Lufia Fan Art

There are two ways to submit fan art to the site. The first is to email them to me at The second way is to post them in the Fan Art section of the Web Forum, where you can also get feedback on them from other artists; this is preferred for artists who aren't yet posted on the site. Please bear in mind that I don't post every piece that's sent to me. I don't respond to emails containing pieces that I don't post, which is another reason why it's better to post them in the forum.

A few quick notes. Don't just redraw the official artwork and send it in, because it's going to be rejected immediately (the only way it won't is if you do it in an original way, such as spray painting it on a wall.) Please don't send artwork drawn on lined paper or simple line drawings that have no shading or quality inking. And please, try to reduce the file size as much as possible before you submit.

Artists- A list of every artist whose work can be found on this page.
Contests- Lists the various fan art contests that have been held on the site.
Updates- The latest additions to the page. Updated July 7th, 2005

Blackdragon - One piece of fan art.

Kitt - One piece of fan art.

All artwork is copyright by its respective artist, and can not be used on another page without their direct permission; the artists' email addresses are located on their index page.

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