Weapon Strategy

What is the best way to kill the Emerald and Ruby Weapons?

To really stand much of a chance against Emerald Weapon, you'll want to remove the 20 minute time limit. To do this, you'll need to morph a Ghost Ship enemy near the Underwater Reactor. He'll turn into a Guidebook, which you can give to a man in Kalm for the Underwater Materia. This materia, when equipped, allows underwater breathing and removes the time limit.

Now for the fight against the Emerald Weapon itself. There are several ways to go about doing this. I have heard that he is weak against All 7 Fever, so you may want to try getting at least one of your characters to exactly 7777 Hp's and see how this works. Another method requires a lot of planning time to work, but can be very effective. You'll need to raise LOTS (20-30) of Counter Attack Materia to Master level for this to work. Put Barret and Yuffie in your party and go after the Weapon. Give them their final weapons (Missing Score and Conformer) and load them up with about ten counter attacks each. Give Cloud Ragnarok instead of the Ultimate Weapon and fill him up with about 8 Counter Attacks as well (Ultimate Weapon does damage based on Cloud's HP, so it gets less effective as he gets hit more, while Ragnarok is consistently good). Make sure that Barret's Missing Score is full of Mastered Counter Attack Materia so that he can consistently do 9999 damage. Yuffie's Conformer does more damage depending on how high the enemy's level is. Now, Emerald Weapon is definitely at a higher level than Yuffie, so she should also do consistent 9999 damage. As a final precaution, give Cloud and/or Barret Escort Guard armor, which reduces the damage from the Aire Tam Storm attack by 1/3. Give someone Final Attack (If you have it) and hook it up to Revive or preferably Phoenix. You may also want to give Cloud W-Summon and Knights of Round (At least Level 2), along with Magic Plus. If you have the space, give Barret and Yuffie Mimic Materia. Go fight the Weapon. Now, whenever he attacks, whoever he hits will counter attack ten times and do almost 100,000 points of damage. On your turns, just have Cloud hit him with Knights twice for close to 250,000 points of damage and mimic it if possible. If Emerald attacks and you counter before you can mimic it, just mimic the counter attacks for another 100,000 points of damage. After a couple rounds, Emerald Weapon should die, leaving an Earth Harp, which can be traded for a set of Master Materia.

A third way is to use your 3 best magic users (Mine were Cloud, Vincent, and Barret) and load up. Give them strong weapons with 6-8 slots and strong armor (Escort Guard, Mystile) with 6-8 slots as well. Give one character Knights of Round, which should be at level 4 or higher, along with W-Summon. Give the other 2 characters Mimic Materia. Give Final Attacks to your characters with Mimic and attach it to Phoenix. It also helped me to give one character X-Magic, Quadra Magic, and Ultima Materia, so he could use Ultima 8 times in a row in case Emerald Weapon's lasers showed up. I just kept hitting him with Knights, which dealt out about 240,000 points of damage each time I used it, using Turbo Ethers and Megalixers when appropriate, and let Final Attack do its stuff if I died. Emerald went down quite easily.

Now, Ruby Weapon will be a little bit tougher than Emerald, due to the fact that Whirlsand gets rid of two of your party members. To solve this problem, kill off two members before the fight. When Ruby sinks her stalks into the ground behind you, revive your allies. For this battle, use a similar strategy to the third Emerald Weapon strategy. Master Summon materia is very helpful here. Hit Ruby with Hades, which can cast Stop on her, and follow it with Knights. Just keep mimicking it with everyone until he dies. If Stop wears off and Ruby attacks you, just use a Megalixer, cast Hades/Knights again and keep it going until he dies.

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