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Big Numbers

Human couldn't decide whether to stay or go and joined #icybrian 34 times during this reporting period...
Velv really wanted others to know what was doing - 78 descriptions alltogether.
  [05:40] * Velv slaps Black around a bit with a large trout
Night knew what to say and said "fuck" for 111 times.
Loudest one was Beoulve with yell percentage of 17%!

Second loudest on the block: Flux - 16% with high volume!

CD had many things uncertain - 24% of lines contained a question.

...and silver medal goes to Beoulve - with question ratio of 19%.

DK spoke most monologues - wrote over 5 lines in a row for 34 times...

Runner-up auto-chatter: IcyBrian - spoke 16 times with himself.

DK had sticky Shift button - wrote 393 lines in CAPS.
Paul wrote longest lines - average of 63 letters per line.

Average line length on #icybrian was 37 letters.

#icybrian's nick flooders: (They just couldn't find the right one...)
Some1else 18 Nicks Some1else(42%), Belle(19%), Some1else[SD3](12%), Minmei(5.2%), Belle[kicking_PEs_ass](4.3%), Some1else[dominion](3.5%), Belle[escribiendo_quizas](3.0%), Some1else[Flem](2.9%), Saxophonic(2.4%), Some1else[DOTTinst(2.4%), Some1else[rabies](0.8%), Dish_Bitch(0.8%), Stalin(0.4%), Rina(0.1%), Some1else[BRB](0.1%), Mimi(0.0%), Belle[cleaning_stain_off_Muse](0.0%), Belle[goldenshower](0.0%...
Asyria 14 Nicks Asyria(89%), Nightshade(4.2%), Asyria[writing](4.0%), Asyria[FFT](2.0%), Asyria[EVIL](0.3%), Asyria[writingness](0.2%), Al_McNally(0.2%), Asyria[reading](0.1%), Asyria[phone](0.1%), Vicious[recording](0.1%), Asyria[ficing](0.0%), Asyria[grub](0.0%), Vicious(0.0%), Asyria[away](0.0%)
Velv 12 Nicks Velv(96%), Velv[sausageguud](1.1%), Velv[zoop](0.8%), Velv[shower](0.7%), Velv[AFK](0.6%), Vel(0.3%), Velv[PAINTCHAT](0.2%), VelvAintHere(0.1%), VelvOnPhone(0.1%), VelvIsOut(0.1%), Velv[phone](0.0%), VelvBusy(0.0%)
Human 11 Nicks Human(70%), WanderingProphet(11%), Vespyr(9.3%), Human123(7.6%), WP[WC3](2.4%), WP[IwtV](0.0%), Connection(0.0%), Human_Jeremy(0.0%), HumanCraft(0.0%), YourMOm(0.0%), WP[NWN](0.0%)
Sax 11 Nicks Sax(72%), SaxAFK(11%), Sax[WatchingMoulinRouge](8.8%), Sax[everyoneleft](5.8%), Sax[headache](1.3%), Sax[PaintChatHost](1.0%), Sax_[SearchForFood](0.3%), Sax_w00tw00t(0.3%), Sax_[consumingFood](0.0%), Sax[WC3}(0.0%), Sax[comejoinpaintchat](0.0%)

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