Super Mario RPG Secrets

Mario Hammer Frog Disciple

Mushroom Kingdom

• Right when you go into Mushroom Kingdom, you'll see a house on your left. Try to go around it and you'll find someone hiding behind the house. Talk to him occasionally, you'll find his advice helpful.

• If you go to the guest room at the Castle between the time you go to Star Hill and Nimbus Land, you can find Samus Aran from Metroid "Resting up for Mother Brain."

• Go to Toadstool's room and look for an item on the right side of the fire place. You'll be able to find "Toadstool's ???". (Hmm... I wonder what it could be. This is a rhetorical question, so don't answer it.) Anyway, if Toadstool is not in your party yet, her grandma will give you a mushroom and ask you to leave everything alone. If Toadstool is in your party, then she will say, "Stop peeking into other people's room!"

• Go to the inn after you have rescued Toadstool and talk to the boy at the corner. You will be able to buy his Game Boy for $500.

• Don't talk to the guy who lost his wallet right after you get back to Mushroom Kingdom. If you come back later in the game, he'll upgrade the thing he finds in your wallet. I tried this after I beat Star Hill, and I got a Flower Jar instead of a Frog Coin. I guess that if you wait until practically forever, you could get something like a KeroKero Cola.

• To defeat Mack easier, kill all but one of those little guys and concentrate on Mack. If you kill all of the little guys, four more will come.


Kero Sewers

• In the first screen with rats running up and down the stairs go to the top where there is an "L" shaped stack of boxes jump in the middle of the stack there is a hole. If you jump in the hole you can get a flower point.

Tadpole Pond

• There is a Juice Bar on the left. You'll need a membership card to buy some better items. You can get the Alto Card from Toadofsky at Melody Bay if you play him Frogfucious' suite #18 (So La Mi Re Do Re Do Re).


Rose Town

• If you play with Gaz, from then on you will be able to stay at the inn for free!

• If you stay overnight at the inn, you will be able to see Link (from Zelda) the next morning.

• There is a Gardener in the town. (In order to find him, you'll first have to talk to the mouse in Monstro Town.) When you give him the Seed and the Fertilizer, you will get two Lazy Shells (one weapon and one armor). The weapon is extremely powerful! The armor is also very powerful, but it decreases your attack power by a lot.

• There is a guy that tells you the location of the secret treasure in the maze. He tells you "Left, left, straight and right." Remember that the directions are relative to Mario, not to the screen.

• To get the Treasure Box located on the shelf in the Rose Town Item Shop, go outside and find the stack of boxes. Jump up to the highest one, and from there jump to on the building's chimney and press down. You'll drop into the house and onto the shelf.

• When you go to Rose Town for the first time, DON'T talk to the guy walking by his house. Just stand on his head, jump and steal his Treasure boxes, Go up a floor and get the hidden box over the bed, and get out of there without thinking about a switch. After you go left, left, forward, and right, and beat the Forest Maze, go to the house, and hit the switch. Then tell the truth and confess. He'll then give you a Frog Coin.

• If you keep killing the Shy Guys that Lakitu hangs down on a fishing pole in Rose Way, he'll drop a mushroom and run off.

• In the Forest Maze, go down the first stump and kill all the enemies you find, then get out of the stump and go back in. You will find that the mouse has returned and he will keep coming back. This can be a good way to gain a little experience.


Pipe Vault

• There is a row of a lot of pipes. Go to the 2nd to last pipe and play the "goomba thumping" game. Also, in Rose Town, there is a guy (just like at mushroom kingdom) hidden behind that guy's house with the treasure boxes he doesn't want you to touch. Anyway, talk to him & he will ask you if you've been to Yo'ster Isle and if you've played the "goomba thumping" game



• Check the item shop occasionally and talk to the person on the left. He sometimes has a few powerful weapons to sell, such as the Frying Pan for Toadstool.

• When you go to Moleville, buy fireworks when you get enough money. Then, when you beat the game you get a better fireworks display! Here is a list:

     0-2 Mushroom

     3-4 Flower

     5+ STAR!

• You can buy a Firework for $500 from a person in the house located at the top left corner. After you get the Firework, get out of the house and you'll be able to see a little girl on the right side of the house. Give her the Firework and she will give you a Shiny Stone in return. Go to the item shop and talk to the person behind the counter. He will trade your Shiny Stone with a Carbo Cookie. Go to the very left of the town and talk to the girl. She will give you a Frog Coin for every TWO Carbo Cookies you give her (What a rip off!!). And if you get on her seat and press down, you'll be teleported to Midas River. Note: You might want to keep the Shiny Stone, since you can use it to open a door in Monstro Town.

• Go back to Melody Bay and play the Moleville Blues (Mi Do So Do Re La Ti Do) to Toadofsky. He will give you a better membership card, the Tenor Card, for the Juice Bar.


Booster Pass

• In Booster Pass, on the first screen, as soon as you enter you will see 2 bushes. Go behind one, and hit "A". It will give you a message "You saw something sparkle." Then you get a Frog Coin!

• There is a place with 3 spikeys in 3 ditches go over & get the flower (of course) and to YOUR left there is a small place in the wall where Mario can get in. Go to the very end of this little niche in the wall & jump.apparently it sets off one of those green exclamation boxes and the holes are filled & the spikeys are defeated!

• First, fight the grass at the right of the first screen at Booster Pass, and lose most of your HP. Then go to the cliff and fight the Snifit and die (lose)! Then he will become Snifit #4!! Then your HP should stay at 1 for each person. Then jump off the cliff and then go back through the cave and fight the next snifit. You can make up to 8 snifits! Then go to the stairs to the top floor! Don't be scared! They will not fight you, and talk to all of them!


Booster Tower

• A clown (Knife Guy) will give you a Bright Card, the membership card to the Casino, if you beat him 12 times.

• In Booster's tower there is a room with a large curtain.(This is not the room with the bombs). If you walk behind the curtain you will come out as the original Mario! When you try to walk out the room you will change back to his normal form. Also, when you are the old Mario you can't use the X button and you can barely jump. You can only do this once, so enjoy it while you can.

• There is a Teeter Totter with a bomb on one side. Jump on the Teeter Totter from the ledge high above and you'll be able to get the Masher (a powerful weapon for Mario). This is not easy and may take some time.

• When you're in Booster Tower, you CAN fight Booster. When you are hiding behind the curtain, purposely let Booster and his Snifits find you. After three times, he will make you fight him. When you fight him, you will take on all three Snifits first. Attack using Mario, Mallow, and Bowser. Have Mario and Bowser do regular attacks (or have Mario use Super Jumps, as this takes a lot out of him), and have Mallow use his Thunderbolt. After you defeat the Snifits, you will fight Booster. Have Mario, Bowser, and Mallow use regular attacks. In case your wondering about what Booster says when you use Mallow's psychopath, Booster says, "This is like going outside without any clothes on." Booster has 800 HP. He's fairly easy to defeat. If you fight him you will get 22 exp., 145 coins, and a Flower Box! You won't get the Amulet, but this is just as good.



• There is an old guy on the first floor of the inn. Talk to him and he will offer you $100 dollars for your Bright Card. If you say no, he will then offer you 5 Frog Coins for it. And if you say no again, he'll finally offer you 10 Frog Coins for the card. You might want to sell the card to him after you have seen the casino. But once you sell it to him, you will have to pay him 15 Frog Coins to get the card back.

• If you have the money to spend, stay in the suite three times and you will get a Flower Jar in return. After the third time, you will get a Frog Coin about every four times you stay at the suite.

• While being a bellhop, a man will tip you with a Flower Box.

• While you are a bell hop in Marrymore(you know when you stay in the suite a lot of times after your first night.) you can't save because he says something about not getting any breaks, but there is a way, jump on the mushroom lady on the right wall and run-jump onto the save point. If you reset it right after that and you'll see your customer by the counter then disappear and come down the stairs. Don't talk to them or the game will freeze. Mario will stand as if he was going to take them up their room but won't go. (note the customer disappearing and the freeze may only happen when the Mushroom couple are the customers)


The Sunken Ship

• In case you are having trouble, the password is "PEARLS".

• To get the Safety Ring, go to the room with King Calamari (the room before you fight the bandanas). Then go behind the big pile of barrels. Go up, right, down, right, up, right, and you'll find the box with the Safety Ring!

• In the Sunken Ship, when you get to the room with about five frog coins, go into the next room, go under and kill all the fish. Some are really nice, and give you Royal Syrups!

• You don't need to fight Johnny one-on-one. Just kill three of the blue bandanas and ignore the last one. Then all three of your men can help defeat Johnny.

• Easy Experience Points: When you get to the Sunken Ship, there is a room right before you fight Hidon. In that room are 3 Skeletons who will never die. First, have Mallow, Bowser, and Mario in your group. Equip Mallow with the Zoom Shoes and Work Pants, because he'll NEED to be over 30 speed points for this! Make sure that no one else in your group who is going to fight has more speed points than Mallow. When you fight, Mallow will go first, even before the ghosts. Take this time to kill all the ghosts there with Thunderbolt spell. If you are over the level of 18, Mallow will beat them all in one powerful attack. Don't think its worth the effort? For every win, you get 27 exp. points, 18 coins, and pure water. Imagine what the Exp. Booster and Coin Trick could do with this trick!


Land's End

• At Land's End, get the Sky Troopas to help you climb the mountain and then make your time under 11 seconds only by a little to get the Pin then get any 10 second finish and then you get 5 FROG COINS! Then fall off the mountain and do it again! This is one of the easiest ways to get Frog Coins!

• Jump on the ant in the quicksand three times without falling off. You will get a big coin for the second jump, and a Frog Coin for the third!


Seaside Town

• Here's a tip for Yaridovich. After he does his mirage attack, when you are selecting your attack or your special attacks, the first character the little pointer comes on is the real one.

• Give Yaridovich the star piece the first time he asks for it, and after beating him the elder will give you a Flower Box rather than a Flower Jar or Tab.



• Throughout the game, you will only be able to find two main clues about the casino. One of them tells you the location, and the other one tells you how to get in. Here is the way to get in: First, you must have the Bright Card (refer back to Booster Tower). Then, go to Bean Valley and go all the way until you see the save point at the end. Now wait for the monster to water the top plant and defeat the flower. Then go into the pipe and defeat Chomp Chomp. You will then see a hidden path after you jump three times at the corner.

• To get the Star Egg You have to beat Grate Guy at the Look Away Game 100 times (though I've heard that 20 is enough). To play it, keep talking to him until he lets you play.


Belome Temple

• What you can get from the fortune teller in Belome's Temple:
Left, Right, Center: Yoshi cookie, mushroom, or Belome!
Left, Right, Center: Yoshi cookie
Center, Left, Right: 3 Chows
Center, Left, Right: 3 Chows, or 1 Shy Away
Right, Left, Center:100 coins, or 1 frog coin
Right, Center, Left: 100 coins


Monstro Town

• Fight Jinx three times and he will give you the Jinx Belt.

• There is a bed in one of the rooms. Take a nap and three ghosts will appear. They will ask you to find the three flags that they have hidden throughout the world. Here are the locations of the flags:
-Mario's bed at Mario's Pad.
-The wooden flower in Rose Town. The flower is right at the entrance.
-On the goal line at Yo'ster Isle. Check between the letters "O" and "A" of the word "GOAL".

• There is a key in the town. You should be able to see it; but you could never reach it. Go into the room next to the item shop and talk to the monster that says "Don't you dig these vibes?". After talking to it about five times, the key will drop on the ground. Take the key back to Belome Temple and find Belome. He will ask you to give him the key. In return, you will be given some treasures.

• There is a sealed door located next to the item shop. You can open it with the Shiny Stone that you got earlier in Moleville. Defeat the monster (Culex) and it will give you the Quartz Charm.

• This is the best way to beat Culex without being leveled up real high. First you equip the Princess with the Lazy Shell and the Safety Ring. (This will prevent her from all attacks, even fatal attacks!) When you go into battle, have Mario, Bowser, and obviously, the Princess. Have Mario and Bowser fight for all they're worth. The Princess should give group hugs. Once Mario and Bowser are left without HP, DO NOT BRING THEM BACK! It will be very hard for Culex to kill the Princess, because she has such bulky defense. Have the Princess just attack Culex, and use her therapy spell. After a while, the enemies start losing their FP. When two or more Monsters are out of FP, bring Bowser and Mario back. Then attack Culex's butt off! This plan will help you get past everybody, even Smithy.

• Go to the second floor of the first room on the left. Talk to the star and try to remember the song (La Ti Do Re So Do Re Mi) that it dances with. Go back to Melody Bay and play the song to Toadofsky. He will give you another membership card, the Soprano Card .

• Go to Monstro Town and buy the mushrooms from the triplets. Then go to Mushroom Way or someplace with VERY easy monsters and use the mushroom in battle. You have to be on a very high level so the damage is 1. Then you can turn into a mushroom and get healed and only lose very little HP in that battle.

• If you want to really bring up experience, and are willing to work for it, get the Lazy Shell armor and equip it on the Princess. Stock up on Royal and Maple syrups and also put the Exp. Booster on someone. At Monstro Town, save at the save box outside of Jinx's Dojo and fight Culex. If you have the Lazy Shell and the Safety Pin equipped on the Princess, she can't die. Use her to beat Culex and don't save. Find any enemy and die. Fight Culex again and rack up the experience. See I told you that you had to be willing to work. Repeat if desired.

• Here's another way to beat Culex: Equip Mario with the Lazy Shell Armor and Weapon, and the Safety Pin. Equip Princess with the Frying Pan, and any accessory, and Geno with the Star Gun or Hand Cannon and Jinx Belt. Attack only Culex and when Toadstool and Geno drop off leave them until at least 2 monsters say Monster's FP is gone! Then pick Toadstool and Geno up and take Culex out. Also make sure you have a lot of Mid and Max Mushrooms.


Nimbus Land

• Walk all the way to the farthest right of the land. Now press down and after less than two seconds, you will see Mario walking in the air. Talk to the Shy Away and it will give you the Fertilizer.

• Stay at the inn with the Dream Cushion a certain number of times, and Toad will appear and give you a Red Essence.

• Here is an easier way to defeat shelly and birdo. Once the egg hatches do as follows: When it is your party's turn to attack, have Mario, Bowser and Princess defend themselves. If birdo shoots a single egg at you it will bounce off and become an enemy called "Eggbert." Attack Eggbert and he will disappear, taking away 80 HP from birdo.

• Easy way to get rare scarf: When you start to climb the vines in Bean Valley, there will be a red one on the right and a gold one on the left. Climb up the gold one. When you climb to the next screen there should be red, gold, and green vines. Climb the red vine enough to reach the gold vine. When you are on top of the gold vine, get directly in the center and jump. A platform will appear. Climb the red vine until you are on top of it. Hop down to the platform above the gold vine. Then it is a much easier jump than from the golden vine. Climb up the green vine and tada!


Bowser's Keep

• In the puzzle room one for the triathalon thing, the person who says, "I out rode blank on my bike, and blank was never able to pass me!" is the one that always finishes first. The person that finishes second is the one that says, "I fell into 4th place during the bike race, but finally ended up in the same place as I did in the swimming event." The third place person would say, "I placed the same in the swimming and cycling events, but 2 others beat me in the marathon." And the last place would say, "I came in 3rd for swimming..."

• You must have Geno in your party for this (put him in before you fight Boomer). When you face Exor (The big sword) kill one of his eyes and get Geno to use his Geno Whirl on the top of Exor and he will take off 9999 HP! He will die instantly and you're in the Gateway!



• When facing Smithy for the first time, concentrate on hitting him rather than the Smelter or Shypers. Once you beat him in the Factory you fight him in all his masks. They have 8000 HP combined. Here's how to beat them:
Magic head: Regular Attacks
Mask head: Ice
Tank head: Thunderbolt
Treasure head: Fire
Stock up on Max Mushrooms and royal/maple syrups so you can heal and replenish your FP.



• Here's a good one which has to do with Timed Hits. It also works with items! You've noticed that the "Get A Freebie" message will pop up occasionally, but you can make it pop up every time on items! Here is a simple example. Use a mushroom during battle, right after the little stars disappear, and right before the number pops up telling you how many HP you recover, hit X. If you timed it right, you'll get that "Get A Freebie" message. It takes some practice on other items like Rock Candy or Fire Bombs, but it is possible on all of them. On Rock Candy, all you have to do is hit X right after all the little rocks on the screen disappear and before it shows how much HP was taken away. Basically, you do the same type of thing for every item.

• Here is a good combination which will work against most bosses. Equip the Princess with the Lazy Shell Armor in battle. She's already weak and the best thing about having her on the team is her magic. I've done this and have been able to beat bosses, axem rangers and jinx, very easily since they can't inflict any damage on her. Then I use her to replenish the other characters' hit points. Also, Bowser should be on the team since he's the strongest character (this also works well with Geno), and equip Mario with the Lazy Shell. With this combo you can't go wrong.

• When you're on the menu screen, push the R & L buttons + a direction, and watch what happens. You can do this whenever you want.

• After you get the Princess, save the game after you talk to the Chancellor, Frogfucious, and everybody else, save it. Then play like you normally would, starting from Star Hill. Go all the way to the end of the Volcano, DON'T SAVE! If you get up to the end of the volcano, and win, go to Culex and beat him. he offers a whopping 200 something Exp. points. Then go to Bowser's Keep, face Smithy in the Factory, and lose on purpose. You'll start at wherever you saved, whenever you saved, but you STILL have the Exp. you had when you died.

• There is an ultra level up trick. What you do is you get three trueform pins, and equip your characters with them. Then go to Booster's Tower and go to the part with the constant flow of Spookums (you know those blue things) and, well you have to have a turbo controller, put your turbo controller on auto A button, then wait for a Spookum, you need to be on about level 12, and you will beat him automatically. You can leave it on over night and be on level 30 in the morning.

• Here's another ultra level up trick. In Land's End, hit the save point in the caves after the sand pools. Get the Invincibility star, and mow down as many Gekits as you can. Then get the star behind the boxes and mow down all the gekits in the room. Then deliberately lose to Belome. You'll go back to the save point, and you can do it all over again. If you have enough patience, you can get up to level 30.

• First of all, to get a bunch of Frog Coins, go to the cliff at land's end. Climb it with Sgt. Flutter. Then here's the tricky part. Fall back down, but this time head South West. You will land on the fourth Shell. From there, jump to the fifth shell. Now here is the tricky part. To start the clock again, you need to fall to the first shell. Then once you land on the first shell, touch the highest step. Then immediately jump back on the first shell, and finish climbing the cliff. The reason why this is worth all the trouble, is because the first shell will already be in motion when you start. I earned 150 Frog Coins in under an hour this way.

• At the very end of the game when you see the big star and "The End", you can hit start and it will play the original Mario theme song.

• Here is a list of free resting places in the game: Mario's Pad, Rose Town Inn after getting second star, Monstro Town (After finding flags of Three Musty Fears), Hot Springs in Nimbus Land, Bowser's Keep (Magikoopa).

• For Princess Toadstool's Come Back move, press the A button just before the star hits the character, and they will recover all their HP.

• You need Geno in your party for this one. Give someone the Geno Boost, and then have that character use Rock Candy. He will do 300 damage rather than the usual 200.

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