Unexplored Lands, Treasures, And Zodiac Stones

Here are lists of all the Unexplored Lands and Treasures, many of which are derived from previous Final Fantasies. I filled in the ones I know, so tell me if you recognize any of the others. I also have a list of Zodiac Stones and who you get them from.

Unexplored Lands:
Castle Of Trials - FF1
Chocobo Forest - FF3 & FF4
Crystal Tower - FF4
Falgabird - FF3
Floating Castle - FF1
Forbidden Land Of Eureka - FF3
Lonkan/Ronkan Ruins - FF5
Magic Continent - FF6 (mistranslation of the Floating Continent)
Magic Train - FF6
Matoya Cave - FF1
Mirage Tower - FF1
Pandemonium - FF2
Semite Falls - FF2
Shrine Of Chaos - FF1
Touzas Village - FF3
Tower Of Bab-il - FF4

Four Gods Set
Beetle Charm
Tobacco Pipe
Black Cat - FF6
Malice Mask
Parade Helmet
Kid's Bread - FF3
Adult's Bread - FF3
Calcobrina- FF4
Red Materia - FF7
Blue Materia - FF7
Black Materia - FF7
White Materia - FF7
Rat Tail - FF4 & FF1
M-Fiction Novel
Diary Of Nanai
Book Of Enavia
Magical Gun
M Machinegun
Magi-Sword - FF6
Minu Orb - FF2
Tarot Of Ben
Parasite Tree - FF5
Longibunne Spear
Chocobo Cannon
St. Elmo's Fire - FF7 (used on Ghost Ship)
Germonik Scriptures


Zodiac Stones
Zodiac Stone Who Possessed (or possesses) It?
Aries Wiegraf
Taurus Mustadio
Gemini Elmdor
Cancer Worker 7 New
Leo Vormav
Virgo Vormav
Libra Orlandu
Scorpio Draclau
Sagittarius Meliadoul
Capricorn Dycedarg
Aquarius Sinogue
Pisces Izlude
Serpentarius Elidibs

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