Here is a list of all the accessories in FF7, where they can be found, buy/sell prices, and what they do.

Note: Absorbs= turns into HP

Name Where To Get: Effects: $ Buy/Sell $
Amulet Buy: Mideel Luck +10 10,000/5,000
Bolt Ring Buy: Mideel; Find: Old Man's Cave Absorbs Lightning-typed damage 8,000/4,000
Cat's Bell Win: Chocobo Races HP is gradually replenished as you walk NA/1
Champion Belt Win: Gold Saucer Duel Attack +30; Constitution +30 NA/1
Choco Feather Buy: Wutai; Win: Gold Saucer Duel Speed +10 10,000/5,000
Circlet Steal: Snow, Ultimate Weapon Magic +30; Spirit +30 NA/1
Cursed Ring Find: Mideel; Steal: Ultimate Weapon Death Sentence is cast on wearer; Attack +35; Magic +35; Speed +15; Constitution +15; Spirit +15; Luck +10 NA/1
Earring Buy: Rocket Town Attack +10 7,500/3,750
Fairy Ring Buy: Mideel; Find: Cave of the Gi Protection from Darkness and Poison conditions, and poison-typed damage 7,000/3,500
Fire Ring Buy: Mideel; Find: Costa Del Sol Absorbs Fire-typed damaged 8,000/4,000
Fury Ring Buy: Gongaga Berserk is cast on wearer 5,000/2,500
Headband Buy: Junon (pre meteor), Gongaga Protection from Sleep condition 3,000/1,500
Hypno Crown Find: Zango Valley Raises odds of successfully using "Manipulate" Materia NA/1
Ice Ring Buy: Mideel; Boss: Chehov Absorbs Ice-typed damage 8,000/4,000
Jewel Ring Buy: Mideel; Find: Nibelheim; Boss: Materia Keeper Protection from Petrify, Gradual Petrify, and Paralysis conditions 7,500/3,750
Peace Ring Buy: Rocket Town (post meteor); Boss: Rapus; Win: Condor Fort Protection from Confuse, Berserk, Fury, and Sadness conditions 7,500/3,750
Poison Ring Find: Whirlwind Maze Absorbs Poison-typed damage NA/10,000
Power Wrist Buy: Rocket Town; Boss: Bottom Swell Attack +10 7,500/3,750
Protect Ring Steal: Twin Head; Morph: Mover Automatically casts Barrier and MBarrier on wearer at beginning of each battle NA/4,500
Protect Vest Buy: Rocket Town; Boss: Rufus; Win: Gold Saucer Duel Constitution +10 3,500/1,750
Reflect Ring Find: Gaea's Cliff; Boss: Jenova-DEATH; Steal: Ultimate Weapon Grants the Reflect condition (same as the spell) to the wearer NA/6,000
Ribbon Find: Temple of the Ancients, Gaea's Cliff; Morph: Master Tonberi; Win: Gold Saucer Secret Duel Protection from all enemy-cast effects, except for Stop, Slow, and Haste NA/1
Safety Bit Buy: Rocket Town (post meteor); Find: Ice Gate; Win: Gold Saucer (snowboard) Protection from Petrify, Gradual Petrify, Instant Death, and Death Sentence conditions 7,500/3,750
Silver Glasses Buy: Junon (pre meteor), Gongaga; Win: Junon Protection from Darkness condition 3,000/1,500
Sneak Glove Buy: Wall Market (post meteor) Raises odds of successfully stealing 129,000/1
Sprint Shoes Win: Chocobo Races Casts Haste on the wearer NA/250
Star Pendant Buy: Gongaga; Find: Shinra Building, Corel Mountains; Boss: Motor Ball Protection from Poison condition and Poison-typed damage 4,000/2,000
Talisman Buy: Gongaga, Rocket Town; Boss: Sample HO512 Spirit +10 4,000/2,000
Tetra Elemental Find: Final Dungeon; Morph: Cacteur Absorbs Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Earth-typed damage NA/1
Toughness Ring Steal: Reno Constitution +50; Spirit +50 NA/1
Water Ring Find: Zango Valley; Steal: Acrophies, Serpent Absorbs Water-typed damage NA/5,000
White Cape Buy: Gongaga, Mideel; Boss: Jenova-BIRTH Protection from Frog and Mini conditions 5,000/2,500

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