
AA34-7D65 "WIERD3"- Party is invincible, eternal battle.
AA34-7FD5 "SWAPPING EFFECTS"- This code is just screwed up, if the 2nd person gets hit, the 1st person dies, if the 2nd person is cured, he/she sometimes dies. There are many other things too like an Eternal Battle.
AA34-7FAD "WIERD4"- 1st person invincible, attacks against the 2nd person take 4 HP, attacks against the 3rd person only take 8 HP, Eternal Battle.
AA34-7F0D "WIERD5"- 1st invincible, 2nd+3rd die with 1 hit, 1st cannot be cured, Eternal Battle.
AA34-746D "INVINCIBLE" Everyone is invincible, Eternal Battle.
AA39-7D05 "INVINCIBLE"- Enemies, and you are invincible.
"GET OUT OF ETERNAL BATTLE" There is way to get around these Eternal Battles, but you have to kill the enemy twice, so it will only work if it takes 1 hit to kill it. What you do is make 2 characters attack the same person, (click very quickly) then when the 1st person kills it for the 1st time, it will just disappear, then the 2nd person will attack, and kill it again. Then it will go away. This is the only way to get by Eternal Battle, and this method doesn't work for every Eternal Battle.
EEE3-7765 "DECREASING DAMAGE"- For the first few rounds of battle the damage that is dealt to you increasingly goes down.
DBF3-7765 "STRANGE BATTLES"- You and your enemies turn into a jumbo letters and numbers and all that. But, the good part about this code is that sometimes you win/lose a battle automatically. One flaw that is that Techs do no damage. Also, you lose automatically more then you win automatically.
A523-7765 "ASSORTED DAMAGE"- Sometimes you take 0, sometimes you take normal amounts, ignore disappearing characters...
3E6F-5767 "CAN'T MOVE DOWN"- Can't move down. Try to edit it to get it so that you can walk-through-walls in a down direction...

Try 7DA6-7765 if the first code doesn't work.
Try 5DA6-7765 if the first code doesn't work.
Try 3DA6-7765 if the first code doesn't work.
Try 2DA6-7765 if the first code doesn't work.
Try 9DA6-7765 if the first code doesn't work.
Start a new game for this to work.
Start a new game for this to work.
Start a new game for this to work.
Start a new game for this to work.

9DA6-7765 "1ST CHARCTER INFINITE MP"- Works only in battle mode.
9DAB-7765 "2ND CHARACTER INFINITE MP"- Works only in battle mode.
9DA8-77D5 "3RD CHARACTER INFINITE MP"- Works only in battle mode.
B023-7765 "IMMUNE TO SOME ATTACKS AND SPELLS"- Halation, Some spells, and Critical Attacks do little or no damage.
6623-7765 "IMMUNE TO MOST ATTACKS AND SPELLS"- Enemies do 1 damage except Halation, Normal Attacks do nothing, Critical Attacks do 2 damage.
EE23-7765 "ENEMIES CAN BARELY HURT YOU"- Enemies can do no damage, Critical Attacks do no damage, and Everything else does 1 damage.
2223-7765 "ERASES 2ND SAVE GAME; ALL INVINCIBLE"- Erases 2nd Save game and all are invincible. These codes are not fully tested. May produce different results depending on the situation.
B434-7765 "INVINCIBILITY 1"- Invincible! But, you have to run away after hidden enemies hit you.
B424-7765 "INVINCIBILITY 2"- It will make you invincible but if a monster throws you there is a possibility you might get stuck...
1438-7765 "INVINCIBILITY 3"- It will make you invincible and if a monster hits you they all die!
A1EE-EFD9 "LEVEL 99 AFTER ONE BATTLE"- Get ready to tape your turbo-A button down. It says you get the normal amount of experience points, but you and all in your immediate party go to level 99! I suggest you save your tabs until after you do this so you can fill in what else you need done to your guys.

1. Begin a new game or New Game +.
2. Play normally until you get chased into the future and land in the Bangor Dome.
3. Go thru Lab 16.
4. Turn the Walk Thru Walls code on.
5. Go thru Sewer Access to the Keeper's Dome.
6. Walk thru the sealed doors and get the Epoch.
7. Travel to 12000 B.C. and play the rest of the game normally...until you get Magus.
8. When you get Magus and the Black Omen appears, go to the Denandoro Mts. and fight Masamune (sometimes he's already dead).
9. Go to Melchior's and fix the Masamune (don't try and walk out the door while they're working or the game will freeze).
10. Go back to 600 A.D. Magus' Castle will be there!
11. Go in with Magus in your party and see Magus vs. Magus!

EEB4-546B "SKIP EVENTS"- This code is very weird. It is a modified version of the code for the bad ending every time you go into a Truce Village house. Turn on the GG when it starts saying "Crono..." Then go down and talk to Crono's Mom. She will give you the chance to name Lucca but you will only get a black screen instead of the name screen. Press Start to go on from this point. Then go straight upstairs and go back down. You have about a 50/50 chance of seeing Crono's Mom sitting in her chair. If she is, then when you come up to her she will say something like "Crono, I heard you were going to be executed." This means you skipped ahead into the game. The save menu name is now Forward to The Past. You only have Crono, but the events are the same as if you had gone through the game to that point except the men are still guarding Lucca's machine. It certainly is weird and there are many glitches, but it might be modified. Also if you keep it on, you may see the bad ending in a building in Truce.
AF23-7765 "ENEMIES DISAPPEAR WHEN KILLED WITH A WEAPON"- Enemies will die normally if you use a tech.

D069-7D7D "MARLE = FROG"- Marle's stats appear to be like Frog's stats.
D169-7D7D "MARLE = MAGUS"- Marle's stats appear to be like Magus's stats. Note: For some reason, it may takes two entry's to get this code to work.
D469-7D7D "MARLE = LUCCA"- Marle's stats appear to be like Lucca's stats.
D769-7D7D "MARLE = ROBO"- Marle's stats appear to be like Robo's stats.
D969-7D7D "MARLE = AYLA"- Marle's stats appear to be like Ayla's stats.
DD69-7D7D "MARLE = CRONO"- Marle's stats appear to be like Crono's stats.

6E67-5F64 "DUMMY MUSIC #1"- Listen to a music clip "dummied" in the U.S. version of CT! Enter this code but leave the GG off until you are standing next to Death Peak on the 2300 A.D. map. Turn the GG on and enter Death Peak. The game will blackout but it will play the music. Note: May not work on all CT paks!
E367-5FA4 "DUMMY MUSIC #2"-Listen to another music clip "dummied" in the U.S. version of CT! To use it, go to the Forest Ruins in 1000 A.D. (The blue pyramid next to Medina) and, with the GG on, enter that area from the map. The screen will go black but the music will play. Note: May not work on all CT paks!
8E67-5FA4 "DUMMY MUSIC #3"- Listen to yet another tune. To use this code, enter Zenan Bridge on the 600 A.D. map (It doesn't matter which side you go in from). A short music clip will play. (Is this really a dummy tune? Can it be heard anywhere in the normal game?) Note: May not work on all CT paks!
C43A-ED04 "SAVE ANYWHERE"- To use this code, walk into any area that has a save point. Walk on the save point. You will hear a ching. Touch the save point again and it won't ching. Move your character off the save point and check your save screen. You now can save your game anywhere! Go to any other area and you still will be able to save! You might see a few graphic glitches but if you turn the GG off they will disappear. And, even if you don't have this GG code entered you will still be able to save anywhere as long as you don't go in a room with a save point. You can even save your game in front of Lavos (when it changes the attack mode) and at the Programmer's Ending! Note: This code has been tested many times and no problems with it have been found.
BC38-8F06 "WALK ANYWHERE ON MAP SCREEN"- While on the map you can move your characters anywhere. But, be careful because there is a chance that you might get stuck and can't move. Also, this code was tested with Crono leading the party. It may or may not work with other characters in the lead.
0B60-7FA4 "PERFECT WALK THRU WALLS"- This WTW code will let you walk anywhere on the screen, in any area!
9BE7-77AB "TERRA CAVE VILLAGER REPLACES GASPAR"- Go to your character exchange screen (press X button) and you will see that a villager from Terra Cave is in the lower- left hand corner instead of Gaspar.
22EC-ED60 "GAIN ALL TECHS AFTER ONE BATTLE"- After winning a battle all characters in your party will learn all their Techs (Including double and triple techs)! Go into battle with different people to get everybody's Techs.

0E6F-7767 "WALK THROUGH WALLS (UP ONLY)"- This code allows you to walk up anywhere. Problem is if you get stuck you are stuck for good!
EE6F-E767 "WALK THROUGH WALLS (LEFT ONLY)"- This code allows you to walk left anywhere. Problem is if you get stuck you are stuck for good! You may have to face North, press up against an object and walk sideways to the left. This code works in all areas.
EEB0-EFA4 "WALK THROUGH WALLS (REVISED)"- Walk-thru walls almost anywhere on the screen. May not work in some areas. Use this code to avoid enemies and walk through sealed doors (like in the Bangor Dome). Unlike the previous code...This will only allow you to through places that are accessible! Skip half of the game by going to the Keeper's Dome and getting Epoch even before getting Robo in your party! Skipping areas can also be done in other parts of the game.

3CB5-5FD3 "SILVER PENDULUM AT TITLE SCREEN"- The pendulum at the title screen will be a silver color instead of gold.
DEC0-5767 "MOVING CHARACTERS ACT STRANGE"- The movements of some creatures is strange. Game might glitch when this code is used.
00C0-57FE "MORE STRANGE MUSIC AND SOUND FX"- Like the above code but sounds different.
0082-E707 "PLAY JET BIKE RACE AT TITLE SCREEN"- Instead of the title screen you will be racing Johnny. Switch the GG off to go to the saved game screen.
FF34-5F0D "LESS CHARACTERS IN BATTLE"- Some enemies may not appear when the fight begins.
4282-E707 "TIME WARP GRAPHICS AT TITLE SCREEN"- Instead of the pendulum title screen you will get the graphic from when your characters travel from era to era (Not using Epoch). Switch off the GG to go to the saved game screen.
C3E6-EDA7 "WAVE BACKGROUND"- When you enter an area the background will wave back and forth kind of like the backgrounds that appear and disappear while you are fighting Lavos Core. Game might glitch if you keep switching areas.
5DE6-ED67 "EARTHQUAKES"- When you enter an area the whole screen shakes.
F76E-5F00 "CHARACTERS AUTOMATICALLY RUN AWAY"- Characters automatically run away when you enter a battle. You can even run away from bosses! One negative about this code is that it only seems to work if you start a new game  (Or new game +).
7F67-5DD0 "BEAT MONSTERS (EVEN BOSSES)"- Go into battle with the GG turned on. Notice that the HP numbers of your characters will be messed up and the game will act like it froze. Now turn the GG off and your party members will fall down as if they had died. The enemies will disappear and your characters will get back up. Then the game will continue as if you had beat the monsters.   Works on bosses also! This code seems to work better then the one above.
44E4-5F0D "STRANGE FX"- Strange FX. Saved game screen, controls and battles are messed up.

1A6F-E400 "AUTOMATICALLY WIN A BATTLE"- Automatically win a battle! Go into a fight and as soon as one of your characters goes to attack the enemies will disappear and the game will continue normally.
A1E2-E4A9 "MORE GOLD AFTER BATTLE"- Get more gold after a battle. Amounts may vary depending on the monster(s). Some party members may jump to different places on the screen during the battle so use this code with the walk thru walls anywhere code in case your characters get stuck in a wall, tree or whatever.
EE34-5D60 "ATTACKS DO MORE DAMAGE IN BATTLE"- Any character's attack does more damage. This code also works with techs but not magic.
65B2-7760 "AFTER BATTLE GET ?"- Does strange things after a battle. You may get lots of exp. and just a few gold and tech points or you   may get lots of gold and just a little exp. and tech points. If you fight an enemy that usually gives an item after a battle you might get lots of a different item. During the battle enemies might keep attacking over and over again so turn the GG off and back on when they stop. Try to keep the GG on most of the battle. This code may not do anything when fighting certain enemy groups. Try fighting large groups of enemies.

6CB5-5DD7 "SUPER SPRINT (UP ONLY)"- Your party will run very fast but in an up direction only. If you get stuck against a wall turn off the GG and do a regular sprint to free yourself.
1BCD-5FA7 "FAST CHARACTERS"- Characters not in your party move very fast.
A06E-7D07 "START A GAME ON LEVEL 0"- Instead of getting the normal saved game screen after the title screen you will get the one from the menu. Choose a slot and save. Then reset the game with the GG turned off. Use New Game + on that save and Crono will begin with 0 of almost everything. No known useful effect for this code yet.
22B4-546B "BAD ENDING" Leave the GG off until you enter a building in Truce 1000 AD. Turn the GG on and leave the building. When you see the map turn the GG off again. Now you will be watching the bad ending (The ending you normally get if killed by Lavos).
A2A4-E7BB "WALK ANYWHERE ON THE ZEAL MAP"- Have a saved game by Enhasa in Zeal 12000 BC. Once you do that, use this code. You will now be able to walk off the continent and move anywhere in the clouds. A neat but not very useful code.
EE6D-7F8D "CRONO STARTS WITH 999 HP"- Begin a new game and Crono will start with a max. of 999 HP. When you first start he will only have 70/999 HP, so you will have to stay at an inn or heal yourself. (Has this code already been created?)
EE6F-54AD "GAME CONVERSATIONS"- Talk to anybody in the game. Then go to the menu screen and exit. Their conversation will repeat even if you are not near them. If you go to a different area, go to the menu screen and exit, you may get a conversation from a   different part of the game. Graphics might glitch in some areas.

Depending on what area you enter (or if you change areas) many things may happen like:
1. Get an ending.
2. Get transported to an event in the game.
3. Get transported to another area in the same era.
4. Get transported to another era.
5. Get transported to a map.
6. Get transported to an area where you can't move (glitch).

"WALK ON 1999 AD MAP"- Using the code above, you can walk on the "Day of Lavos" map. Please note that when you are on this map you can't enter any buildings and you can't leave. Instructions are below:
1. Enter the code above (29BD-5F07).
2. Enter an invincibility code - Created by: LuKaS X - 7F67-5DD0
Instructions on how to use this code:
Turn GG on before battle and when you see the HP numbers messed up during battle turn the GG off.
3. Enter the Walk-Thru Walls code -  Created by: LuKaS X - EEB0-EFA4
4. Turn GG off and start a new game.
5. Go to the fair and go to the part where you can steal the man's lunch.
6. Turn the GG on and walk Northwest to the place where you fight Gato.
7. Once you change areas it will show Crono fall of the cliffs on the side of Death Peak and land by a save point. Turn the GG off.
8. Walk North/Northwest and go into the cave.
9. Once in the cave, turn on the GG and kill the Lavos Spawn.
10. Have the GG on, walk-thru walls to the right (past the chest with the Giga Arm in it) and walk up the stairs.
11. Avoid the enemy that falls from the sky and continue up the stairs. You will see an entrance.
12. Before entering, make sure that the GG is on.
13. Once you go in the entrance, you will see your map Crono on a greenish colored screen. Walk to the
14. You are now walking on the 1999 AD map! Press select to look at the large map. Walk "around" the map to go on different continents.

1065-5466 "MAGUS ON MENU SCREEN"- Leave the GG off until you enter an area. Turn it on and then go to your menu screen. Crono will now have a Magus portrait and equipment. You can't keep the "Crono Magus" but you can unequip Magus' equipment and keep it.
4CB5-5F6D "WALK THRU WALLS (LEFT AND RIGHT ONLY)"- This is a strange WTW code. You can "slide" your characters to the left and right in any area. Turn the GG off to stop them. Be careful where you stop and try not to walk off the screen.
2AB4-77DD "TELEPORTER 2"- To use this code, enter any area and walk around in circles and such with any character. Eventually you will be transported to a random area, event, or ending. Sometimes you will be transported to a random area where you can't move (glitch). You should use this code with the WTW code (EEB0-EFA4, created by: in case you get stuck when you change screens.
xx81-7769 "CHANGE STATS AND ITEMS"- Fill in xx with any 2 digits. Then go into battle. After the battle (game may freeze) go into the menu screen. Your characters will have different stats and items. This code not fully tested. May erase saves. Use at your own risk!
00BF-ED6C "STRANGE MENU SCREEN"- Does really strange things to the menu screen.
7E66-7FAD "RELOAD SAVES"- Leave the GG off until you are on the map screen. Turn on the GG on and enter an area. Your saved games menu will pop up. Turn off the GG and select any save to play.
1981-E46F "WHO'LL YOU REPLACE?" Instead of getting the saved game screen after the title screen, you will get the character exchange menu with many level 0 Crono's. Notice that there will be 6 character slots on the right (scroll down) instead of 4, for a total of 9 slots. Most likely the programmers were planning to have 2 more characters in the game but ended up not putting them in the final version.

EEDD-7F5D "START WITH HIGHER MAX. HP"- Will reset to normal with level up.
63DD-745D "START WITH HIGHER MAX. MP"- Will reset to normal with level up.
BDDD-74ED "START WITH MAX. POWER"- Will reset to normal with level up.
BDDD-777D "START WITH MAX. STAMINA"- Will reset to normal with level up.
BDDD-775D "START WITH MAX. SPEED"- Will reset to normal with level up.
BDDD-778D "START WITH MAX. MAGIC"- Will reset to normal with level up.
BDDD-77ED "START WITH MAX. HIT RATIO"- Will reset to normal with level up.
BDDF-7D7D "START WITH MAX. EVADE"- Will reset to normal with level up.
BDDF-7D5D "START WITH MAX. MAGIC DEFENSE"- Will reset to normal with level up.

5527-EDD0 "ALL ATTACKS DO VERY LITTLE DAMAGE"-Works for both your party and the enemies.
552A-EDD9 "TECHS HAVE STRANGE EFFECTS"- When you use a Tech it may hit your party, confuse all enemies, etc.

DF6D-7D7D "CRONO = MARLE"- Start a new game and Crono will appear as and will be named Marle in the subscreens, plus he will only be able   equip items that the real Marle would use.
DC6F-7D8D "CRONO STARTS AT LEVEL 10"- No other stats affected.
EE6F-7D8D "CRONO STARTS AT LEVEL ** (99)"- No other stats affected.

DD69-7D7D "MARLE = CRONO"- Enter before Marle joins and she will appear as Crono in subscreens.
EE69-7F5D "HIGHER MAX. HP FOR MARLE"   Enter before Marle joins your party.
6369-745D "HIGHER MAX. MP FOR MARLE"- Enter before Marle joins your party.
BD69-74ED "MARLE STARTS WITH MAX. POWER"- Enter before Marle joins your party.
BD69-777D "MARLE STARTS WITH MAX STAMINA"- Enter before Marle joins your party.
BD69-775D "MARLE STARTS WITH MAX. SPEED"- Enter before Marle joins your party.
BD69-778D "MARLE STARTS WITH MAX. MAGIC"- Enter before Marle joins your party.
BD69-77ED "MARLE STARTS WITH MAX. HIT RATIO"- Enter before Marle joins your party.
BD61-7D7D "MARLE STARTS WITH MAX. EVADE"- Enter before Marle joins your party.
BD61-7D5D "MARLE STARTS WITH MAX. MAGIC DEFENSE"- Enter before Marle joins your party.
DC61-7D8D "MARLE STARTS AT LEVEL 10"- No other stats affected.
F761-7DED "MARLE STARTS WITH 19 EXP."- Enter before Marle joins your party.

xx64-745D Replace xx with one of the following to place that item in
Crono's weapon slot.
xx64-7FED Replace xx with one of the following to place that item in
Crono's helm slot.
xx64-747D Replace xx with one of the following to place that item in
Crono's armor slot.
xx64-748D Replace xx with one of the following to place that item in
Crono's accessory slot.

xx65-745D Enter before Marle joins, replacing xx with one of the following to place that item in her weapon slot.
xx65-7FED Enter before Marle joins, replacing xx with one of the following to place that item in her helm slot.
xx65-747D Enter before Marle joins, replacing xx with one of the following to place that item in her armor slot.
xx65-748D Enter before Marle joins, replacing xx with one of the following to place that item in her accessory slot.

xx6A-745D Enter before Lucca joins, replacing xx with one of the following to place that item in her weapon slot.
xx6A-7FED Enter before Lucca joins, replacing xx with one of the following to place that item in her helm slot.
xx6A-747D Enter before Lucca joins, replacing xx with one of the following to place that item in her armor slot.
xx6A-748D Enter before Lucca joins, replacing xx with one of the following to place that item in her accessory slot.

DD - *nothing* FD - Slasher 4D - Dart Gun 7D - MirageHand
DF - Wood Sword FF - Bronze Bow 4F - Auto Gun 7F - Stone Arm
D4 - Iron Sword F4 - Iron Bow 44 - PicoMagnum 74 - Doom Finger
D7 - Steel Saber F7 - Lode Bow 47 - Plasma Gun 77 - Magma Hand
D0 - Lode Sword F0 - Robin Bow 40 - Ruby Gun 70 - Megaton Arm
D9 - Red Katana F9 - Sage Bow 49 - Dream Gun 79 - Big Hand
D1 - Flint Edge F1 - Dream Bow 41 - Megablast 71 - Kaiser Arm
D5 - Dark Saber F5 - Comet Arrow 45 - Shock Wave 75 - Giga Arm
D6 - Aeon Blade F6 - Sonic Arrow 46 - WonderShot 76 - Terra Arm
DB - Demon Edge FB - Valkerye 4B - Graedus 7B - Crisis Arm
DC - Alloy Blade FC - Siren 4C - *Gun symbol* 7C - *Arm symbol*
D8 - Star Sword F8 -*Bow symbol* 48 - *Gun symbol* 78 - Bronze Edge
DA - Vedic Blade FA -*Bow symbol* 4A - *Gun symbol* 7A - Iron Sword
D2 - Kali Blade F2 -*Bow symbol* 42 - *Gun symbol* 72 - Masamune
D3 - Shiva Edge F3 -*Bow symbol* 43 - Tin Arm 73 - Flash Blade
DE - Bolt Sword FE - Air Gun 4E - Hammer Arm 7E - Pearl Edge
0D - Rune Blade 9D - Bent Sword 1D - Titan Vest 5D - Gloom Cape
0F - Brave Sword 9F - Bent Hilt 1F - Gold Suit 5F - White Mail
04 - Masamune 94 - Masamune 0 14 - Ruby Vest 54 - Black Mail
07 - Demon Hit 97 - Swallow 17 - Dark Mail 57 - Blue Mail
00 - Fist 90 - Slasher 2 10 - Mist Robe 50 - Red Mail
09 - Fist 99 - Rainbow 19 - Meso Mail 59 - White Vest
01 - Fist 91 - *nothing* 11 - Lumin Robe 51 - Black Vest
05 - Iron Fist 95 - *nothing* 15 - Flash Mail 55 - Blue Vest
06 - Bronze Fist 96 - *nothing* 16 - Lode Vest 56 - Red Vest
0B - *Fist symbol* 9B - *nothing* 1B - Aeon Suit 5B - Taban Vest
0C - *Fist symbol* 9C - *nothing* 1C - Zodiac Cape 5C - Taban Suit
08 - Dark Scythe 98 - Hide Tunic 18 - Nova Armor 58 - *nothing*
0A - Hurricane 9A - Karate Gi 1A - Prism Dress 5A - Hide Cap
02 - Star Scythe 92 - Bronze Mail 12 - Moon Armor 52 - Bronze Helm
03 - Dark Sickle 93 - Maiden Suit 13 - Ruby Armor 53 - Iron Helm
0E - Mop 9E - Iron Suit 1E - Raven Armor 5E - Beret
6D - Gold Helm BD - Ozzie Pants CD - Silver Erng 8D - Silver Rock
6F - Rock Helm BF - Haste Helm CF - Gold Erng 8F - White Rock
64 - Cera Topper B4 - R'bow Helm C4 - Silver Stud 84 - Gold Rock
67 - Glow Helm B7 - Mermaid Cap C7 - Gold Stud 87 - Hero Medal
60 - Lode Helm B0 - *nothing* C0 - Sight Scope 80 - Muscle Ring
69 - Aeon Helm B9 - Bandana C9 - Charm Top 89 - Flea Vest
61 - Prism Helm B1 - Ribbon C1 - Rage Band 81 - Magic Seal
65 - Doom Helm B5 - Power Glove C5 - Frenzy Band 85 - Power Seal
66 - Dark Helm B6 - Defender C6 - Third Eye 86 - Relic
6B - Gloom Helm BB - Magic Scarf CB - Wallet 8B - Seraph Song
6C - Safe Helm BC - Amulet CC - Green Dream 8C - Sun Shades
68 - Taban Helm B8 - Dash Ring C8 - Berserker 88 - Prism Specs
6A - Sight Cap BA - Hit Ring CA - Power Scarf 8A - *nothing*
62 - Memory Cap B2 - Power Ring C2 - Speed Belt 82 - Tonic
63 - Time Hat B3 - Magic Ring C3 - Black Rock 83 - Mid Tonic
6E - Vigil Hat BE - Wall Ring CE - Blue Rock 8E - Full Tonic
AD - Ether 2D - Petal 3D - Ruby Knife
AF - Mid Ether 2F - Fang 3F - Yakra Key
A4 - Full Ether 24 - Horn 34 - Clone
A7 - Elixir 27 - Feather 37 - Toma's Pop
A0 - HyperEther 20 - Seed 30 - 2 Petals
A9 - MegaElixir 29 - Bike Key 39 - 2 Fangs
A1 - Heal 21 - Pendant 31 - 2 Horns
A5 - Revive 25 - Gate Key 35 - 2 Feathers
A6 - Shelter 26 - PrismShard 36 - *nothing*
AB - Power Meal 2B - C. Trigger
AC - Lapis 2C - Tools
A8 - Barrier 28 - Jerky
A2 - Power Tab 22 - Race Log
A3 - Magic Tab 23 - Moon Stone
AE - Speed Tab 2E - Sun Stone

AAE1-76EA "CRONO = ?"- Start a new game and Chrono will either be Frog, Magus, etc. He may even be Schala but when he fights, the game freezes. This code has a 50/50 chance of working.
FEAB-67FA "PLACES ARE MIXED UP"-It works a little like the transporter codes but it doesn't freeze. Example: Crono walks into the Millennial Fair but instead of going to the fair he's in Guardia Castle in 600 A.D. When he exits, he will be back at the entrance of the fair.
EDF3-7765 "HAVE NO CONTROL OF YOUR PARTY IN BATTLE"- Chrono, Marle, etc. may attack friends or foes.

A1EE-EDD9 "999 HP AND 99 MP AND GAIN ALL TECHS AFTER A BATTLE"- Will go to 999 hp and 99 mp and gain all techs after battle.(At first the game will look like it froze so after battle turn off the GG to go to the exp. and gold screen and it will look like you are going to level 99 but you are only getting full HP and MP and the techs).
3EBF-5767 "TRANSPORTER"- This code will transport your characters to different places than the other transport codes.
569A-6757 "GET DIFFERENT ITEMS AFTER A BATTLE"- This code is random.

85AB-67A4 "START A NEW GAME AS DALTON"- Note: Doesn't work on some games.
Change what appears in place of the title screen.
·DF- Shows partial credit list
·15- Glitchy screen, Lavos screams

EED0-EFE5 "MAGIC GRAPHICAL CHANGES"- Change the look of Magic. For example, Crono casts Lightning spell, but instead of a lightning bolt it shows a blue screen with a cool explosion (forgot the name of that spell). Change the first 2 slots for different effects. Code may freeze game.
FF01-54DF "CHANGES CHARACTER'S SPRITE"- Change character looks. Examples: Crono's Mom looks like Melchoir, the cat is the King of Guardia, Gato is a Reptite, etc. Note: Game may black out if you enter enemy-only areas with GG on.

EE8E-7769 "EVERY ITEM CODE"- After battle, the game will freeze, but it's actually processing items. Wait a while, and the battle will end. Now take a look at your item list. You should have 98-100% of the items in the game. NOTE: the "dummied" items are totally useless. They were literally erased from the game and have no use. All you see of them is the icons.
EEE8-E7D9 "LEVEL UP EXPERIENCE"- After battle, all characters HP and MP will increase just as if you gained a level. This works also for people not in your current party.
EE68-7DOC "ITEM SHOP/CHANGE EQUIP."- This code has two effects. The first is this: go into a shop (things should have different prices), exit it, go back in, and voila! Everything will cost only 1GP, and you will be able to sell ANY item in your inventory; allowing you to rid yourself of old accessories, armor, etc. But you won't get anything for the things you sell. The second effect is this: simply go to the stat screen, and any character will be able to equip anything. Ex: equip Robo with a Rainbow, Crono with a Prism-Dress, etc. This doesn't mean you can equip, say, weapons in your armor slot, it means you can equip any weapon in your weapon slots, etc. NOTE: There are two bad sides to this code, the first is that you can't use items, and the second is that it causes graphic glitches while walking on the map. So, only use the effects of this code when needed.

65EB-E4A9 "MAX OUT ABILITIES"- Maxes out all abilities such as power, magic, speed, etc. for every character.
56E0-5F69 "LEARN ALL TECHS" Learn all dual and triple techs.


And Here Are The Old Codes:

EEDD-7F5D Start with higher HP
63DD-745D Start with higher MP
BDDD-74ED Start with max power
BDDD-777D Start with max stamina
BDDD-775D Start with max speed
BDDD-778D Start with max magic
BDDD-77ED Start with max hit ratio
BDDF-7D7D Start with max evade
BDDF-7D5D Start with max magic defense

7F67-5DD0 Kill monsters easily
A1EE-EFD9 Max out party's level to ** after one fight
EE61-5700 Win every battle (No exp, tech, or gold)

Infinite MP:
Note: If the first code doesn't work try the other.
6DA6-7765 Ayla

3DAB-7765 / Crono

8DAB-7765 / Frog

9DAB-7765 Lucca

2DAB-7765 / Magus

7DAB-7765 / Marle

1DAB-7765 / Robo

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