Suikoden Walkthrough

By Tara Lynn

The following is a walkthrough the way I have played it and found it easiest to do. I'd like to thank everyone who wrote to me with the info I was missing. That's what I've added here. :)

When you start off, your party will consist of you, Gremio, Cleo, Pahn and Ted. The first thing you should do, is head to the general store and pick up some anti toxins and medicines and then head out of the town. Wander a bit til you encounter something to fight and start leveling up. When you get a few levels and some money, head to east to Rockland and talk to Marco. Marco will offer you a gambling game. Start off by betting 100 bits to find the pattern. The first time you play, it will probably be under the middle or right cup. Now quit the gambling game and then talk to him again. Bet whatever you want and choose the same cup that the coin was under before. It will be there again. Work your way up to 10,000 bits and then start betting that until you max out your money at 999,999. It'll be worth it for you to spend the time to do this. Now head to Lenankamp which is south of Gregminster. Find the armor shop and the blacksmith and get your weapons sharpened and some better armor. If you have any runes, you can have them attached here or in Gregminster. If you have any antiques, you can have them appraised in Gregminster. I've not found any use in keeping them, so go ahead and sell them. You can go back to Rockland and replenish the money you just spent. Level up some more if you want to. Level 7 or 8 is good. Now go back to Gregminster.

Go to the palace and meet with Kraze. He'll send you to Magician's Island to get the Astral Conclusions from Leknaat. Pay attention to what he's saying because he'll quiz you on what he just told you. Leave and go outside. Go to the stables to the east and meet Futch the Dragon Knight. He's going to fly you to Magician's Island. When you get there, follow the path and keep your eyes open for treasure chests. You'll meet Luc. He sends his Golem after you, but if you've leveled up, it's an easy fight. Now follow him to meet Leknaat and get the Astral Conclusions. She also gives you a fire crystal. Head back to Gregminster.

Now Kraze is sending you to Rockland to find out why they aren't paying their taxes. He sends Kanaan along with you. Go to Rockland and meet with Grady. He tells you that the bandits on Mt. Seifu are stealing the taxes. You'll have to go there now. Mt. Seifu is to the east of Rockland. Follow the path and keep your eyes open for chests again. Also follow the offshoots to get to some chests. You'll encounter a Queen Ant. After a few rounds of fighting her, the party will step back and let Ted handle it so don't waste your magic. Continue on and save at the blue globe. Go on to meet Varkas and Sydonia. You'll have to fight them, but it should be a pretty easy fight. After you beat them, you'll take them back to Rockland to Grady's. He'll take them in to custody and you can now head out. Go back in before you go to Gregminster and go between the buildings towards the stairs there. There's going to be some guards beating up on a little boy. I don't know what happens if you choose not to fight them, but I always have. Now go back to Gregminster.

When you get back, Kanaan takes Ted with him back to the palace. Go to any stores you need to and then go home. After dinner, go down stairs and Ted will be back. Not in great shape. After all this you will no longer have Pahn. Go to the inn and talk to the innkeeper, Marie. She'll take care of you. Now go downstairs and talk to the patrons. One of them is Viktor. Now try to head out the door and Viktor will come to your aid. After you get out, Viktor will leave the party. If you have anything in town you want to do, do it and then go back and talk to him again. He tells you he'll help you if you agree to meet someone in Lenakamp. Agree and then head to the gate and leave.

Go south to Lenankamp and go to the inn. Save and then stay at the inn. When the guards show up, the thing in the corner moves and someone tells you to go over there. Go down there and you're in the secret hideout of the Liberation Army. Here you meet Odessa, Flik, Humphrey and Sanchez. When you go to leave, talk to the guy laying at the bottom of the stairs. He tells Odessa about Varkas and Sydonia being caught. No matter what you choose, you'll end up having to admit that it's your fault and you'll be going off to rescue them. Viktor will go along with you, so you might as well get him as well equipped as you can while you have access to Rockland and Marco. When you get to Rockland, talk to the guy in front of Grady's house. He won't let you in, but Viktor will have a plan. Go in and go into every room. You'll have to fight, but there's some treasure chests in some of them. No go outside to where Varkas and Sydonia are tied up and talk to Varkas. Go back through the house and you'll confront Grady and then leave. Once outside the house, Varkas and Sydonia will go their own way. Go talk to Marco to replace the little money you just spent on Viktor and then head back to Lenankamp and the secret hideout.

Now Odessa will want you to go to Sarady to deliver the blueprints for the fire spears. She goes with you this time. Head north from Lenankamp and west. About half way between Lenankamp and Gregminster there's a bridge. Go over and then up onto Mt. Tigerwolf. Here you'll meet Ledon and Kessler. Ledon will offer you a place to rest for the night. No matter what you say, you'll end up there and the same with the tea that he offers you. Don't worry, Kessler will come along and save you. Go on to Sarady. There's not much here, so go and see if there's anything at the stores that you need and then go to the inn. When you wake up in the night, go out and talk to Odessa. Kage will show up and get the blueprints. Now go back to Lenankamp.

The hideout has been discovered by the Imperials. You'll have a couple of fights and Odessa is mortally wounded. She gives you an earring and tells you to go to Seika and find a man named Mathiu.

You'll have to head south to Kwaba. Just pick any name and get through there. You'll forgive Gremio on the other side. You'll also meet Chandler. Remember him. Now go on south to Seika. At the inn, you'll meet Antonio. Remember him, too. Marie, the innkeeper from Gregminster is there too. In the house next to where the guy is standing, there's Onil. Now go out and talk to the guy standing there. He'll tell you that Mathiu lives right up the stairs. Go up there and talk to the kids. One of them will tell you that Mathiu is out for a walk. Go back downstairs and talk to the guy again. This is Mathiu. He'll leave you there. Follow him upstairs. Talk to him again and he asks you to leave. Leave and when the guards go by, go back upstairs. The guards are trying to get Mathiu to join the Imperial Army again. They have a child that you'll need to save by fighting them. No matter what option you choose, you'll be fighting. Easy fight though. Once you finish, Mathiu will join. You go through a discussion about the earring. You won't be able to do anything til you agree to lead the Liberation Army. Once you do, he'll tell you about the abandoned castle in the lake. Head to Kaku now, which is southwest on the shore.

You'll find Meg and a cat here. You can talk to Meg, but don't even try to get that cat. You'll just get frustrated. Go to the bar and you can talk to Sergei and Camille. Camille is the redhead and will join you here and is your key to getting down stairs and meeting Tai Hao and Yam Koo. When you talk to Tai Ho, he'll tell you that you have to beat him at his dice game before he'll go with you. Just read the instructions and then play. Once you beat him, he and Yam Koo will meet you at the docks. Before you go there, if you don't already have the water crystal, go back to Seika and buy one at the hardware store there and go back to Kaku and attach it to someone. Also, have Camille's weapon sharpened and get her some better armor. Now go to the docks and they will sail you over to the castle. Tai Ho will join your party before you go in. Keep an eye out for treasure chests. Save your magic. The fights go much easier if all of the party attacks the same monster. You finish them off faster that way. Save at the blue globe. When you fight the dragon, use magic and medicines when you need to and keep hitting it. It's not that tough of a fight, so as long as you can heal, you should be all right. You now have your headquarters!

Leknaat will show up and give you the tablet and Luc. The tablet will come in handy so you'll know what stars you still need. Mathiu will suggest that you go and recruit Lepant in Kouan. You can pick up a few others along the way. When you get back to Kaku, go to the bar and recruit Sergei and you'll get an elevator in your castle. Go back to Seika and get Onil and Marie. Go back to Kwaba and recruit Chandler. Now go to Kouan, which is southwest of Kaku. At the inn is Lorelai and Krin. Talk to Krin while you're here. Go to Lepant's house and talk to Giovanni who's standing outside the door. He won't let you in. Now go back to the inn and talk to Krin. He'll tell you he has a way to get into Lepant's house. Listen to his plan and then meet him next to the house. Sure enough, he gets you in. When you get in, you see a man standing in a room to the south. This is Rock. Go in and recruit him. He goes to the castle and builds you a vault so now you can store items there. Go into the room where Rock just went. You have to walk behind each of the statues. If you walk in front of one, it will teleport you back to the door. Go and get all the treasure chests. The next person you encounter is Juppo. Recruit him. Go into the next room and get on the wheel til it drops you off at the other side. Go in and get the sword and then you can leave. You might want to use the wheel some more and see what you can get. The treasures usually give out medicines and the question mark gives out dragon seal incense and fortune rune pieces. Go back to the inn and Lepant will find you there. Give him back his sword and then follow him to the military commander's house. You'll have the chance to get Pahn back here. Just forgive him and he'll rejoin you. Now go back to your castle.

When you get back there, go to the first floor and Varkas and Sydonia will be there. After the banquet, you'll be attacked by an assassin. He doesn't do much damage. Go to sleep. When you get up, explore around your castle and see who is where and doing what. Then go see Mathiu. Add 3 members to your party and go out to the boat. Here you'll find Kirkis the Elf. He asks for your help and joins your party. Go down to the first floor and stop by the vault and drop off what you don't need. Go see Chandler to see if he has anything you need and then go to the inn and save your game. Go out to the boat and go back to Kaku. Stop at different places and get armor for any new party members and any runes attached then head to the forest which is southeast of Kouan. Once there, go to the blacksmith shop and recruit Maas and the house next to it and recruit Sansuke. There are some stairs in the hardware store that you can't go up. Don't bother right now. Head into the forest. Look out for the treasure chests. When going over the first bridge, Viki will appear. Recruit her and from now on when you want to leave the castle, go see her and she can teleport you to where you want to go. **When she can't teleport you, that means that you need to go outside for something.** When you get to the Kobold village you'll meet Kuromimi for the first time. Leave this village and head southeast to the Elven Tree. Save at the globe and then go in and watch the scene. Explore the village to see if there's anything you need then go talk to the Elven Leader. He tosses you all in prison where you meet Valeria and Stallion. Try the door on the right and Sylvinia will come down and let you all out. Leave the village and Valeria will meet you outside and join you. Now you need to head northeast to the Dwarves.

On the Dwarven Trail you'll meet Kuromimi again and there's some treasure chests.

Now go on to the Dwarven Village. Stop at all the shops and get new stuff. Talk to Meese in the blacksmith shop and recruit him. Now go see the Dwarven leader and he'll tell you that he'll help you if you can break into their vault. Go save and continue north to the vault. The first puzzle is a set of 3 switches. Starting from the right, flip them all and go and get the treasure. Now flip them all back and then flip the right and left ones only to get through. Next you have a pretty simple maze. Just go through and get the treasures, then go out the other door. For the next puzzle, just keep stepping on the platforms til you get to the treasure, then to the other side. Another simple maze. Next is a musical puzzle. Step on the left, right, right, left, left, left, right, right and the door will open. That Gigantes thing isn't very tough if you have levels. 23 seems to be good. Just take your time and remember to heal. Now go get the Running Water Root and go back to the Dwarven Leader. He'll now agree to help you and you can head back to the Elven Tree.

While you're on the Dwarven Trail, your party will see something. When you get to the Elven Tree, you see that it's burned down. Once your party leaves the area, go right back in and Templeton will be there. Recruit him, save your game and head back to the Great Forest. After the fight here you're going to be fighting your first major battle. Use your thieves and merchants. Don't be discouraged if you lose the first time. As long as you saved your game in the burnt village, it's no big deal to get back to this. The thieves don't always get the info you need, and this can cost you if you have to guess. One hint, the first attack is usually a charge, so you should use a magic attack and not waste any thieves or other special moves. Also, in any major battle, if you lose any characters and want to finish the game with all of them, you'll have to reload and fight the battle over. If a character is dead, they won't count as one of the 108. Now you'll have to go after Kwanda. Go into every room, and there's even a place you can rest before you fight him. When fighting the Dragon, or any of the big fights for that matter, take your time and heal when needed. That's about the only thing I can suggest to win these. After you beat him, spare him and let him join you. Your best move in these one on one fights is to defend. After the fight you have Kuromimi, Valeria, Stallion, Kirkis and Sylvinia in your army. Say you have some unfinished business and walk back to the castle on your own. On the way, stop in the kobold village and pick up Gon and Fu Su Lu. Since you have Kuromimi in your party, you can get Gon, and you should have enough money on you to pay Fu Su Lu's tab at the inn. Gon is in the house on the bottom. Rubi is also at the inn, but you won't be able to get her til Kirkis is about level 40. If you're about level 25, stop in Kouan on the way and recruit Lorelai. Go to Seika and recruit Apple. She'll be at Mathiu's house. In Kaku, go back to the bar where Tai Ho was and play Gaspar's game til you beat him and then he'll join. Now go back to your castle.

Take a look at your stone tablet and you should have about 40 stars by now. Go in and talk to Viktor and Flik. Before you leave the castle to go to Kaku to talk to Flik, go down the stairs and then back into the third floor, talk to Mathiu and put Juppo and Lepant in your party. Now you and Viktor will head to go to Kaku and talk to Flik. Before going to talk to Flik, go and talk to Meg and recruit her. Now go up to Seika and get Sheena. When you get back to Kaku, just look for the house with the guards and go in and talk to him. Now go back to the castle again. Save your game at the inn. Go back to the third floor and talk to Flik.

Now you have your next major battle at Garan. Do it the same as before and it should be a pretty quick one. You don't stand a chance at Scarleticia, so just do a charge and get it over with. Gremio is going to go with you, no matter what. After leaving Garan, go right back in and talk to Kai and he'll join you. Talk to Quincy and he'll tell you how many more members you need to have before he'll join you. You'll need a total of 80 before he'll join. Go into Teien and into the inn. Talk to Hellion and she'll join and give you the blinking mirror. Now that you have this, you can use it to teleport back to your castle from anywhere on the map. Talk to the people in the town and they'll tell you where Liukan is. On the docks, you'll find Eikei. You need to be at level 40 before you can recruit him. Go south to Rikon and you'll find out that Liukan is living in the hills somewhere. Upstairs at the inn, you'll meet Lotte. She won't join til later, but she'll ask if you've seen her cat. Jabba the appraiser is also in Rikon. You'll need to find an artifact later that he can't appraise to get him to join you. Get on the boat and head south til you see something in the water to the west. Head west here and you won't be able to get through the rapids. Now head back to Rikon and then to Teien. Go and talk to Gen and he'll get Kamandol to help. Go back to Rikon and after your party wakes up and goes downstairs, go back up and Lotte will tell you she'll join you if you help her find her cat. Now go outside and you'll get on the boat and you'll now be able to get past the rapids and to Liukan's Hermitage. While there, Milich will show up and take Liukan. Now you'll need to go back to the castle and talk to Mathiu. He'll send you to get Kimberly and Tesla in Antei which is west of Teien. In Antei you'll also meet Qlon. He won't join until after you've beaten Milich and gotten the town's name changed back to Antei. Go to the inn and talk to the dancer, Mina. If you have the toe shoes equipped, you'll be able to dance with her and she'll join. Upstairs is Esmeralda. She tells you you need to bring her an opal ring. Go into the armor shop and talk to Chapman and you can recruit him. Go into the rune shop and recruit Jeane. Go into the small house on the right and talk to Kimberly. She'll join and she'll tell you that Tesla is going by the name Albert. Go to the house behind hers and talk to him. Now go back to the Castle and talk to Mathiu and he'll give you everything you need to get into Soniere prison to rescue Liukan.

It's probably a good idea to save your game in Antei. Then head south to Soniere. You should be able to get the opal ring here from random fights. If you don't get it the first time through, don't worry, you can go back later and get it. Try going back and talking to Esmeralda again and then go back to Soniere and you should get it quickly. On the way out you lose Gremio, but don't worry, you'll get him back later. You now have Liukan and can take on Milich. When you get out of bed, go to the inn on the first floor and save. At this point, Marie will probably tell you that she needs a cook. Start the battle off with a magic attack and then try using your thieves and merchants from there. Once you finish this battle, go in and get to the poisonous flowers. Milich will meet you there and come to his senses. Don't kill him and he'll join you. When you're back at the castle, save and do whatever else you need to do and then go talk to Mathiu and Kasumi will be there. She'll join you. Now, before you go talk to them, you want to make sure that Pahn is at least level 30.

You can't win this battle, so make sure you save, in case you lose anyone. After the battle, Teo comes after you and Pahn will fight him one on one. Best thing to do is DEFEND. Pahn will win if you do this.

Now once you're back to your castle, go to talk to Mathiu and he'll tell you that everyone should rest. Go to your room and Leknaat will visit. When you get up, go and talk to Flik and he'll mention the fire spears. Go outside and Gen will show you what he's done to the boat, but you'll need to get Tai Ho in your party to use it. You don't have to worry about having Pahn in your party all the time for levels any longer, but you'll want to keep Kirkis to get him to level 40 so you can get Rubi later. You should also have Milich in your party since we'll be stopping to pick up some other people along the way. Get in the boat and head to the dot on the map that's furthest north to the west. This is Kirov. From here, get back in the boat and use the blinking mirror. Teleport to Seika and go into the inn and recruit Antonio. Leave Seika and use the mirror again and go to Antei. Talk to Qlon and he'll join you. Go into the inn and talk to Esmeralda again. If you have the opal ring, she'll join. If not, she'll tell you to bring it to her. You'll have to go back to Soniere and get it. It should come up pretty quickly now. Just wander around the first area there and fight everything. Stop at Scarleticia and get Ivanov and Kasios. Once Ivanov is at the castle, give him any paints you find. While you're traveling between these places, fight whatever you can and keep an eye out for the Nameless Urn. If you get this item, you can use it to get Jabba in Rikon. While you're there, talk to Lotte again and then teleport to the castle and then to Kaku and get the cat and then take the cat back to her. Now you can continue with the quest. Make sure you have at least 20,000 bits before you go.

Go back to Kirov. When you go into Kun To's house, it's empty. Talk to the people. Sarah, the woman washing clothes, will tell you she will join you if you get her some soap. Directly north of her is a man that has soap, but needs soy sauce. The guy a little south and west of this one, has soy sauce, but needs salt. The one to the right of Kun To's house has salt, but needs a yardstick. There's a guy at the inn in a room that has a yardstick, but needs sugar. Luckily you can buy some sugar at the store here. Go get it and make the rounds once more and then bring Sarah her soap. Melodye is here also. You won't get her til you get the sound crystal later. Now go to each of the houses where Sarah was washing clothes and taste the stew in each house. Now go to Kun To's and Lester will be there. Talk to him and he'll join. Back at the inn is Georges. You have to beat his game before he'll join. It's a concentration game with the faces of the characters in the game. You must beat the record time. It seems to work with any number of matches that you pick. Now leave Kirov to the north.

Now go north to Kalekka. In the first house you'll meet Leon Silverberg. He won't join yet, but remember where he is for later. He'll be one of the last ones that you get. Go into all the houses and get the treasures. Don't worry about the man in the bar. He's just... there. Talk to Blackman, but don't step on any of his plants before you do. If you do step on them, just leave and come back in. Recruit him. The house to the far right up here has a treasure chest with the sound crystal in it. Don't forget to get that. Now leave Kalekka and head north to the Secret Factory.

Here you meet Ronnie Bell, Kage, Kessler, Ledon and Mose. Just talk to Kessler and Ledon and they join. Talk to Kage and he tells you that you must pay him 20,000 bits for his service. As long as you have it and agree to pay, he joins. Mose and Ronnie will join once you're back at Kirov and get the fire spears on to the boat. Now head back to Kirov and meet them there. Go to Kun To's and talk to him. He will also join you now. Don't forget to give the sound crystal to Melodye. When she's at your castle, give her any sound settings that you find and this will allow you to change some of your sounds in the game. Go back to your castle.

Do anything with the merchants that you need to do and save your game at the inn. Now go to the fourth floor and talk to Mathiu. It's time to fight your father again. In the battle, anything but charging is useless. After the battle, you'll fight Teo one on one. Do the same thing here that you did when Pahn fought him. Defend every round. After this fight, Teo will ask Alen and Grenseal to join you. Back at the castle, go and talk to Lepant in the meeting room and you'll go to Lorimar. When choosing your party, put Mose, Maas and Meese in.

When you leave Lorimar, go right back in and recruit Kirke. Now head southwest to the Warriors' Village. You'll see Marco here. Play his game the same way you did in Rockland. This time as soon as you win 5,000 bits he joins and goes to your castle. In the house in the upper right of the village is Moose. If you have the blacksmiths in your party, he'll join. Go back to your castle and change your party to who you want. Get your weapons sharpened and make sure everyone has the best armor. You may need to save at the inn and try gambling with Gaspar if you've been keeping up on this throughout the game. Always best to save before gambling, since now there's no cheat to it and it's going to be luck. When gambling with Gaspar, stop and save often just in case so you can always reset if you go broke. Now go back to the Warriors' Village.

Window is in the store, but you won't get him til you get the window crystal from the caves at the Temple. Go to the village chief's house and he'll tell you about an item that can defeat Neclord. When fighting Neclord here, don't worry because you won't be able to beat him so don't waste any medicines. Leave the village and head west to the temple. Talk to Fukien. He'll take you to the caves and then join and go on to your castle.

The first thing to do in the caves is go to the right and save. Go to the next room, go down the stairs. Go around to the next set of stairs and go up and get the treasure chest. Equip the crimson cape. Go back down and go to the right. Go up and get the 2 treasure chests in there. Go back out and go down. When you enter this room, go straight ahead to the wall. You'll see a flat part to the left on this wall. This is one of 2 secret passages. This one has the window crystal that you need to recruit Window. Now go back out and continue to the right. Go up the stairs and get the treasure chest there. Go down the stairs and continue right. Go up through the door and get the chest in there. Go out and continue down. Go to the left to get the chest then go up the stairs. Get the chest here and then go down the stairs. Go through this hall and into the next room. Go straight ahead to the wall and look for the flat area on it. This passage isn't straight, so you'll have to try going different directions. This is the second secret passage and in here is Crowley. He's not going to join you yet, but at least now you know where he is. Go back out and continue all the way to the right and the door there. Go in and get the War Scroll from the chest. You can't use it but you need it to get Hugo. Go back out and take that passage down. Go into the door to the right and get the 2 chests in there. Go out and take the passage up. Go down the stairs and go in the door at in there and get the chests. Go out and continue to the right. Go in that door and then down the stairs. Follow this passage around til you get to the platform and go up the stairs to it. Here's the item you've been looking for. It's going to teleport you to a village.

You won't be able to get into any of the houses right now. You'll see a little boy when you go to the upper right. Watch where he goes and then go and talk to him. Follow him again and talk to the village chief. Follow them into the house and talk to him. After the scene here, walk around the path and you meet up with Yuber and Neclord. After they leave, go back into the house and go out the back to the path again til you get to the treasure chest and go back. Don't forget the chest in the house. Only the house closest to the village chief's has a chest in it. Go in and get it and then go up the stairs to leave. No matter what you decide about Ted, he won't be with you on the other side. Go out of this cave and back to the sword. Now you can use an escape talisman if you want to get out of the caves.

Go back into the temple and talk to Morgan in the upper right part and he'll join. Then go talk to Hugo in the upper left and he'll join if you have the War Scroll you found in the caves. When Hugo is at your castle you can give him those Old Books and then you'll be able to read them. They contain information about magic and runes among other things. Go out the back door and next to the cave entrance is Zen. You need to give him blue, red and yellow flower seed for him to join you. If you haven't found any, there's red ones at the store in the Warriors' Village and blue and yellow in the store at your castle. Go and get them now. Your party is probably about level 40 or so by now, so you can pick up a couple other characters while you're at it. Go to your castle first and check your vault for any seeds. Whatever you don't have, buy. Get books, paints and sound settings out too. Ivanov is on the third floor in the lower right corner. Talk to him and see how the mural is coming along. Hugo is on the same floor in the lower left. Talk to him and read the books that you have. Now go to the first floor and go out the door to the left. Follow the path to the left, go inside and up the stairs. Melodye will be here and so will Window once you recruit him. Talk to Melodye and if you have sound settings on you, you'll be able to change some sounds. Use the same method with Window and the window settings once you have him.

Let's go pick up a few more recruits. Go to the fourth floor and change some party members. Make sure you have Kirkis, Tai Ho and Yam Koo in your party. Sharpen weapons and attach runes. Now go down and teleport to Teien. Go to the docks and recruit Eikei. Walk over to Garan to the east and you can now recruit Quincy. Leave Garan to the east and go to the southeast to the Great Forest. Fight everything on the way while you're on the map to get a few levels for Yam Koo. Go to the other side of the forest and into the inn there and recruit Rubi. Now teleport back to the castle and get on your boat. Go to the north west to the Pirates' Fortress. Here you meet Anji, Leonardo and Kanak. Talk to Anji and you'll need to fight them to get them to join you. It shouldn't be too difficult at this level. Have everyone attack one at a time. Start with Leonardo and then Kanak and then Anji. If someone has a fire rune, use it. It shouldn't take more than 3 or 4 rounds this way. Now go back to your castle and get your party together that you want. Go back to the Warriors' Village.

Go into the store and talk to Window and recruit him. Talk to the chief and they will head to Neclord's castle. Follow them there. It's south of the temple. When you get there, Hix will join your party. Once inside, go through the door to your left and down the stairs and save. Go back up and go to the right now and get the chest. You can talk to the zombie, but he won't tell you anything unless you pay him. Go back up and go up the stairs now. Just keep going through doors. Nothing difficult here. Check all the rooms. Most will have treasure chests in them. When you come to a room with 4 paintings on the wall, you have to look at them in a certain order. Starting from the right, go to the second one and look. Now the one to the left of that. Now the one to the far right and finally the one to the far left. Now a passage opens. Go into it. Follow the doors and keep going into all the rooms. Finally, you'll meet up with Neclord. Use runes and have Viktor hit him as much as possible. Take your time. Heal when you need to. If you're leveled up and take your time, this fight shouldn't be a problem. Once you use up your level 4 spells, just hit him. It does more damage. Once you beat him, leave the castle. Outside, Hix and Tengaar will join you. Viktor will also leave you here... for now. Don't worry, you'll get him back later. Now before you leave this area, go back up to Neclord's chamber. Pesmerga will be here and you can recruit him. He won't be there til after you go outside the castle. If you stand directly behind the stairs and walk south, look closely and you'll see a treasure chest. This contains the Rage Rune. Once you leave here, go to the temple and give Zen his seeds. Go into the caves and you should be able to recruit Crowley now. Go back to your castle. Teleport to Rikon and go to the inn. Clive should be there now. Recruit him and go back to your castle.

Go to the fourth floor and talk to Mathiu. After the discussion, Flik and Humphrey will join your party to go to see the Dragon Knights. You want more than the 3 of you in the party, so just go into the stairway and back into the room and you can talk to either Mathiu or Sanchez to add to your party. Now go and save and then teleport to Antei. (I don't think I need to tell you to sharpen weapons and get armor anymore) From Antei, head north and west to the Dragon's Den.

When you get here, talk to the guard at the door. He won't let you in so you'll have to go back to Antei for now. When you get back to Antei, you'll see a scene with the inn keeper and Vincent de Boule. Pay the inn keeper and then go back to the Dragon's Den. Talk to Vincent here and he shows you a way in to the den. These caves are pretty straight forward. After talking to Futch and Milia in the den, follow them out and go to the Dragon Knights' Fortress. Before going inside, walk along the right side of the building until you see a bit of red next to the building. Talk to this bit of red. It's Fuma. Recruit him and head into the building. On the first floor back to the left is Kreutz. Talk to him and he'll join. To the right you can rest. Go up the stairs and after you talk to Joshua you'll need to go back to your castle and get Liukan. There's a chest in the back left of this room. You can get it now or later, it doesn't really matter. It's just a window setting. Go to the bookcase behind the table to the right and look there. You find Old Book Vol. 4. Now you'll have to go back to your castle and put Liukan in your party and go back and talk to Joshua. Liukan will need some ingredients to cure the dragons, so Milia will join your party and take you to Seek Valley to get one of them. Leave the den and teleport to your castle so that you can equip Milia. Teleport back to the fortress and go over to the dragon in front of the building.

There's a few paths here that lead to chests and one that leads to Mace. Mace won't join you til later, but remember him. Use your magic sparingly in the random encounters. The crystal core isn't that tough to beat if you take your time and figure out what does the most damage to it. Once you meet up with Windy, no matter what you choose, she won't get the rune. Now get back to the fortress.

When you get back to the fortress you find that Futch has gone after the second ingredient by himself. You'll control him for a few minutes in the garden. Walk south through the garden. In the second area, walk over to the plant on your right. Watch the scene and then you'll be back at the fortress. Now that the dragons are well again, go up and talk to Joshua and he'll join and also ask you to take care of Futch, who will join. Now go back to your castle

When you get there, you'll witness a scene with Kasumi and Krin. Go on to the first floor and save, then go to the fourth floor. Mathiu will greet you and Taggart will be there with him. Taggart will only talk to you, that's why he was silent before. He tells you about Warren and Viktor being held prisoner by Kasim. After Mathiu tells you to rest, go to Sanchez and change party members to include Moose, Mose, Maas and Meese. Teleport to the Dragon Knights' Fortress and take the dragon to Seek Valley. Go see Mace and recruit him now. Go back to your castle. Change back to your regular party and teleport to Kalekka. Go and talk to Leon and then teleport back to your castle and talk to Mathiu. He'll give you a message for Leon. Take it back to Leon and he'll join. Now go back to your castle and to your room and rest.

Mathiu will come to your room and tell you that there's a spy. He asks your permission to oversee military training maneuvers to try to find out who it is. When you wake up, go to the inn and save. Now go back to the fourth floor and talk to Mathiu. You'll be attacking the Northern Checkpoint rather than training. You outnumber the Imperial Army severely, so just use your Ninjas and attack appropriately. It will be over fast. Griffith will surrender and you can recruit him. You'll also be using him to get into Moravia Castle to free Warren and Viktor. Go north to Moravia Castle.

Inside the castle, go to the right first and get the treasure chest. Now go to the left and just follow the way. You come to a room that seems to have no way out. You have to go through the window to the left. The next few rooms are like this til you get to the prison. When you get to the prison, the characters control themselves. Warren and Kasim join. You'll have to go back up and get the treasure chest and Vincent. After you've done this, go back to the Northern Checkpoint and walk through it. You should encounter Maximilian and Sancho here. They'll join. If you don't encounter them at first, keep walking through, exiting and entering each time. They show up eventually. Now go back to your castle.

Take a look at the stone tablet now. You should only be missing 1 star and Gremio who's dead. If you're missing more than one, compare the tablet to the list of stars to see who you're missing and how to get them.

Go up and talk to Mathiu. Once you give the order to get to work, you'll see scenes with many of the characters. Viktor will come to your room and give you Gremio's hatchet. When you wake up, go outside and look at the boats. It's time to do battle once more. Use your ninjas, thieves and merchants. The ninjas are the most reliable, so use them first. Once you win the battle, save your game. **If you don't have all the stars but one now, here's your chance to go get them. Right now you should have Gremio darkened out and 1 blank on your tablet. If you have more than one blank, teleport to your castle now and go get the ones you don't have!**

Back at the floating fortress, go to the entrance and choose your party. Go to your castle and arm and attach runes and anything else you feel you need to do and then go back. Enter and go down the stairs. Follow the paths. When fighting the Shell Venus, try to conserve your magic. Don't sacrifice yourself for it, but use it sparingly. After this, get the treasure and Viktor will close the floodgate. Leave the fortress. When you're almost out of the place, Sonya shows up and you have to fight her. Once you beat her, get outside. You find out that Sanchez was the spy (Gee, did ya notice that all this time, he wasn't one of the 108 stars?). Now go back to your castle.

First thing at the castle, go to the basement and watch the scene between Sonya and Cleo. After Cleo leaves, go and talk to Sonya and recruit her. She'll join just to keep an eye on you. Congratulations! You now have everyone!Now go upstairs to the store and make sure you have medicines. Get runes removed or attached and then go to the inn and rest and save. Go to the fourth floor and talk to Mathiu. Everyone will be assembled and Leknaat will appear. She'll bring Gremio back, and you now have all 108! Now it's time for the final fight.

Fight this battle the same as any other, using your ninjas and every other special attacks at your disposal. Once this is over, you'll have a party of you, Flik, Viktor and 3 others of your choosing. Just go through the castle and fight. Most of your fights are with soldiers stationed at regular intervals throughout the castle. Once you get to a save point, leave the castle and go back to yours and rest and stock up on medicines. Go back for the final fight. The emperor turns into a 3 headed dragon. Some things to keep in mind here: the head on the left is immune to lightning attacks. The middle one is immune to wind and the right one is immune to fire. Concentrate on the middle and right heads for now. Once they're gone, finish off the left one. They will regenerate if you don't kill them fast enough, so watch to see what attacks do the most damage and use them as much as you can.

This is about all I can tell you about this game. Of course, I still haven't figured out the upstairs of the store in the forest village, but I'm going to keep trying for that one. I'll post it if and when I ever find out how to get there. If you know any of this info, drop me a line at

I hope this has been useful. Good luck and enjoy the ending!:)

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