The Battlefield

Once you have progressed a certain amount into the story, you will begin to face major battles. In accordance with your progress in the scenario, the battles will suddenly break out when you begin speaking to your strategist, Mathiu.

In a major battle, the 108 companions are divided up into prearranged groups for fighting. Each group consists of three characters: one commander and two that are second in command. Some groups may be missing characters who have not yet joined the party. In this case, the fighting strength of the group will be lower.

Party Commander 2nd 2nd
Knight's Party Max Sancho Qlon
Lepant Family Lepant Eileen Sheena
Commander's Team Hero Pahn Gremio
Wild Geese Kreutz Morgan Kirke
Old Soldiers Kai Liukan Fukien
Humphrey's Team Humphrey Alen Grenseal
Viktor's Team Viktor Warren Taggart
Pirates Anji Leonardo Kanak
Former Imperial Team Kasim Griffith Valeria
Fellows Blackman Zen Ivanov
Invulnerable Defense Kwanda Eikei Gaspar
Bandits Varkas Sydonia Kessler
Fishermen Tai Ho Yam Koo Kimberly
Warrior's Village Kids Flik Tengaar Hix
Good Buddies Marie Onil Sansuke
Black Golds Maas Meese Moose
Carpenters Gen Kamandol Tesla
Secret Factory Team Mose Ronnie Bell Sarah
Kobolds Fu Su Lu Kuromimi Gon
Tricksters Juppo Jabba Meg

Party Commander 2nd 2nd
Forest Protectors Kirkis Sylvinia Stallion
Soldier Beauties Sonya  Cleo Camille
Adventurers Lorelai Quincy Mina
Experts Clive Pesmerga Mace
Cooks Antonio Lester Rock
Engineers Sergei Hugo Templeton
Archers Rubi Georges Marco

Party Commander 2nd 2nd
Children Of The Runes Crowley Luc Lotte
Magicians Jeane Hellion Viki
Narcists Milich Vincent Esmerelda
Musicians Kasios Melodye Window

Party Commander 2nd 2nd
Dragon Knights Joshua Milia Futch
Merchants Kun To Chapman Chandler
Ninjas Kage Kasumi Fuma
Thieves Krin Ledon Giovanni
Strategists Mathiu Leon Apple

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