Frog is Dead Chapter 2

By 006

Crono woke up to find himself in the middle of a grassy field with Marle and Lucca on either side of him. He shook both of them awake.

"Guys, where are we, what are we doing here, and have we done anything important yet?" Crono asked, rubbing his eyes. Marle yawned and blinked a couple of times.

"We're in the New Kingdom of Zeal, trying to get Frog back, and no," Lucca replied.

Crono stood up and yawned, "Well, let's get going." Crono, Marle, and Lucca came to the edge of the floating island that they were on. They all looked over the edge.

"How are we supposed to get across?" Marle said, looking sick.

"Maybe we're not," Crono replied looking across to the other side.

"No," Lucca said looking up and down the edge, "They're supposed to have an invisible bridge of something."

"Then what are you looking for, it's not like you'd be able to find it," Crono asked rolling his eyes. Lucca ignored him and started carefully moving her foot up and down the edge. Her foot stopped suddenly with a metallic noise.

"I hope that wasn't your knee," Crono said with a sick face.

"No," Lucca said, tapping her foot around with more metallic noises, "I think I found the bridge." She took a step forward, but didn't fall, she continued to tap her way along the air until she reached the other side. Crono and Marle did the same.

A Nu walked up to them when they were safely on land. "You looked ridiculous crossing that bridge," the Nu laughed, "You guys gotta get used to this place, or else everyone is gonna be laughing at you."

"Well," Crono said blushing, "Could you show us around? It's been a while since we've been here."

"Yeah, no problem," the Nu turned around and waddled away. Crono, Marle, and Lucca followed.

"What are you guys doing here?" the Nu asked as they were walking along.

"We're looking for a way to get to 2300 a.d., one of our friends died and we need a way to stop it from happening, or to get him back," Crono said.

"A little too much information there Spiky," the Nu giggled.

"Chuck?" Crono mumbled.

"Pardon?" the Nu raised one eyebrow at him.

"Never mind, you remind me of one of my friends."

"Well, anyway, about your dead friend's problem. I don't care why you want to bring him back, but I'll help you. I know this guy that's been working on something that can bring back dead people. The only problem is that, the guy might be a little... decomposed." Lucca thought about that for a second, then hurled.

Crono moved away from Lucca's ex-lunch, "Thanks, we'll keep that in mind."

The Nu pulled a purple rock out of his hair and gave it to Crono, "Just hit the dead guy in the face with this."

"All right, great," Crono said, sounding confused (again), "Could you point us in the direction of a time gate?"

"Right over there," the Nu pointed to another island, with no visible bridge, "But, that one doesn't have a bridge, so you have to jump."

"Are you serious?" Marle squeaked.

"No," the Nu laughed then walked away. Crono shook his head and started walking toward the other floating island.

"Is it just me or did that guy remind you of Chuck?" Crono asked.

"He did act like him," Lucca said.

"I can't say that he look like him much," Marle said, not realizing how stupid she sounded. Crono and Lucca just stared at her.

They found the bridge going across to the small island and crossed it.

"Where does this gate go to?" Crono asked just before he opened the gate.

Lucca stepped in, "600"

Crono stepped in, "Why don't we just save Frog here?"

They all stepped out of the vortex into a field with bad looking grass.

"Because it's happening right now," Lucca said pointing toward Frog plummeting to his death.

"Ouch," they all said as they watched Frog hit the pulley, then the pile of bricks.

"You know how would have enjoyed watching that?" Crono said.

"Um, no one?" Lucca answered.

"That's what I was thinking," Crono nodded, "So what are we doing here?"

"We have to find the Great Bubblewoomph of Bageezawah in the cave of Scmortymes," Lucca replied.

"Excuse me?" Marle said.

"I bet you can't repeat that," Crono mocked.

"What? Great Bubblewoomph of Bageezawah in the cave of Scmortymes?" Lucca asked.

"Um, yeah, that. So where is this Great Bublemoof of Megoozwe?"

"In the cave of Scmortymes, I thought I told you that," Lucca rolled her eyes.

Crono sighed, "Okay, where is this cave of Sc... the cave?"

"I think it's right behind Guardia Castle." Crono, Marle, and Lucca all headed to Guardia Castle. They snooped around back for about an hour but failed to find any cave.

"I think you were wrong for once, Lucca," Crono said.

"No," Lucca scratched her head, thinking, "Something's wrong here." Lucca looked around the apple orchard they were in. Crono reached up and tried to pull an apple out of a tree. The apple didn't come out of the tree, but it made a loud click, and the mouth of a cave opened up in the ground.

"Good work, Crono!" Marle cheered. Crono headed to another apple tree, but was dragged into the cave by Lucca and Marle. Crono was cranky until they found some mushrooms that Lucca said were safe to eat.

"So what does a Cacklesnort of Fuggledurt look like?" Crono said, taking a bite out of his mushroom.

"It looks like a big neon green mushroom," Lucca replied.

Crono stopped chewing, "Like the one I'm eating?"

"Exactly, except the one we're looking for has big orange spikes and purple leaves growing out of the sides," Lucca corrected.

"Oh, well is that all?" Crono said sarcastically.

"No, actually it flies too." Crono finished his mushroom and they all continued on their way. Soon they came to a passage that was darker than normal, and it got more and more narrow. After about a quarter of a mile, the passage got to about 3 square feet, then opened up to reveal a cavern nearly 50 feet tall and 400 feet across.

"Is this were the Snurklefudge of Duddlefump stays?" Crono asked looking around the room. His question was answered when a neon green mushroom the size of your head flew past his ear with a semi-deafening buzz.

"Okay, we need to catch this in a net," Lucca said pulling a large bug net out of her pocket, "And the thing I didn't tell you, is that its poisonous to virgins."

"Oh well, Marle should have no problem with it," Crono mumbled.

"Just, what are you trying to say here?" Marle asked. Crono pretended to sneeze while saying 'slut.'

"Bless you," Lucca said. Crono rolled his eyes and the Bubblewoomph flew past again. Lucca handed the net to Marle.

"Go get it," Crono said pushing Marle forward. The Bubblewoomph soared toward Marle. She screamed and hit the floor. Lucca and Crono sighed heavily. Marle stood back up and prepared for another bum-rush from the Bubblewoomph. It zoomed toward her, she lamely swung the net, and missed. The Bubblewoomph did a 180 and flew after Marle again. But, instead of hitting her, it snagged the net, and promptly ate it. After devouring the net, it charged Marle again. Marle got up and ran. The Bubblewoomph chased Marle around the room several times, then she tripped on a rock. The Bubblewoomph flew past her and turned around and shot back at her. Marle was out cold. It certainly looked bad for her.

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