Final Fantasy Tactics Items

Below are listings of all items, shuriken, and balls, along with their cost and attributes.

Item Cost Where To Get Attributes
Potion 50 Shop Restores 30 HP
Hi-Potion 200 Shop Restores 70 HP
X-Potion 700 Shop Restores 150 HP
Ether 200 Shop Restores 20 MP
Hi-Ether 600 Shop Restores 50 MP
Elixer 10 Deep Dungeon Restores all HP and MP
Antidote 50 Shop Cures Poison
Eye Drop 50 Shop Cures Darkness
Echo Grass 50 Shop Cures Silence
Maiden's Kiss 50 Shop Cures Toad
Soft 100 Shop Cures Petrify
Holy Water 2000 Shop Cures Undead
Remedy 350 Shop Cures Poison, Darkness, Silence, Toad, Petrify, Sleep, Confusion
Phoenix Down 300 Shop Revives a fallen unit and restores a small amount of HP.

Shuriken/Ball Weapon Power Where To Get Cost Attributes
Shuriken 4 Shop 50 ---
Magic Shuriken 7 Shop 300 ---
Yagyu Darkness 10 Shop 1000 ---
Fire Ball 8 Shop 250 Fire Elemental
Water Ball 8 Shop 250 Water Elemental
Lightning Ball 8 Shop 250 Lightning Elemental

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