Here is a list of all the Armor in Chrono Trigger, along with the price, its defense, which characters can equip it, and any special effects it may have on its wearer.





Who Can Use It?

Special Effects?

Hide Cap Crono, Marle, & Lucca start with this 3 All None
BronzeHelm 200; Frog starts with this 8 All None
Iron Helm 500; Robo starts with this 14 All None
Beret 700 17 Females None
Gold Helm --- 18 Males None
Rock Helm Horn & Feather; Ayla starts with this 20 All None
CeraTopper --- 23 All None
Taban Helm --- 24 Lucca Magic Defense + 10
Glow Helm 2,300 25 Males None
Lode Helm 6,500 29 All None
Doom Helm Magus starts with this 29 Magus None
Sight Cap 20,000 30 All Prevents Chaos
Memory Cap 20,000 30 All Prevents Lock
Time Hat 30,000 30 All Prevents Stop and Slow
Aeon Helm --- 33 All None
Dark Helm --- 35 Males Cuts Shadow damage by 50%
Haste Helm --- 35 All 50% less time between Attacks
R'bow Helm --- 35 All Cuts Lightning damage by 50%
Mermaid Cap --- 35 All Cuts Water damage by 50%
Vigil Hat 50,000 36 All Protects status
Safe Helm --- 38 All Reduces physical damage by 1/3
Prism Helm --- 40 All Def + 9, locks status
Gloom Helm --- 42 Magus Protects status
OzziePants --- 45 All ??? (causes Confusion)

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