Here's a list of all the Unite Attacks and Runic Attacks found in the game.

Unite Attack Combinations
Title Characters Attacks Damage Paralyze?
Talisman Attack Gremio & Pahn 1 enemy 2x no
Fisherman Attack Tai Ho & Yam Koo 1 enemy 3x 1 round
Couple Attack Lepant & Eileen 1 enemy 2x no
Family Attack Lepant, Eileen, & Sheena 1 enemy 2.5x no
Trickster Attack Juppo & Meg all enemies 1.5x no
Master Pupil Attack Hero & Kai all enemies 2x no
Wild Arrow Attack Kirkis & Sylvinia
Kirkis & Stallion
Kirkis & Rubi
all enemies 1x 1 round
Elf Attack Kirkis, Sylvinia, & Stallion 1 enemy 2x no
Kobold Attack Kuromimi & Gon 1 enemy 2x no
Kobold +1 Attack Kuromimi, Gon, Fu Su Lu 1 enemy 3x no
Bandit Attack Varkas & Sydonia 1 enemy 2.5x no
Fatal Attack Gen & Kamandol 1 enemy 2x no
Carpenter Attack Gen & Sansuke 1 enemy 2x no
Bumpy Attack Krin & Humphrey 1 enemy 2x no
Warrior Attack Hix & Tengaar 1 enemy 2x no
Dragon Knight Attack Futch & Milia 1 enemy 2x no
Pirate Attack Anji, Kanak, & Leonardo 1 enemy 2.5x no
Flash Attack Liukan, Fukien, & Kai 1 enemy 3x 1 round
Ninja Attack Kasumi, Kage, & Fuma 1 enemy 2.5x no
Pretty Boy Attack Flik, Alen, & Grenseal 1 enemy 2x no
Pretty Girl Attack Camille, Tengaar,  Kasumi 1 enemy 2.5x 1 round
Beauty Attack Cleo, Eileen, & Valeria
Cleo, Eileen, & Sonya
all enemies 3x no
Martial Arts Attack Pahn, Eikei, & Morgan all enemies 3x no
Blacksmith Attack Meese, Maas, Moose, Mose, & Mace 1 enemy 3.5x no
Beat Em' Up Attack Pahn & Ronnie Bell 1 enemy ? Pahn

Runic Attacks

• Explosion (Fire Rune) + Earthquake (Earth Rune)

• Earthquake (Earth Rune) + Storm (Wind Rune)

• Storm (Wind Rune) + Water of Kindness (Water Rune)

• Water of Kindness (Water Rune) + Ball of Lightning (Lightning Rune)

• Ball of Lightning (Lightning Rune) + Explosion (Fire Rune)

• Explosion (Fire Rune) + Thunder God (Thunder Rune)

• Thunder God (Thunder Rune) + Mother Ocean (Flowing Rune)

• Mother Ocean (Flowing Rune) + Shining Wind (Cyclone Rune)

• Shining Wind (Cyclone Rune) + Guardian of Earth (Mother Earth Rune)

• Guardian of Earth (Mother Earth Rune) + Explosion (Fire Rune)

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