Looking Toward the Future

The Games of 1999

1999 is shaping up to be another great year for video games, especially RPG's. Game titles are pouring in every day. Here is your chance to hear what the Reviewers' are most looking forward to.

Wandering Prophet

What upcoming game do I want the most? Simple. Lunar:Silver Star Story Complete. A remake of the classis Sega CD game, "Lunar: The Silver Star", Lunar:SSSC promises to be one of the best titles of 1999. The dialouge has been re-written, and new anime scenes have been placed within the game, two including songs (in english! in english! yay!). Working Designs is also placing special packaging with Lunar, including:: 4 CD's (making of lunar cd, music cd, 2 game cd's), a cloth map of Lunar's world, a jeweled case, and more! Lunar should be out sometime within 1st Quarter 1999.

I'm looking forward to Suikoden 2 almost as much as Lunar:SSSC. Suikoden was the first good RPG on the PlayStation, and it  was a huge success. Konami has finally decided to release a sequel. There will again be 108 characters, while there will be a new hero. And Ican promise you this......Flik and Viktor will appear in the sequel. Trust me! Look for it in May of 1999.

Wild Arms was another popular RPG on the PlayStation. Now, Sony, the people who are responsible for Wild Arms, are making another RPG. It is entitled "Legends of Legaia", and it looks very impressive.  The graphics are completely polygonal, yet they like clean and not choppy like FF7 was. The battle system uses something slightly similar to that of Xenogears, using a combo system to unleash powerful attacks. Again, there are a trio of heroes who save the world, just like in Wild Arms. Look for this game in March of 1999.


1. Suikoden 2- The original Suikoden was a masterpiece of the RPG genre, and one of my favorite RPG’s, so Im expecting a lot from the sequel. If it truly is a sequel, and improves upon the original in almost every way, this will give even Final Fantasy 8 a run for its money.

2. Final Fantasy 8- What can I say? The graphics are unbelievable. The character designs are some of the best yet. Hopefully the gameplay, story, and music wont disappoint me. Oh yeah, and the 14 meg promo movie from Famitsu Wave is AWESOME!

3. Legend of Legaia- Its made by the same people who made WildARMS. And.....well......WildARMS kicked ass!!

-note: I am not including Lunar:SSSC on my list because it isn’t that far away from release


1. Lunar: Silver Star Story
2. Suikoden 2
3. Dragon Quest VII

The People's Reviewer

3. Ridge Racer: Type 4 (PSX)
2. Sonic Adventure (D-CAST)
1. Final Fantasy VIII (PSX)


3. Final Fantasy 8
2. Lunar: SSSC
1. Suikoden 2

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