Last Words

This is what the characters say when they are killed in one of the full-scale battles.

Character Last Words
Alen This is by no means the end!
Anji Sorry, I'll have to see you later.
Antonio It's time to say goodbye.
Blackman I shall return to the earth.
Clive Damn! Until I find her.....
Crowley I have no..... Regrets
Eileen I love you!
Esmerelda Hey! That was mean!
Fu Su Lu Whoaaaaa!
Grenseal Too passionate, I guess.
Juppo I give up.
Kanak Ahhh...
Kessler Shucks! This is it
Kirke Lucky for you..... I'm gone.
Leonardo Anji....
Lester Ahhhhh!
Lorelai My journey has come to an end!
Lotte Ouch! It hurts!
Luc This is my fate.
Max This is where the warrior will die.
Meg Wha? no... no... no...
Milich I refuse to accept this!
Mina This is my last dance.
Morgan I should have trained more.
Pesmerga Farewell!
Quincy My friends, remember me.
Ronnie Bell I won't... give up.
Rubi I knew... I knew...
Sancho My boss..... Maximillion.
Sheena But I still have so much more to do.
Sonya This is the fate of a General...
Taggart Master Warren, I'm sorry...
Tesla It wasn't even my..... business.
Valeria I did well until now.
Vincent I lay down my life to my dear friend.
Zen Someone... my flowers...

Many thanks to Trech97 for all of his help in compiling this list.

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