Here is a list of all the Armor in the game, including where to get it, what it does, Materia slots, etc.

Note: (O=O) means two linked Materia slots; (O) means one single slot

          ND means Normal Damage; MD means Magic Damage

Name Where To Get Materia ND Def./Evade: MD Def./Evade: Special $Buy/Sell$
Adaman Bangle Steal: Adamantai (O=O) X1


23/0 N/A NA/300
Aegis Armlet Find: Midgar Sector 8 (O=O) (O=O) X1 55/15 86/50 N/A NA/1
Aurora Armlet Find: Forgotten City; Steal: Unknown 2 (O=O) (O=O) X1 76/8 54/3 N/A NA/2,400
Bolt Armlet Find: Zango Valley; Steal: Unknown (O=O) (O=O) X1 72/8 52/3 NA NA/2,4000
Bronze Bangle Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Aeris all begin the game with this armor X0 8/0 0/0 N/A NA/50
Carbon Bangle Yuffie starts with this armor; Buy: Costa Del Sol (pre meteor), North Corel; Steal: Moth Slasher (O=O) (O) X1 27/3 14/0 N/A 800/400
Crystal Bangle Buy: Mideel; Win: Gold Saucer Snowboard (O=O) (O=O) (O=O) X1 70/8 45/1 N/A 4,800/2,400
Chocobracelet Win: Chocobo Races (O) (O) (O) (O) X1 35/10 38/10 Speed+30; Luck+20 NA/1
Diamond Bangle Buy: Bone Village (O=O) (O=O) (O) X1 57/6 37/0 N/A 3,200/1,600
Dragon Armlet Drop: Red Dragon, Blue Dragon; Steal: Dark Dragon (O=O) (O=O) (O=O) X1 58/3 47/2 N/A NA/1,900
Edincoat Buy: Rocket Town; Boss: Palmer (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) X1 50/0 33/0 Magic+5 8,000/4,000
Escort Guard Find: Downed Shinra Plane; Morph: Iron Giant (O=O) (O=O) (O=O) X1 62/5 55/0 Complete protection from lightning, earth, poison, and water damage; Males ONLY NA/1
Fire Armlet Find: Gaea's Cliff; Steal: Unknown 3 (O=O) (O=O) X1 74/8 55/3 N/A NA/2,400
Force Bracelet Find: Rocket Town (post meteor) (O=O) (O=O) (O) X1 74/3 100/3 Magic+20; Strongest magic defense armor NA/1
Four Slot Buy: Costa Del Sol (pre meteor); Win: Shinra Building (O) (O) (O) (O) X1 12/0 10/0 NA 1,300/650
Gigas Armlet Boss: Demon's Gate; Steal: Gigas (O=O) (O=O) (O) X0 59/0 0/0 Attack+30 NA/400
Gold Armlet Cid starts with this armor; Buy: Rocket Town; Steal: Dragon; Find: Blacksmith's House (O=O) (O=O) X1 46/4 28/0 N/A 2,000/1,000
Imperial Guard Find: Final Dungeon; Boss: Cmd. Grandhorn (O=O) (O=O) (O=O) X1 82/0 74/0 N/A NA/1
Iron Bangle Buy: Midgar Sector 7 Slums (O) 10/0 2/0 N/A 160/80
Minerva Band Find: Ancient Forest; Steal: Elena (O=O) (O=O) (O=O) X1 60/8 57/0 Protection from fire, ice, gravity, and holy damage; Females ONLY NA/1
Mystile Find: Midgar Sector 8, Final Dungeon (O=O) (O=O) (O=O) X1 65/50 72/60 N/A NA/1
Mythril Armlet Red XIII starts with this armor; Buy: Wall Market, Kalm, Junon; Boss: Heligunner (O=O) X1 18/3 8/0 N/A 350/175
Platinum Bangle Buy: Costa Del Sol (pre meteor), Junon (post meteor); Steal: Death Claw (O) (O) X2 20/0 12/0 Double-Materia raising power 1,800/900
Precious Watch Win: Chocobo Races (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) X1 0/0 0/0 Apparently this is some sort of joke NA/1
Rune Armor Buy: Bone Village (O) (O) (O) (O) X2 43/5 24/0 Double-materia raising power 3,700/1,850
Shinra Alpha Steal: Captain, Marine, Soldier 1st (O=O) (O=O) (O=O) X1 77/0 34/0 N/A NA/750
Shinra Beta Drop: Shinra Marine (O=O) (O) (O) X1 30/0 0/0 N/A NA/475
Silver Armlet Cait Sith and Vincent start with this armor; Buy: Cosmo Canyon; Boss: Dyne (O=O) (O) (O) X1 34/4 22/0 N/A 1,300/650
Titan Bangle Buy: Midgar Sector 5 Slums, Wall Market; Boss: Air Buster (O) (O) X1 14/2 4/0 N/A 280/140
Warrior Bangle Steal: Eagle Gun (O=O) (O=O) X0 96/0 21/0 Attack+20 NA/500
Wizard Bracelet Buy: Mideel; Boss: Jenova-LIFE; Steal: Epiolnis (O=O) (O=O) (O=O) (O=O) X1 6/3 85/3 Magic+20; very strong protection against magic 12,000/6,000
Ziedrich Steal: Rude X0 100/15 98/18 Attack+20; Magic+20; Halves all types of magical damage NA/1

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