Yoshi's Cookie Monster Transformation List

By S. Michael Martin


Yoshi's Cookies are some of the most useful items in Super Mario RPG. To get them, first win the race against Boshi on Yo'ster Island. Then talk to the red Yoshi to get three Yoshi's Cookies and use them to bet on subsequent races. Just reset if Yoshi loses. When used in battle, Yoshi's Cookies summon Yoshi, who will attempt to transform a monster into an item. If Yoshi cannot transform a monster, he will give you Yoshi's Candy, which restores 100 HP to one party member. The following list tells you which item each monster yields. A "no transformation" note means that the monster will not be transformed, but that you will receive Yoshi's Candy for trying.

Alley Rat: Able Juice
Amanita: Bad Mushroom
Ameboid: Max Mushroom
Apprentice: No transformation
Arachne: Energizer
Armored Ant: No transformation
Bahamutt: No transformation
Big Bertha: Pick Me Up
The Big Boo: No transformation
Bloober: Elixir
Body: Mushroom
Buzzer: Mushroom
Carroboscis: Honey Syrup
Chained Kong: Pick Me Up
Chester: No transformation
Chewy: Bad Mushroom
Chomp: Bracer
Chomp Chomp: Mushroom
Chow: Fright Bomb
Corkpedite: No transformation
Crook: Mid Mushroom
Crusty: Bracer
Dry Bones: Mushroom
Fink Flower: Max Mushroom
Fireball: No transformation
Forkies: Royal Syrup
Formless: No transformation
Frogog: Able Juice
Geckit: Energizer
Gecko: Froggie Drink
Glum Reaper: Pure Water
Goby: Mushroom
Goomba: Mushroom
Gorgon: Maple Syrup
Greaper: Honey Syrup
Guerrilla: Able Juice
Gu Goomba: Froggie Drink
Hippopo: No transformation
Hobgoblin: Pure Water
Jabit: Bracer
Jester: Honey Syrup
Kriffid: No transformation
Lakitu: Maple Syrup
Leuko: No transformation
Li'l Boo: Freshen Up
Machine Made (Axem Black): No transformation
Machine Made (Axem Green): No transformation
Machine Made (Axem Pink): No tranformation
Machine Made (Axem Red): No transformation
Machine Made (Axem Yellow): No transformation
Machine Made (Bowyer): No transformation
Machine Made (Mack): No transformation
Machine Made (Shyper): Mushroom
Machine Made (Yaridovich): No transformation
Mad Mallet: Energizer
Magmus: Bracer
Malakoopa: Maple Syrup
Mr. Kipper: Mushroom
Mokura: No transformation
Muckle: No transformation
Mukumuku: Muku Cookie
Ninja: Power Blast
Octolot: Honey Syrup
Octovader: Froggie Drink
Oerlikon: Energizer
Orbison: Royal Syrup
Orb User: Maple Syrup
Piranha Plant: No tranformation
Pounder: Energizer
Poundette: Energizer
Pulsar: Pick Me Up
Puppox: No transformation
Pyrosphere: No transformation
Rat Funk: Mushroom
Reacher: Pick Me Up
Remo Con: Pick Me Up
Rob-omb: Pick Me Up
Sackit: Max Mushroom
Shadow: Honey Syrup
Shaman: Royal Syrup
Shogun: Royal Syrup
Shy Away: Maple Syrup
Shy Guy: Honey Syrup
Sky Troopa: No transformation
Sling Shy: Maple Syrup
Smelter: No transformation
Smithy: No transformation
Snapdragon: Sleepy Bomb
Sparky: No transformation
Spikester: No tranformation
Spikey: No transformation
Spinthra: No transformation
Spookum: No transformation
Springer: Elixir
Star Cruster: No transformation
Starslap: Mushroom
Stinger: Able Juice
Stumpet: Royal Syrup
Terra Cotta: Mid Mushroom
Tub-O-Troopa: Elixir
Vomer: Pure Water
Wiggler: Able Juice
Zeostar: No transformation

I realize that this list is incomplete, but I still encourage you to make use of it. You can gain all sorts of wonderful items freely and easily. If you have the results of the Yoshi's Cookie transformation of any monster not on this list (even if there is "no transformation"), please send them to me at _smart_in@yahoo.com for addition to the list. Your contribution will be acknowledged in the revision.

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