Cait Sith

Cait Sith

Job: Toysaurus
Age: ???
Weapon: Megaphone
Height: 3' 2"
Birthdate: ???
Birthplace: ???
Hometown: ???
Blood Type: ???
Worthy Party Member: Nope
First Appearance: Gold Saucer

Cait Sith (pronounced Ket Shee) is a cat that controls a stuffed Moogle that he brought to life.  Little is known about him, other than the fact that he is very unreliable and will not hesitate to escape from battle.  He doesn't attack directly; he shouts orders to the Moogle, and it attacks for him.  His limit breaks offer variety, but he is not exactly an ideal party member.  

Cait Sith's Weapons
Weapon Where To Get Materia Special Stats Buy/Sell
Yellow Megaphone Buy: Junon (post-meteor); Cait Sith starts out with this weapon (O=O) (O) (O) --- Attack36, Magic8, Hit100 500/250
White Megaphone Buy: Junon (post-meteor); Find: Gongaga (O) (O) (O)X2 Double materia-raising power Attack35, Magic8, Hit102 2300/1150
Green Megaphone Buy: Cosmo Canyon (O=O) (O=O) --- Attack41, Magic9, Hit100 2400/1200
Black Megaphone Buy: Junon (post-meteor); Find: Cave of the Gi (O) (O) (O) (O) --- Attack31, Magic10, Hit104 2800/1400
Silver Megaphone Buy: Junon (post-meteor); Find: Shira Mansion (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) (O) --- Attack28, Magic28, Hit106 3300/1650
Blue Megaphone Buy: Wutai (O=O) (O=O) (O) --- Attack48, Magic10, Hit100 5500/2750
Trumpet Shell Buy: Junon (post-meteor); Find: Temple None Raises odds of getting a critical hit considerably Attack68, Magic2, Hit118, Critical4 3000/1500
Red Megaphone Buy: Icicle Lodge (O=O) (O=O) (O) (O) --- Attack60, Magic15, Hit100 11000/5500
Gold Megaphone Buy: Costa Del Sol (post-meteor) (O=O) (O=O) (O=O) (O=O) --- Attack58, Magic28, Hit103 15000/7500
Crystal Megaphone Buy: Mideel (O=O) (O=O) (O=O) --- Attack74, Magic20, Hit100 18000/9000
Battle Trumpet Find: Undersea Reactor (O=O) (O=O) (O=O)X0 Does not allow your materia to grow Attack95, Hit95, Critical2 ---/1
Starlight Phone Find: Midgar Sector 8 (O=O) (O=O) (O=O) (O=O) Raises Vitality level considerably Attack88, Vitality30, Magic31, Hit102 ---/1
HP Shout Find: Shinra Building (post-meteor) (O=O) (O=O) (O=O) (O=O)X0 Attack power rises with Cait Sith's current HP level Attack95, Magic44, Hit110 ---/1

Cait Sith At Gold Saucer

Cait Sith's Limit Breaks
Limit Break Level How To Get What It Does
Lucky Dice 1 Cait Sith begins the game with this limit break. Cait Sith throws two to six dice at one opponent.  The totals are added up, and multiplied by 100, 200, 300, or 400, and the enemy takes that much damage.
Slots 2 Cait Sith must kill eighty enemies to gain this limit break. Cait Sith only has two limit breaks.  The second, Slots, sort of counts as multiple limit breaks because it has so many possible outcomes, but it does not change as you use it more, or kill more enemies.  Basically, you just spin the slots, and something cool (usually) happens when you get three-of-a-kind.  Due to the general weakness of this limit break, and the small but real possibility that you might get "Joker Death" as the outcome, this is one of the weakest limit breaks in the game.  The random aspect may be fun, but it doesn't make Cait Sith very effective.  The eight possible outcomes are listed in the table below.

Slots Possibilities
Outcome Combination What It Does
Toy Box Three different symbols An item from the "toy box", such as icicles or a giant chocobo,  is dropped on a single enemy.
Toy Soldiers 3 Crowns Cait Sith summons a small army of toy soldiers who attack all of the enemies for fairly heavy amounts of damage.
Mog Dance 3 Stars A Moogle appears and completely refills the entire party to HP and MP Max. This is one of the best and most common outcomes.
Lucky Gal 3 Hearts A cute young lady dressed up a an animal appears and blows all three of your party members a kiss.  After that, all regular attacks will be critical hits until the end of the battle.
Random Summon Spell 3 Bars A summon spell picked at random from the ones you have received so far in the game is automatically cast, costing you no MP.
Combine 3 Moogles All three party members just into Cait Sith's suit, creating one giant Cait Sith, whose HP total is that of all three party members' combined. Naturally, this would cause his attacks to do fairly massive damage.
All Over Cait Sith's Entire Face This is the best outcome you can get.  It automatically kills all enemies on the screen, regardless of whether or not they have protection from it.  Be careful when going for this, otherwise you may get this next outcome.
Joker Death Two parts of Cait Sith's face, and a Bar This is the worst you can get, so avoid it at all costs.  It automatically kills everyone in your party, and it cannot be prevented.  Game Over.

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