Old Book Volume Six

"Black List"

The following list, compiled by the Imperial Guard, describes suspicious characters who may have evil intent against the Empire:

Clive- Appears to be on the trail of somebody with the intention of extracting revenge. Occasionally sighted at an inn in Rikon.

Kreutz- Follower of the former Emporer Geil Rugner. Long incognito, but recently discovered to be hiding out with the Knights of the Dragon's Den.

Anji- Pirate of Lake Toran. Long-standing friend of Tai Ho.

Rubi- Stray elf.

Fuma- Masterless ninja. Hides out with the Knights of the Dragon's Den.

Fu Su Lu- Warrior who wears a tiger mask. Always repays his debts and obligations.

Pesmerga- Seems to be looking for Yuber, the Black Knight in the service of Windy.

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