Old Book Volume Five

"Craftsmen's Profiles"

Mace- Master Blacksmith. Of stubborn temperment, but very kind to his apprentices.
Tesla- Scrivener of Antei. Competent.
Gen- Simple-minded shipbuilder of Teien.
Templeton- Mapmaker. Perfectionist who appears whenever changes occur.
Kimberly- Ostensibly a stampmaker.
Sergei- Unsuccessful inventor. Said to be in Kaku.
Antonio- Excellent cook living in Seika.
Lester- Cook whose specialtiy is stews. Presently working in Moravia Castle.
Hugo- Librarian of Qlon Temple.
Kasios- Balladeer. Deeply in love with Milich, to whom she sings.
Jabba- Arrogant but exceptional appraiser. Feels he can appraise anything.
Kamandol- Popular alchemist of Teien.

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