Frog is Dead Chapter 1

By 006

It was an average day in the village of Truce when our hero, Bob the Midget, oops, um Crono, saw a withered old piece of green Jell-O nailed to a tree. Which was strange because that's not normally the type of thing one can miss for 16 years.

"What's up, Crono?" Marle yelled from a distance.

"Uh, there is some Jell-O nailed to a tree here," he yelled back, "I don't think it was green to begin with though."

"What are you talking about?" Marle said as she walked up to him, "Oh... That's nasty."

"What do you think it's doing here?" Crono asked.

"I don't know," Marle replied, "I wonder why we never noticed it before."

"Hey, there's a note stapled to the dirt," Crono said bending down to pick it up.

"Where is this stuff coming from? What's next, a Big Mac tied to a rock?"

"Actually, it's an Egg McMuffin, and it's taped."

"Anyway," Marle sighed, "What does the note say?" Crono started to read the note.

"It's from King Guardia," Crono said, his eyes growing wide, "As in the King Guardia in 600 a.d."

"No way," Marle said, then grabbed the note, "Frog died?! Do you think it was supposed to happen, or did we mess something up?"

"It says that they were building the castle for 'Glenn, the Hero of Time', it's probably our fault," Crono said solemnly.

"Well, this is easy to fix, we'll just take the Epoch to like, five minutes before it happened and distract him until it happens," Marle said chipperly.

"Nope, won't work, Lucca said that the Epoch is out of fuel," Crono replied.

"So we'll get it some gas, big deal," Marle sighed, "And when were you trying to use the Epoch?"

"Not important," Crono blushed, "She also said that the only thing that it runs on is stored in the Keeper's Dome in 2300."

Marle sighed. "I guess the gate to 2300, or any gate that may lead to a gate to 2300, is sealed, or disappeared mysteriously, right?"

"I don't know," Crono said scratching his head, "Let's go get Lucca to check."

So Marle rolled her eyes and followed Crono to Lucca's house.

"Hey guys, what up?" Lucca as they walked in the front door. She was coming from a room that smelled strongly of ammonia and was drying her hands on a dish towel.

"Um, what... were you doing back there?" Crono said pointing to the stinking room.

"Huh?" Lucca said looking over her shoulder, "Oh, nothing, just cutting something up."

"Okay, anyway, we need you to run a search for any gates, anywhere, to 2300," Crono said.

"Oh, that's all? Geez, I thought you needed something important," Lucca rolled her eyes then turned to her computer, which magically appeared behind her. Lucca typed something that looked like gibberish to everyone else. The computer hummed for a few seconds and then came of with a long list of dates and locations.

"Um... how desperate ARE you to get there?" Lucca said gingerly.

Crono stared at the list, "Not that desperate."

Marle punched Crono, "I, WE, don't care, let's just go." Lucca jumped up and ran out the door, followed by Marle, and a fairly reluctant Crono.

"Okay, there's a gate in Bekkler's lab, we can take that to 12000 b.c. We'll go from there."

Crono, Marle, and Lucca walked into Bekkler's lab, and were greeted by Bekkler himself.

"Hey folks! Who wants to play a little game?!" he laughed happily.

"No one today, Bekkler," Lucca said holding the gate key up to the closed gate. The small shimmering orb opened up to reveal the blue pulsing vortex that is a gate. They all stepped into the gate and disappeared.

"So, what you're saying is, you have no money to play with? Right?" Bekkler said, looking depressed.

Crono, Marle, and Lucca popped out of the blue vortex in the middle of a snow covered field.

"Aaah! It's cold!" Crono wailed.

"No crock, Sherlock. What did you expect?" Marle yelled to him over the howling wind.

"I don't know!" he yelled back, "But I'm dressed for a sunny spring day, where did you get that jacket?"

"The Gap, I think," Marle replied, "Why?"

"Never mind, Lucca, where do we have to go?"

"We have to find a Sky Gate," Lucca answered.

"I thought Zeal fell a while ago," Crono said, confused.

"It did, but they rebuilt it, they figured only a moron would stay in this weather."

"Oh, that's just perfect, now we're being called morons by people that..." Crono was cut off by Marle.

"I think I see the Sky Gate over there." So they all trudged through the knee deep snow to the glowing building. The all stepped on the humming pink tile in the middle of the floor, and were shot skyward to the recently remodeled floating Kingdom of Zeal.

They soon landed in a room similar to the one they left, except not as cold. Crono walked outside and stretched his arms in the warm sun light.

Crono sighed contentedly, "This is the kind of weather I dressed for... nap time." Crono fell down into the soft grass and fell asleep. Marle and Lucca stood over him.

"Should we kick him till he wakes up, or just leave?" Lucca asked without looking up.

"He has a good idea here," Marle said, laying down next to Crono.

"Why are you tired?" Lucca complained, "We haven't done anything yet!"

"Oh, shut up and go to sleep."

Chapter 2

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