Castle Quotes

Below is a list of quotes of what the different characters say when you speak to them in your castle.



Lepant Commander _____, I'm very glad to have joined the Liberation Army. Together, we'll defeat the Imperials.
Mathiu Silverberg Change party members?
Luc What do you want?
Humphrey Mintz ...Yo!
Kasim Hazil Commander _____, you must remain on guard.
Kwanda Rosman Although I am now a member of the Liberation Army, I still can't believe how the Emperor has changed.
Pesmerga Someday, Yuber and I must finish our business.
Gremio Oh, Young Master. What Happened?
Warren Master _____, you have a fine army here.
Kun To We seafaring merchants would welcome peace.
Cleo Master _____ is thinking about Teo.
Viktor Hey _____! Don't look so morose! You'll depress everyone else!
Valeria If I stay away from battle for a while, my hands ache with bloodlust.
Griffith Maybe eating with the Liberation Army isn't so bad, since this side has a better chance of winning.
Clive My journey will not end until I capture HER.
Flik What's up great leader? Hope you do well in taking after Odessa.
Camille When do you plan on paying me what you owe?
Camille 2 Under the circumstances, I'll have to stick with you until the end.
Kreutz Barbarosa is my enemy. all.
Stallion This castle is too small for my feet.
Kage A ninja wastes no words.
Fu Su Lu I'm Fu Su Lu, the strongest man in the world.
Kirkis Master, I promise to continue fighting for the lost Village of the Elves as well as for all the people of this land.
Milich Why Master _____, are you here to get some fashion tips from me?
Pahn Where's my food?
Sonya Shulen're beginning to resemble General Teo.....
Anji Wow, this place is huge. I thought it'd be about the same as our fortress.
Tai Ho I feel like wandering off somewhere.
Kanak Hi.
Yam Koo What to do about brother Tai Ho's whims?
Leonardo Look, I work for Anji and Anji alone. Don't you forget that.
Hix I guess I'm just not cut out to be a soldier.
Tengaar Hix's swordsmanship isn't improving at all.
Varkas I miss that easygoing bandit life.
Sydonia Heh.
Eileen Seeing his happy face reminds me of my own youth.
Leon Silverberg our job is to gather the facts. To get emotional about it is sad indeed.
Georges What's up? Looking for a game?
Ivanov I still haven't quite found the color I'm looking for.
Ivanov 2 Well it's about time I set off in search of the true color of freedom.
Jeane Work?
Eikei Strength is the only truth. Nothing else is worth believing in.
Max Ho ho! I'll teach the young ones a few things yet.
Sancho Recently my master's spirits have been very high.
Grenseal Like Alen, I join you too.
Alen Commander _____, we join you in your struggle according to General Teo's last wishes.
Tesla I, ah, I'd like to go home. I have to clean my house.
Jabba Yes? I can appraise anything.
Lorelai My journey doesn't end here. It's purpose is to... Forget it. No use explaining it.
Blackman I wonder if my fields are all right?
Joshua Please take good care of Futch.
Morgan The light in my eyes has faded, but the light in my soul continues to shine.
Mose The Liberation Army gets bigger and bigger, so my work is never done.
Esmerelda I'm sick of this run-down place.
Melodye Well hellooo. What can I do for you?
Chapman We're always well stocked.
Liukan With each battle, many lives are lost. Even my medicines are useless.
Fukien Recruit as many stars as you can. 108 Stars Of Destiny
Futch Black was such a good dragon. Such a good one.
Kasumi Oh, Master _____. I...nothing...
Maas A fine collection of tools you have here.
Crowley Perhaps this old man can be of some use.
Fuma ........Oh, excuse me. I'm practicing my disappearing technique.........
Moose I want to keep everyone's weapons in the best shape possible.
Meese Way too cramped to work here.
Sergei Welcome, welcome. Take a look at this. Isn't it wonderful?
Kimberly Are you my drinking partner tonight?
Sheena There are some fine women in the Liberation Army, aren't there _____? Cleo's exactly my type of girl.
Sheena 2 That girl Tengaar, I kind of like her.
Sheena 3 Hey _____, I'd say Jeane is my type of girl.
Sheena 4 Uh, what was her name... Apple was it? She acts so tough, but she's pretty cute too, in a way.
Kessler I finally get to fight for justice!
Marco You never give up, do you?
Gen Hey boss, what can I do for ya?
Hugo Looking for something?
Hellion What can this old woman do for you?
Mina Do you want to see me dance again?
Milia I'm worried about the dragons.
Kamandol Sorry, but I'm busy with my research.
Juppo Well well, this is a surprise. What are you doing here?
Kasios You must be here to hear me sing.
Viki Uh oh, I've forgotten the spell again. Oh well.
Rubi Friends... I suppose they're all right.
Vincent My dear friend, I, Vincent, keep you always in my thoughts.
Meg Old Juppo's so stingy. He won't teach me a thing.
Taggart Hi there.
Giovanni Master _____, are you here to see Master Lepant?
Quincy This castle's a pretty nice place. Not as nice as the forest where my house is, of course.
Apple I suppose master Mathiu is right, as he is about everything. But I still can't forgive you.
Kai Hey, how about a practice match.
Lotte Uh oh, Mina's disappeared again.
Mace To improve this sword, the weak spots must be hammered off. And that's the truth.
Onil Heard anything interesting lately?
Kuromimi Commander _____, Kuromimi is always at your service.
Gon I'm gonna be a great warrior, just like Kuromimi.
Antonio I shall cook something that will give everyone power! I'm fighting too.
Lester Care to taste my stew?
Kirke This isn't such a bad life.
Rock Do you have business in my vault?
Ledon My, my, it's Master _____. May I offer you a cup of tea?
Sylvinia I'd like to give Kirkis something in return for the ring. What do you think will please him?
Ronnie Bell _____, I'm thinking about learning how to cook.
Gaspar Heads or tails? The six faces of a die. I may be a fool, but these things I get passionate about.
Window Ummm, ahh, oh yes, Master _____ wasn't it? What can I do for you?
Marie You must be tired. get plenty of rest.
Zen Not a great year for flowers. Not enough wind.
Sarah Hmmm, I think I left some clothes drying outside when I came here.
Sansuke What's happening? Want to take a bath? You'll feel refreshed.
Qlon This is Toran Castle. I feel so good.
Templeton My dream is to map the entire world.
Krin How's it hangin'? I'm hangin' just fine. Hee hee.
Chandler Welcome to the hardware store. I always wanted to say that.
Sanchez Master _____, would you care for some wine?
Sanchez 2 I'm sorry. Master Mathiu told me to pretend that everything is normal.

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