Frog is Dead Chapter 3

By 006

The Bubblewoomph was gaining speed and closing the gap between itself and Marle. Crono and Lucca both thought it was over for Marle until... Something dropped from the ceiling, the Bubblewoomph suddenly fell, bounced off the floor, and then flew to the other side of the room with accompanied by the sound of wood cracking.

Chuck stood staring at the handle in his hands, "The damned thing broke my bat." Marle sobbed in fear.

"Where did you come from?!" Crono shouted happily, seeing Chuck.

"Dude, I don't know. One minute, I'm raiding the fridge, the next I'm in here," Chuck replied.

"Well, we're glad your here now, you can help us get Frog back," Lucca said picking up the unconscious Bubblewoomph.

"What happened to Frog man?" Chuck said, sounding concerned.

"He, um, kinda died," Crono replied.

"That sucks," Chuck mumbled picking up the other half of his bat, "So what are you doing about it?"

"Well, we're trying to get to 2300 to get some fuel for the Epoch, and for some reason, we need that mushroom." Lucca cut the orange spikes off of the Bubblewoomph.

"Oh," Chuck stared at the Bubblewoomph, "I heard about that thing, it's the Great Bubblewoomph of Bageezawah right? That must mean this is the cave of Scmortymes." Crono sighed.

"What do we need this for anyway?" Crono asked.

"We have to feed it to something," Lucca said.

"Like what? Is this a big something?" Crono questioned.

"You could say that," Lucca said. Lucca opened a gate in one corner of the room and stepped through.

"Like how big?!" Crono shouted as she went through the gate, "Wait! Just tell me what it is!" Crono ran through the gate, followed by Chuck and Marle.

"Just tell me what the thing is!" Crono shouted, once on the other side of the gate.

"Well," Lucca scratched her head, "It's kinda like a big dog."

"Does this big dog have any distinguishing features?" Crono dug for more information about the beast they would be feeding.

Lucca laughed, "Like I'll tell you." So they continued on their way, with Crono sulking.

"So what year is this?" Marle asked after a while.

"This is 2025," Lucca said, "This is ground control for a lunar base that was recently built."

"So what are we doing on the moon?" Crono asked.

"We're going under the ground to find that... dog thing," Lucca snickered. The four of them walked up to a large blue archway, that seemed to have a face on top.

"WAKE UP, YA PIECE OF GARBAGE!!!" Crono, Marle, and Chuck stumbled backward when Lucca yelled at the face on the arch. There was a low humming and the face seemed to come to life, and yawned.

"What do YOU want?" a mechanical voice grumbled.

"We want up, now turn on the gate," Lucca ordered.

"When I'm good and ready," the voiced mocked.

"NOW!" Lucca shouted.

"Whatever, I'll need some authorization," the voice seemed to laugh.

"I don't think you know who I am," Lucca said, pointing at the face, "If it wasn't for me, YOU wouldn't be here!"

"S-s-so, you're L-Lucca?" the voice stammered, "Okay go on." A green film of light filled up the arch and Lucca went through.

"Well?!" the voice bellowed, "What are you waiting for?!" Crono, Marle, and Chuck went through the arch.

"What was that about?" Chuck asked on the other side.

"I designed that thing 1030 years ago, you just have to know how to talk to things like that," Lucca smirked.

"So now what?" Crono asked, looking around. Lucca pointed to a large metal door. They walked to the door and Lucca looked for a way to open it. Chuck kicked it a couple times and it opened.

"Thanks Chuck." Chuck grinned. The door led into a metal hallway, which led into a rock tunnel. The rock tunnel soon took a steep downward angle. (Marle was the first one down the tunnel, she tripped and rolled down most the way.) At the bottom, they found themselves in another, well-formed rock tunnel. The walls of the tunnel seemed to glow green from the inside. They continued down the tunnel for what seemed to be miles, until they came to another metal door. Chuck kicked the door and it opened. They stepped through the door and it closed and made several clicking sounds.

"Did it just lock?" Crono said looking at the door. Before anyone could answer a monstrous roar came from a huge black figure that all of them failed to miss before.

"Oh man," Chuck's knees buckled, "Garlic Breath." Marle's eyes rolled back into her head, she then passed out. The walls lit up with the familiar green glow... then they could see it. A huge black dog, 20 feet tall, from paws to shoulders, with glowing red eyes, and three heads.

"HOLY CRAP!" Chuck screamed.

"What is that?!" Crono screamed in fear.

"It's like Cerberus, you know, the three headed dog of Hell from Greek mythology, except, I don't think this one lives in Hell."

"How are we going to give this thing the Durplefart, if there is one of it, and three of those?" Crono asked.

"Either, we let them fight over it, or chop up the Bubblewoomph," Lucca suggested.

"Let them fight over it, it should be pretty interesting," Chuck sneered. So Lucca threw the Bubblewoomph at the dog. The head on the left lunged for it, so did the head on the right. They both smashed into the middle head. Chuck laughed. The middle head yelped and bit at the right head, but, the entire body turned, and smashed the right head into the cave wall. The middle head, and the left head barked at the right head's pain. The right head tried to bite the middle head, but missed when the middle went to bite the left head. Soon the heads forgot to make their legs support themselves, and collapsed on the ground. Chuck laughed harder. The right and left heads were biting at each other, when the middle head realized that the Bubblewoomph was laying on the ground. It craned forward to pick it up, when the right bit down hard onto the left head's neck muscles. All three head howled in pain, and the left head went limp, its tongue hanging lamely out of its mouth. The middle and right heads continued fighting. Chuck was no longer laughing. The middle head snapped at the right head, the right head pulled back and slammed into the cave wall. It went limp, blood gushing from where it hit a jagged rock. The middle head suddenly looked worried. It nudged the left head and the right head, trying to get them to move. It tried to make its legs stand. The left-front leg propped up one side. When the right-front leg attempted to stand, it buckled. The middle head was not used to thinking for all its legs. The body collapsed on the floor again.

"I'm sorry we did that now," Chuck said looking depressed.

"It's all right," Lucca comforted, "The extra heads will fall off soon, and that one will get used to controlling all of the body. It'll be ok." So Crono, Lucca, Marle, and Chuck walked around the struggling dog and continued down the hall.

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