Mallow Psychopath Trick

Press "Y" during Mallow's "Psychopath" just before the drumroll ends to find out what's on their mind!


Regular Enemies
Enemy HP Message
Alley Rat 105 Don't pity me, Mario!
Amanita 52 Gotta work on my tan!
Ameboid 220 Get outta my face.
Apprentice 120 I've had ENOUGH
Arachne 82 Day-o...
Armored Ant 230 Do one good turn a day!
Artichocker 200 Relax a little, okay?
Bahamutt 500 Give me a chance, here.
Bandana Blue 150 Color me Blue, mates!
Bandana Red 120 I love the color RED!
Big Bertha 350 Adabing, ADABANG!
Birdy 150 I HATE Valentina.
Blaster 120 Wanna join me?
Bloober 130 I love floating around.
Bluebird 200 You are... magnificent
Bob-omb 90 Ouch, HEY! Watch it!
Box Boy 900 Been waitin' 100 years!
Buzzer 43 Buzzzzz...
Carroboscis   I ALWAYS eat my vegetables!
Chained kong 355 A tad warm, isn't it?
Chester 1,200 I love my job!
Chewy 90 I'm just a frwsh slower.
Chomp 100 Workin' on a chain gang.
Chomp Chomp 150 Hey, let's PLAY!
Chow 80 I fought you alredy!
Cluster 60 I'll psyche you out!
Corkpedite Body   ......
Corkpedite Head   Off! FORGET IT!
Crook 38 You can't run away! Ha!
Crusty 80 look at THIS!
Doppel 333 This's been a bad year!
Dry Bones 0 I'm sick of gettin' hit!
Enigma 150 Gather around! Watch it!
Fausto 420 Thanks you I'm free!
Fink Flower 200 Gimme your best shot!
Fireball 10 Blurb blurb blurb
Forkies 350 Shikashikashika~~!
Formless 10 I have a secret!
Frogog 80 This bright sunlight better not fry me!
Geckit 100 Geck...geck...GOCK?
Gecko 92 Red? What about green?
Glum Reaper 180 Comin' through...
Goby 40 Blub blub blub
Goomba 16 Gooma gumba... phew!
Goombette 100 Me speak soft, BIG STICK!
Gorgon 140 I just wanna go home.
Gu Goomba 132 Hey, maybe I CAN win!
Guerilla 135 Don't confuse me with someone else!
Heavy Troopa 250 I'll make ya beautiful!
Hidon 600 You wanna run, huh?!
Hippopo 400 This is a drag...
Hobgoblin 50 Havin' a blast today!
Jabit 150 This is the pits!
Jawful 278 Huh?
Jester 151 I've failed my king...
K9 30 May I take a BITE?
Kriffid 320 Aloe~ there!
Lakitu 124 Why do people hate me?
Lueko 220 Floating's a bad habit.
Lil Boo 66 Beep pa doodle~dee!
Machine Axem Black 120 Will I make the team?
Machine Axem Green 80 Whew! Vertigo!
Machine Axem Pink 100 Oh! My makeup!
Machine Axem Red 180 Gotta fight for evil!
Machine Axem Yellow 200 I'm STARVED!
Machine Bowyer 1000 Nya! I'll SNUFF ya! NYA!
Machine Drill Bit 180 Look out, LOSERS!
Machine Mack 300 Mario! I'm BAAAAAAAACK!
Machine Shyster 100 Boing, boing, boing.
Machine Yaridovich 800 My promotions at stake!
Mad Mallet 200 Work, work, work...
Magmite 26 Got a thorn in my foot.
Magmus 50 Clobber me for good life!
Malakoopa 95 Just call me "General!"
Mastadoom 180 Phew, I'm FREEZING...
Mokura 620 Mwa ha ha...
Mr. Kipper 133 I'm a frsh little fish.
Muckle 320 Gotta know your limits.
Mukumuku 108 Ya trying to bug me?!
Ninja 235 Wooo HOOO! I'm a FOO!
Octolot   Check out my legs!
Octovader 250 I'm a part time typist!
Oerlikon 85 I live to eat.
Orb User 8 I HATE Kinklinks!
Orbinson 30 Don't jump on me!
Pandorite 300 I'm trying to sleep, OK?
Pinwheel 99 What a day it's been...
Pirahna Plant 158 Pretty boring nowadays.
Pounder 180 Wham bam SLAM!
Poundette 150 Love conquers ALL.
Pulsar 69 I'm a mini-pulsar.
Puppox 300 What does it all MEAN?
Pyrosphere 167 Vroom, VROOM!!
Rat Funk 32 Squeek, squeek...
Reacher 184 Hope you'll stay close.
Remo Con 88 The world is history
Ribbite   My dad says, "Hello."
Rob-omb 42 Disappear? Maybe later!
Sackit 152 This is just how I am.
Shadow 85 You're a model, right!
Shaman 150 I'm losing this fight!
Shogun 150 Do as you like.
Shyaway 140 La Dee Da~ Ha ha.
Shy Guy 78 Hold still, okay?!
Shyster 30 Boing, boing, boing.
Skytroopa 10 What a gorgeous day!
Slintg Shy 120 Hear my song.
Snapdragon 50 I did a lot in my youth.
Snifit 200 Minimun wage for THIS?!
Sparky 120 Fire EVERYWHERE!
Spikester 50 Why, you're afraid of me!
Spikey 20 Just try and jump on me!
Spinthra 230 Oh! I'm gonna poison ya!
Spookum 98 Que pasa?
Springer 122 What's going on here?
Star Cruster 72 I'M NOT A CRAB!!
Starslap 42 They think I'm goofy...
Stinger 65 Strike the pose!
Strawhead 131 Gotta press this shirt!
Stumpet 500 Express yourself!
Terra Cotta 180 Oh, Mr. Bowser~~
The Big Boo 43 Stop staring at me!
Tub-O-Troopa 500 My shells shot.
Vomer 0 Nobody, NOBODY likes me.
Wiggler 120 I'm just a helpless wiggler...
Zeostar 90 Oh, I can't stand him!


Enemy HP Message
Axem Black 550 You're timing stinks!
Axem Blade 999 It's a melee!
Axem Green 450 Are we done here?
Axem Pink 400 Red, WRONG POSITION!
Axem Red 800 I'm all thumbs today!
Axem Yellow 600 We're lookin' GOOD!
Belome 500 I just... wanna sleep.
Belome2 1,200 Gotta yummy in my tummy!
Birdo 777 I just love life!
Boomer 2,000 It's all over now...
Booster 800 This is like realizing you're outside without your clother on!
Bowser Clone 300 Grr... my castle...
Bowyer 720 What's with these folks?
Bundt 900 Congratulations.
Clerk 500 10 years I've been here!
Cloaker 1,200 I love cold hard steel!
Cloaker /w Earthlink 1,200 I can't think straight!
Count Down 2,400 We're into overtime!
Croco1 320 Gosh, I'm good!
Croco2 750 Ooh, I'm good!
Culex 4,096 A little off, eh?
Czar Dragon 1,400 Flamin' hot right at ya!
Ding a Ling 1,200 Wake up sleepy heads!
Director 1,000 I just lost EVERYTHING!
Dodo 800 I'm STARVED!
Dodo /w Valentina 1,000 I'm starved... later!
Domino 900 MAGIC! DEAL with it!
Domino /w Mad Adder 900 Sh... sho... shocked!
Earth Crystal 3,200 I hate being awakened.
Earthlink 2,500 What a royal pain!
Eggbert 10 What a glorious day!
Exor 1,800 Gotta mow the lawn soon!
Factory Chief 1,000 Who DARES to fight ME?!
Fire Crystal 2,500 I gotta vacumn tonight!
Geno Clone 250 Star pieces... Star...
Grate Guy 900 Peace is just a dream
Gun Yolk 1,500 If I were beaten, the boss is alone!
Helio 10 I'm burnin' up inside!
Jagger 600 Oh! I'm so excited!
Jinx1 600 You're just a begginer!
Jinx2 800 Synpathy?! Not for me!
Jinx3 1,000 Ooh! I'm gonna hurt ya!
Jinx Clone 320 I'm the real thing!
Left Eye 300 I can't see a thing!
Mack 480 Boing, boing, boing
Mad Adder 1,500 I'm alive and kicking.
Magikoopa 1,600 That's... my child?
Mallow Clone 150 Ma? Pa? Where are ya?
Manager 800 25 years of working, sigh.
Mario Clone 200 ......
Mega Slimax 1,000 I was a water baby!
Mezzo Bomb 150 Look out!
Micro Bomb 30 Small is as small does.
Neosquid 800 I'm so utterly alone...
Punchinello 1,200 Yeeha! I see we're alredy famous!
Raspberry 600 Congratulations!
Right Eye 500 I've got an astigmatism!
Shelly 500 Slow down!
Shyper 400 Ooh! This'll be fun!
Smelter 1,500 I brush after every meal!
Slimax 200 Turn your eyes!
Smithy 2,000 Eh?! Not bad!
Smithy Body 1,000 What a heavy head!
Smithy Magic Head 8,000 Good magic, bad defense.
Smithy Mask Head 8,000 Nothin' can hurt me!
Smithy Tank Head 8,000 Don't shock me! DON'T!
Smithy Treasure Head 8,000 What's hidden inside?!
Tentacle Left 200 You wouldn't... EAT me?!
Tentacle Right 260 Keep me in cool!
Toadstool 2 120 It's tough to be pretty!
Torte 100 Cake! Vatch zee cake!
Valentina 2,000 I'll tell ya, he's NOTHING!
Water Crystal 1,800 Get me back underground!
Wind Crystal 800 Whhhhhhooooo...
Yaridovich 1,500 My promorion's at stake!
Yaridovich Mirage 500 I'm not the real McCoy!
Zombone 1,800 Hey! We're not done yet!

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