Born in '83 (fifth of April to be precise *tips her hat to all her fellow Aries people*), been drawing ever since I can remember. Sometimes it gets frustrating (I'm too much of a perfectionist for my own good), but for better or for worse, it's something I'm proud of.

Expect quite a bit of Sephiroth from me. I'm a very proud fangirl ^_^ Other than that, I'm unpredictable. I draw things as they come.

Final Fantasy IV Fan Art

2003 Epee girl (51.2 KB)
Sylph faerie (60.9 KB)
2002 The life of Rosa (74.9 KB)
Rydia summoning, with Stardust Rod in hand (64.3 KB)

Final Fantasy VI Fan Art

2003 Celes casts a spell (31.2 KB
Edgar and Sabin: The Coin Toss (59.4 KB)
Expecting (77.8 KB)
Locke and Celes (38.2 KB)
Siegfried (84.8 KB)
2002 Celes in the World of Ruin, holding Locke's bandanna (75.4 KB)
Edgar comforting Terra (71.8 KB)
"So Innocent" (52.4 KB)
Terra in Zozo, looking at the magicite that is her father (81.7 KB)
Terra on a riverbank (50.9 KB)

Final Fantasy VII Fan Art

2004 Flower Girl (35.5 KB)
Raven Wind (52.2 KB)
2003 Aeris, before the Forgotten Capital (87.8 KB)
Cloud and Tifa (43.3 KB)
Little Sephiroth (61 KB)
Origins (74.6 KB)
Sephiroth, wielding a bloody Masamune (56.3 KB)
Tifa, with Cait Sith (47.1 KB)
"Two Angels" (37.1 KB)
Vincent (51 KB)
Yuffie: Clear Tranquil (commission for Glarryg) (42.4 KB)

Final Fantasy VIII Fan Art

2004 Beckoning (37.6 KB)
Gunblade Specialist (45.4 KB)

Final Fantasy X Fan Art

2004 Alternate Logo (74.4 KB)
2003 Akai Ito (the Red String of Fate): Auron x Lulu (50.9 KB)
Akai Ito: Tidus x Yuna (71.7 KB)
Auron and Lulu (45.8 KB)
"Fire" (76.9 KB)
Lulu holding her dolls (44.7 KB)

Lufia Fan Art

2002 "Three Women, One Identity" (70.3 KB)

Lufia II Fan Art

2002 Dekar and Guy, at the top of the Tower of Sacrifice (88.4 KB)
The four heroes (54.2 KB)
"Waiting for Maxim" (64.9 KB)

Final Fantasy 4 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 6 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 7 Fan Art
Final Fantasy 10 Fan Art
Lufia Fan Art
Lufia 2 Fan Art

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