Here's a list of the endings for each of the Stars from the original Suikoden, telling what happened to them after the end of the game.

All Suikoden Endings
Name Star Ending
Hero Tenkai Star Becomes President of the Toran Republic, and...
Lepant Tengou Star Returns to Kouan with his family and lives in peace.
Mathiu Silverberg Tenki Star Hearing of the victory, he rests in peace.
Luc Tenkai Star Disappears with Leknaat.
Humphrey Mintz Tenyu Star Leaves Toran Republic with Futch.
Kasim Hazil Tenyu Star Becomes Commander-in-Chief and protects the borders.
Kwanda Rosman Tenmou Star Becomes Commander-in-Chief of Republican Army.
Pesmerga Teni Star Still in search of Yuber, he leaves the country.
Gremio Tenei Star Follows Hero.
Warren Tenki Star Became the first chairman of Toran's Republic Commerce.
Kun To Tenfu Star Wields power as Head of the Merchant's Guild.
Cleo Tenmen Star Tired of fighting, she continues to protect Teo's mansion.
Viktor Tenko Star Missing in action in the final battle.
Valeria Tensyo Star Becomes a platoon commander and mediator with the Elves.
Griffith Tenritsu Star Begins a business.
Clive Tensyo Star By the time the war was over, he was gone.
Flik Tenan Star Disappears in the final battle.
Camille Tenyu Star Became the lancing instructor of the Republican Army.
Kreutz Tenku Star Leaves the country.
Stallion Tensoku Star Departs to become the fastest man in the world.
Kage Teni Star Saying his contract was up, he disappears.
Fu Su Lu Tensatsu Star Was in Kobold for awhile, then set off on a journey.
Kirkis Tenbi Star Works for rebuilding the Village of the Elves.
Milich Oppenheimer Tenkyu Star Spends his life protecting the graves of Barbarosa.
Pahn Tentai Star Embarks on a journey to improve his imperfect self.
Pahn 2 Tentai Star Died fighting General Teo.
Sonya Shulen Tenjyu Star Became the Admiral of the Republican Navy.
Anji Tenken Star Plans to go into the shipping business and make a bundle.
Tai Ho Tenhei Star Returns to Kaku and enjoys a carefree life.
Kanak Tenzai Star Goes into business with Anji.
Yam Koo Tenson Star Lives by the shores of lake Toran and enjoys fishing.
Leonardo Tenpai Star Goes into business with Anji.
Hix Tenrou Star Accepted as a "True Warrior", he departs on a journey.
Tengaar Tensui Star Follows Hix on his journey.
Varkas Tenbou Star Named Captain of the Border Guard.
Sydonia Tenkoku Star Disappears.
Eileen Tenkou Star Always by Lepant's side.
Leon Silverberg Chikai Star Spends the remainder of his life in his hometown.
Georges Chisatsu Star Disappears north, saying he found a good business.
Ivanov Chiyu Star Sets off on a journey to find "the color of freedom".
Jeane Chiketsu Star Resumes her career as runemaster at Antei.
Eikei Chiyu Star Departs on a journey in search of worthy opponents.
Maximilian Chii Star Retires from knighthood.
Sancho Chiei Star Ending 1: Happily continues to serve his master.
Ending 2: Puts flowers on his master's grave daily.
Grenseal Chiki Star Appointed co-commander of the Republican Guard.
Alen Chimou Star Appointed co-commander of the Republican Guard.
Tesla Chibun Star Became the Secretary General of the Toran Republic.
Jabba Chisei Star Placed in charge of the Republic's finances.
Lorelai Chikatsu Star Sets off to another land to find another adventure.
Blackman Chitou Star Returns to his fields.
Joshua Levenheit Chikyou Star Returns to the Dragon's Den to coach the junior.
Morgan Chian Star Returns to Qlon Temple and resumes his studies.
Mose Chiziku Star Works for rebuilding the new capital of Gregminster.
Esmerelda Chikai Star Lives a comfortable life in a garden full of roses.
Melodye Chisa Star Departs to collect all the sounds of the world.
Chapman Chiyu Star retires from the armory and successfully opens a theatre.
Liukan Chirei Star Opens a clinic where he saves many lives.
Fukien Chijyu Star Returns to Qlon Temple.
Futch Chibi Star Departs with Humphrey on a journey.
Kasumi Chikyu Star Returns to secret hideaway at Rokakku.
Maas Chibaku Star Dissatisfied with his work, he resumes his studies.
Crowley Chizen Star Despising the world, he returns to his cavern.
Fuma Chikou Star Invited to Rokakku.
Moose Chikyou Star Becomes Master Blacksmith.
Meese Chihi Star Goes to the Village of the Dwarves to improve his skills.
Sergei Chisou Star Becomes rich off his inventions.
Kimberly Chikou Star Forces her way into Tai Ho's household.
Sheena Chimei Star Wandering around and having a good time, as usual.
Kessler Chisin Star Named Captain of the Toran Republic Patrol Corps.
Marco Chitai Star Leads a vigorous life.
Gen Chiman Star Returns to Teien where he continues to build ships.
Hugo Chisui Star Appointed the Republic's first Chief Justice.
Hellion Chisyu Star Succeeds Leknaat as seer.
Mina Chiin Star Becomes the most popular dancer in the Republic.
Milia Chii Star Returns to the Dragon's Den where she resumes her duties.
Kamandol Chiri Star Still preoccupied with alchemic studies.
Juppo Chisyun Star Departs on a journey to find a bigger "trick".
Kasios Chiraku Star Departs to spread the Liberation Army's songs.
Viki Chitatsu Star Failed at teleportation, she disappears without a trace.
Rubi Chisoku Star Welcomed into the restored Village of the Elves.
Vincent de Boule Chichin Star Returns home and claims his inheritance.
Meg Chikei Star Leaves home saying "adventure calls".
Taggart Chima Star Becomes assistant to Warren.
Giovanni Chiyou Star Starts his own business.
Quincy Chiyu Star Returns to the forest.
Apple Chifuku Star Goes off to collect material for a biography of Mathiu.
Kai Chihi Star Appointed Martial Arts Instructor.
Lotte Chiku Star Lives in a small house with Mina the cat.
Mace Chiko Star Lets Moose succeed and retires.
Onil Chizen Star Still loves to gossip.
Kuromimi Chitan Star Becomes Village Chief of Kobold.
Gon Chikaku Star Working hard to become the No. 1 warrior in Kobold.
Antonio Chisyu Star Still the cook at Marie's inn.
Lester Chizou Star Opens a restaurant specializing in stews.
Kirke Chihei Star Throws away his scythe and becomes a farmer.
Rock Chison Star Asked to design a giant safe for dwarves, he sets to work.
Ledon Chido Star Enjoys success after opening an honest inn.
Sylvinia Chisatsu Star Marries her childhood sweetheart Kirkis.
Ronnie Bell Chiaku Star Said to be training for homemaking..
Gaspar Chisyu Star Still tossing dice at Kaku.
Window Chisu Star Accepts an offer to design stain-glass windows.
Marie Chiin Star Reopens her inn at Gregminster.
Zen Chikei Star The ancient Castle of Toran is still full of flowers.
Sarah Chisou Star Working as a maid at Marie's inn.
Sansuke Chiretsu Star Keeping busy designing new bathtubs.
Qlon Chiken Star Gladly accepts an offer to become keeper of Toran Castle.
Templeton Chimou Star Departs for the sea in search of the end of the world.
Krin Chizoku Star Steals Gregminster palace's treasure and vanishes.
Chandler Chikou Star Finally succeeds in opening his own store.

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