Q: Where is the Safety Ring?
A: To get the Safety Ring, go to the room with King Calamari (the room before you fight the bandanas). Then go behind the big pile of barrels. Go up, right, down, right, up, right, and you'll find the box with the Safety Ring!

Q: Where can I get the Seed and Fertilizer?
A: The Seed can be found in Bean Valley, after beating Smilax. It will float onto the screen above the location where Smilax was. The Fertilizer can be found only after Valentina has been defeated. To locate it, push along the far-right side of Nimbus Land until you find an invisible path. At the end of the path you will find a Shyster floating around. Talk to the Shyster and it will give you the Fertilizer to keep you quiet.

Q: I've heard that rumors that Jonny Jones, Booster, Samus, and Link can all join your party. Is this true?
A: No.

Q: I can't go anywhere on the World Map. What should I do?
A: There's something somewhere you haven't done yet, or someone you haven't talked to. If you're at the beginning of the game, go back to Mario's Pad and talk to Toad. (He may be inside the house.) If you're further along in the game, backtrack and talk to every single person you meet. Someone will get you headed in the right direction again. You can also check out the Sequence of Events here in Pro Connection for tips.

Q: What is the password in the Sunken Ship?
A: The password can be learned by completing the six puzzle rooms and putting their clues together. These rooms can be tricky, though, so if you're really stuck, give "pearls" a try.

Q: What do you get for finding all 39 Hidden Treasure Boxes?
A: A really incredible sense of pride and accomplishment.

Q: How do you do 30 or 100 Super Jumps?
A: You have to practice the timing. The timing does change at certain points, so you need to pay close attention to Mario's feet. Usually, the timing changes around the 16th through 17th jump and again around the 22nd through 23rd jump. This is very, very difficult to do -- keep trying! It's impossible for me to explain the pattern in words.

Q: Where's the Casino
A: Grate Guy's Casino is an optional area that can be accessed from Bean Valley if you have the Bright Card. To find the Casino from the beginning of Bean Valley, walk up and enter the green pipe on the right. Walk left and enter the next pipe, then follow the path up and left to reach a screen with five green pipes, Piranha Plants and a Save Block. Wait for the Shyster to water the top-left Piranha Plant, then fight the Piranha Plant and enter its pipe. Walk around and stand in the center of the block that is above the golden Chomp Chomp. Jump until you reveal a hidden block and pathway connected to the wall. Jump up on to the newly-revealed block, then jump up to the wall. Walk up and right until you get to the exit to the World Map, then follow the new path on the World Map to Grate Guy's Casino.

Q: Where's the Bright Card?
A: The Bright Card can be won from Knife Guy in the Booster Tower AFTER you have completed the area. Once you've arrived in Bean Valley and want to enter Grate Guy's Casino, return to Booster Tower. You'll find Knife Guy juggling in the room before the first Save Block. If you agree to play his game, he will juggle the yellow ball and ask you to guess which hand it is in. If you guess correctly 12 times in a row, he will give you the Bright Card. If you guess incorrectly, your score will go down by one. Keep guessing, and you'll eventually get it. You can only get ONE Bright Card, so don't sell it.

Q: Where's the Lamb's Lure?
A: The Lamb's Lure is one of the weirdest items ever found in a role-playing game. To get it, the Princess must equip the B'tub Ring and use the Mystery Egg 10 times in battle. The Lure will try to draw enemies away from battle with its soft, fuzzy charm. If you use the Lamb's Lure 48 times in battle, it will turn into the elusive Sheep Attack, an exceptionally interesting item to use in battle. Warning: If you use the Lamb's Lure and Sheep Attack to rid yourself of enemies, you won't acquire any Experience Points.

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