Old Book Volume Seven

"Antique Prices"

Failure Urn- 10
Octopus Urn- 500
Flower Urn- 2,500
Wide Urn- 4,000
Persian Lamp- 7,500
Blue Dragon Urn- 8,000
Celadon Urn- 10,000
Black Urn- 20,000
Fine Bone China- 60,000
Hex Doll- 60
Japanese Dish- 3,000
Chinese Dish- 6,000
Peeing Boy- 16,000
Bonsai- 25,000
Knight Statue- 30,000
Goddess Statue- 100,000
Grafitti- 100
Flower Painting- 7,000
Landscape Painting- 40,000
Nature Painting- 200,000
Lover's Flower Garden- 29,000

Old Books

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